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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gift Guide -- BRIDE

What kinds of gifts do you give a bride? Easy answer: ANYTHING on her REGISTRY. She picked that stuff out and she wants it -- buy it for her. On the other hand, that's SO boring! Where's the fun? Sometimes you just don't want to buy stuff from the registry. I know, shameful, right? However, if you've read the Gift Guide and have a fabulous gift idea to gift the bride to be, I say "go for it!" Most of the time, I loved getting things that weren't on our registry - they were creative, personal and surprising gifts! However, this does not mean that everyone should do it. You need to be careful, and if possible, include the gift receipt.

Although, there are some "bridal" things that I think make awesome gifts that you might never be able to give to anyone at any other time. And things a bride might need. And they're so freaking cute!

Here are my Favorite Bridal Gifts. (I apologize for not having prices/links for each item, I had most of these saved in a folder and cannot find/remember where they all came from).

1. A hanger for "The Dress"

The wedding dress might be the most important piece of clothing in a woman's life (or maybe just the most expensive). Chances are the photographer is going to want do get an amazing picture of the dress, hanging from something, bathed in sunlight. You do NOT want a cheap plastic hanger in this all-important shot. Speaking from experience, the bride might not realize this at all until she gets her pictures back. Be on top of the game and give her an amazing hanger as a gift...she'll appreciate more than she knows.

Above hanger by Etsy seller Lila Frances. Below satin hanger by ??

2. Perfume

The bride might want to wear her signature scent for the wedding, but a lot of brides use this opportunity to try out other scents for something romantic and special for the occasion. Here are some of my personal favorites that just scream wedding.

3. A Clutch

Where else is the bride going to put her lipstick? This one's from J. Crew in Ivory.

4. Correspondence stuff

She's going to have a LOT of thank you cards to send out. Put her monogram, new name and address in a personalized custom return address stamp, with a stamp pad. Add some cute note cards in there too, while you're at it! And how about putting one of your favorite pictures of the happy couple on some stamps for them?! Freaking awesome.

Kate Spade from Crane & Co.
5. A monogrammed robe

Every bride has to get her hair and make-up done on the big day. She's going to need something to lounge around it and look cute doing it.

6. A jewelry cleaner

She's got to be able to keep that ring bright and blingy.

Hammacher Schlemmer

7. Blue "I Do" shoe rhinestones

Come on, you know they're cute. They look freaking adorable in pictures too.

8. Fantastic lipstick

Picture perfect and very kissable. With SPF 20, thank you.

Kaplan MD

9. New Last Name Picture

I love it. Already ordered myself one.

Etsy Seller savoiefairephoto

10. A bouquet charm

11. Bridal Shower Bath Products

Who wouldn't want to smell like wedding cake and flowers all the time?

Philosophy at Sephora

12. Travel Set for the Honeymoon

Find out where the happy couple is going. Give a travel set for the flight there and some guide books on the area. If you really want to make them happy, include a gift certificate to a restaurant or for a massage while they're there. Or call the hotel and offer to pick up a bottle of bubbly for them.

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  1. Nice gift ideas! We got some odd, odd gifts for our wedding. I'm like, registry people, registry! Who on earth wants cystal dishes and jefferson cups????