Running from the Law: Flood in Louisiana, MO

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flood in Louisiana, MO

My hometown is flooding. As of yesterday over 40 blocks of Louisiana, Missouri were underwater. And the river's not supposed to crest for a few more days. Louisiana is a historic little rivertown, on the banks of the Misssissippi River, about a hundred miles north of St. Louis. They closed the bridge to Illinois over a week ago and sandbagging efforts in Louisiana and Clarksville have been underway for weeks. I remember the flood of '93 very well, and never thought I'd see another 500 year flood...especially so soon. Here are some pictures my mom took of Louisiana.
The welcome sign.

The Champ Clark bridge into Illinois.

The train bridge.

Boat launch across the river in Illinois.

The riverfront, downtown on Saturday (6/14).

The riverfront, a few days later (6/18).

This use to be a park along the riverfront (and picture below).

Building on the riverfront.

Old laundromat; picture taken on Saturday (6/14).Same building, a few days later on Wednesday (6/18)

Picture above taken 6/14, same place below taken 6/18.


  1. Wow! That is horrible! I feel so badly for all those people in those riverside towns. Are your folks directly affected by the flooding as well? I pray not.

    Oh, I do have to say, the second to the last photo your mom should send to Leno. I know this is tragic, but the Car Wash sign in the photo made me burst out in laughter. Sorry... my bad! I'm twisted like that sometimes.

  2. Wow...that is so horrifying. I feel so bad for that community. I can't imagine witnessing something like that happening to the small town I call home. are bad, but that is some kind of funny irony. :p

  3. I saw your hometown made Nightline the other evening, Sara. Not good news either.