Running from the Law: Gift Guide -- BRIDESMAIDS

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The friends you have chosen as your bridesmaids are without a doubt some of the most special women in your life who have been there for you over the years. You honor them by letting them play an integral role on your wedding day. They will be there to support you, adore you, and be beautiful figures to garnish your wedding party. Don't they deserve an amazing gift?

It seems like every bride has trouble picking out the perfect bridesmaid gifts. Whether you have 1 bridesmaid or a team of 20, choosing gifts that suit all the girls' taste (plus coming in on budget) can be a real task. According to Real Simple's Budget Worksheet, favors and gifts (including wedding favors, welcome bags and bridal party gifts) should be around 3% of your total budget - but that's just a guideline and it's up to you to decide.

Consider how much they've done for you throughout this wedding planning process...chances are, it's quite a bit (and pretty expensive). Did they throw you a bridal shower? Organize a bachelorette party? Travel to/from the wedding? Pay for hotels and flights? Pay for their own dress (plus alterations)? Shoes, accessories, hair, make-up? Help you stuff invitation envelopes? Show up to your dress fittings? Offer you a shoulder to cry on? You get the point. You can't put a price tag on that kind of thing, but you can at least give them a heart-felt gift that lets them know how much you appreciate everything.

Once you've set a budget, you'll want to decide whether you want to get them all the same gift, or different gifts for each girl. Either way is fine. Different gifts allow you to really customize the gift to fit each girl's unique personality. But giving them the same gift can seem more uniform and will avoid any thought of favoritism (you know how girls can get). Your choice. Next decide whether to buy maybe 1 high-end/expensive gift or a few less expensive things.

1. The Bridesmaid Dress

It's a really nice and generous offer for the bride to pick up the tab for the bridesmaid dress, especially if it's not really something that can be worn again, not her style at all, or expensive. It's definitely not expected for a bride to pick up the cost of the bridesmaid dresses, but it's a super amazing thing to do to and makes it much easier on your girls.

2. Shoes

Especially if you want them all to wear the same shoe or picked a shoe in a weird color that they don't already have and/or can't really be worn a lot post-wedding.

Is your wedding outside? How about getting your girls a pair of SoleMates to keep their heels from sinking in the grass.

3. Pashminas

Who doesn't love a good pashmina? Get them each one to complement your wedding colors and they can wear it at the reception if they get cold.

4. Personalized stationery

Check out for great deals on personalized stationery with names, monograms, initials, hobbies, etc. in any shape, size and color.

5. Hair & Make-up

Of course you want them all to look their very best in your wedding photos, but are you insisting that your girls get their hair and/or make-up done for the wedding? That can get pretty expensive. Consider picking up the tab for this, they'll appreciate it.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry is such a great bridesmaid gift idea because it can be all over the place. Maybe you want to get them jewelry to wear in the wedding that will complement their dresses? Maybe you want to give them something hip and trendy at the moment? Maybe you want to give them something classic (like pearls) that they can keep forever? Maybe you want to give them each something that fits their unique style and personality? Jewelry is great because you can go as inexpensive (DIY necklace) or high-end (Tiffany charm bracelet) as you want (or your budget will allow). Here are some of my favorites.

Kate Spade bracelet

Initial Necklace

Classic single pearl necklace and stud earrings

8. Tiffany Key Ring

This is a great gift, but whatever you do, please do NOT engrave your name, your monogram or your wedding date into your bridesmaid's gift. This is a gift to express your gratitude, not give another reminder that's it's really all about you (but you know it is, right?).

9. Embroidered Beach Towels

Particularly great if you're having a beach destination wedding.

10. Monogrammed Robes

Won't you all look so super freaking cute getting ready on the big day in your matching monogrammed robes? I thought so, my bridesmaids got them!

11. Flip flops

Because they're going to get really tired of wearing those heels around all day and night. Plus, this will ensure that they'll all be on the dance floor in style!

12. A clutch

To match their dresses and hold your crap for you.

Kate Spade

J. Crew



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