Running from the Law: Honeymoon Dilemma

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Honeymoon Dilemma

Ryan and I are not planning on taking a honeymoon right after the wedding. I know, it sounds terribly sad but we have our reasons for the decision. First, since we’re having a destination wedding, we’re making a little vacation out of the trip out to Jackson Hole. We’re going to be in Wyoming for 9 days surrounding the wedding. The first week will be mostly wedding preparation and spending time with our friends and family that are traveling so far to be with us. Then comes the wedding and all the activities we have planned around the weekend. And then we’re spending the three days following the wedding all alone in the park. We’ve got a cute little cabin and we’re planning on doing some horseback riding, hiking, fishing, climbing and relaxing as much as possible (i.e. naps in a hammock). We’re considering it a “mini-moon” for now.

Secondly, since I started a new job earlier this year, I have to “earn” my time off. I collect two PTO days per month, which means that by July (assuming I don’t take ANY time off), I’d only have around 14 days to take off work. This might seem like enough for a honeymoon, but I’ve already taken 2 days off (Jackson Hole and Florida) and am taking 2 more days off next week (Location X). Plus the time off for the wedding and I’m already out of days! Hopefully I don't get sick! So we need to wait a few more months so I can collect some more time off. And lastly (and most importantly), we’re broke! Weddings are expensive! We did not include the honeymoon in the wedding budget, so we need some time to get the wedding paid for and begin saving again.

But have no fear, we are planning on doing something…some day. If all goes well, we’re hoping to be able to take a week or two off around the end of the year and take our honeymoon then. Somewhere exotic and amazing! Some place that neither of us has been, but always wanted to go. Since it’ll be the middle of winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re planning on somewhere way south! We've been working on our list...there are SO many amazing places out there. I can't even pick a continent, let alone 1 single place!

Our ideas include the following locations:

A Safari in African (below)

Soaking in the sun in Tahiti (below)

Diving in Australia (below)

Adventuring in Chile (below)

Relaxing in Bora Bora (below)

Beaches and mountains in New Zealand (below)

"Roughing it" in Costa Rica

What's your vote? Where should we go?


  1. diving in australia or bora bora :)

  2. bora bora is in tahiti. thats where we are planning to go for our 3rd anniversary next june. i am so excited!

  3. bora bora - the only one ;-)