Running from the Law: Gift Guide -- GROOMSMEN

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gift Guide -- GROOMSMEN

The bad news: guys are hard to shop for. It seems like every store and site carries the same 'ol things for groomsmen gifts (i.e. flask, bar glasses, money clip). Ho hum. If your guy has been in a wedding before, chances are he got one of these things are you now realize just how useless they are. A flask is a cute idea, but really, when would you ever use it? A money clip is useful, but most guys already have one (or ten) or would rather use a wallet. And bar glasses are really nice, but you'd have to give an entire set for them to be a great gift (2-4 is just not enough). The good news: guys are pretty easy to please (no matter what you give them, they'll probably love it). I've tried to come up with some other ideas of other (although not always useful) stuff. Here are my ideas.
Don't forget to include a nice belt to put it on.

Dart Board & Cabinet

Old-Fashioned Barber Shop Shave (the morning of the wedding)

Tie & Socks (that they're wearing in the wedding)
Or how about his cool "Commuter" tie from Thomas Pink with an ipod pocket built in

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  1. Thise Reef sandals are hilarious :))

    I saw another cool gift idea on another blog- whisky stones.