Running from the Law: A Big Thank You

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Big Thank You

Before I write my race report, I wanted to say thank you. During the last 5 months of training, I have been coached, supported, encouraged and funded by some of the most amazing people in the world. I know I didn’t win an Oscar or Nobel Prize or anything, but I’d like to show my appreciation to each of you for all the wonderful things you’ve done. Please let me know if I’ve left anyone out.

Ryan – Thank you for being my pillar of strength through this process. There is no way I could have done this without your encouragement and endless optimism. You pushed me and never let me give up or slow down. You went above and beyond to make my dream come true. I cannot wait to marry you.

The Brown Family – Thank you for letting me run in memory of your son, Ryan. Phillip and Andrea, you are such an inspiration to me. You’ve shown me how to live life full of compassion, understanding, love, honor and bravery. I am so proud to know you and to be able to help raise money and awareness for finding a cure for cancer in honor of Ryan.

Mom – Thank you for always listening and being there. I was so glad to have you with me on race day and thanks for taking all the wonderful pictures.

Alice & Lindsay – Thank you for always understanding. No matter what I was complaining about during my training, it’s really great to know that you "got it." I love that running this marathon has brought us so much closer. I can’t wait for us all to run together some time.

My Race Day Support Crew – Thank you Ryan, Kasey, Bonnie, Jacquie, Heather and Mom for being there with me on race day to share in this experience. Thanks for spending the entire day subway-hopping and speeding around the city to cheer me on. I LOVED seeing you all there and smiling and cheering for me. What amazing friends and family I have!

Zoomy – Thank you for always reading my blog and being so incredibly supportive and interested. You have always pushed me to HTFU! I can’t wait to reciprocate all the encouragement this fall when you run your first marathon!!

Rick, Freckles, Mike – I’ve loved "training" for our marathons together. It has been so good to know that other people are going through the exact same experience with you. You’ve all been such great cheerleaders for me. I wish you the best of luck in your respective races. You’re going to do so awesome!! I’m so incredibly proud of you.

LLR Ladies – Thank you for all the laughs, success stories and honesty. I’ve loved being able to share this experience with fellow lady runners all over the world. Freckles, Jenn, Zoomy, Trishie, Shaunna, Marion, Pam, Jennifer, Michelle, Claire, Mandy, Teresa, Joni, Sara, Jilly, Gwen, Eryn and everyone else!!

My support circle at work – Thank you to Ashley, Jamie, Danielle and Katie for listening to me talk, whine, gripe and moan about running and this marathon non-stop. Thanks to my marathoner colleagues Colleen, Bob, Heather, Phil and Carrie for the advice and encouragement.

Abby – Thank you for running with me. I had so much fun training with you and running this marathon together. I hope your knee is feeling better. I really wish we could have finished together, but I am so proud of you for being uber-tough and fighting through the pain. You rock, girlfriend!

TNT – Thank you for making this experience so meaningful and important. Being a part of TNT not only helped me accomplish my own personal goal of running a marathon, but I had the opportunity to help out those in need and meet some amazing people along the way.

Everyone that Donated – Thank you to ALL of you that donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in support of my marathon. You have all made a difference to someone that really needs it. Your support will give other people the chance and opportunity to chase their dreams. Together we raised nearly $5,000 for cancer research. Here’s the honor roll:

John Davis - Lenny's Sub Shop
Trishie Cecil
Kirsten Dykstra
Bob Kujawski
Rick & Judy Roth
Bob Gast
Christine DeCaro
Vyas Suresh
Karen Schneider
Matt Guletz
Carrie McNichols
Kathryn Love
Justin & Lindsay Chapman
Ameer Gado
Heather Boelens
John Young
Tom Shepherd
Greg & Monica DeLargy
Jen Kingston
Brian Conrad
Cliff Jenks
Michael & Chrissy Laycob
Steve Edelman
Alicia McDonald
Les & Kelly Holtsman
Ron & Jane Holtsman
Ralph & Carol Hager
Dave & Jeanne Kennedy
Traci Snyders
Alice & Ryan Dickherber
Jim & Allyn Kratzer
Mike Steiner
Karl Hertel
Jan Wood
Joyce Cammon
Rick & Tammy Velich
Trish Martin
Jamie & Amanda Weiss
Ken & Patty Proctor
Aaron & Alesha Packer
Ronnie & Terri Sperry
Claire & Seth Wasson
Ashley & Marcus Baker
Suzie Easton
Catherine Scavello
Lorna Lambie
Mike Fox
Ashley & Marcus Baker
Stuart & Paige Noel
Christina Krenzel
Katie Holt
Billy & Michelle Reisner
Danielle Mangogna
Mike & Erica Airsman
Mike & Bonnie McCarty
Andrew Hartnett
Renee Lawrence
Dave Kennedy
Heather Helm
Steve Johnston
Jay Cammon


  1. Awww...girl, don't mention it. I am SO proud of you and impressed by your strength to HTFU and great outcome on race day. Speaking of, I think you should run Milwaukee with me in Oct. I'll bet you'll be itching for another marathon by then!



  2. Well done to you, I got a big lump in my throat reading all the people who have supported you. What a great cause.
    Now get writing that race report I want to read how tough it really was!!!!
    freckles xx