Running from the Law: Shopping for a Red Dress

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping for a Red Dress

New York was a blast!  I spent most of the day Saturday shopping up and down 5th, Lexington and Madison Avenues.  I spent about 2 hours in Saks, 2 hours in Bloomindales, 30 minutes in tears pining over the shoes at Bergdorf's, and was in and out of a hundred more stores.  Most of the time I was looking for 1 particular item -- a hot red dress.  I want a red dress to wear to Ryan's firm holiday party next month.  It has to be fancy (it's a black tie event), a little bit sexy (but definitely not too much, you know how lawyers are, plus I'm a pilgrim), preferably not strapless or super plain, and within my budget (which isn't much since I'm trying to save for Belize).  I found about 20+ that were unbelievably gorgeous...but way over budget (I'm talking well over $500 - ouch!).  So, the search continues...  But now that I'm back home, I have considerably less options.  Luckily, there's this thing called the internet which make shopping at all the best stores possible, from the convenience of your desk at work!  Yay!

So, I've been doing a little searching and here's what I've come up with.  Let me know what you think...

ABS Strapless Bow (below)
Not crazy about being strapless, but the bow is super cute

Aidan Mattox (below)
Like the ruffle, but not sure about the rouching.  Can't imagine it's flattering.

Ann Taylor (below)
I'm not sure if this is going to be unique or fancy enough. 
Would hate to have someone else at the party wearing the same dress.

Banana Republic Sheath (below)
I tried this on and it just didn't blow me away.  Kinda plain and boring. 
Maybe I just needed fun jewelry.

BCBG (below)
I think this bow and bubble hem might dwarf me.  If only I was 5'10 (and had those legs!).

BCBG Laser Cut Sheath (below)
Perhaps this is a little too "come hither" for a law firm party?

BCBG Pleat Neck Halter (below)
Super cute, but I already own this in yellow. 

BCBG Ruffle Sleeve (below)
I have a feeling the shoulder ruffles are not going to work for me.

Elie Tahari Ruffle Jersey (below)
It's cute, but jersey might feel a little too dressed down.

Eliza J Ruffle Front (below)
I've tried this on in black and it's cute, but maybe a little too cutesy?

Kate Spade (below)
Love it.  Not very sexy though..kinda goody-two-shoes (which is so me!).  And a little pricey.

Kay Unger (below)

Laundry (below)
Love the ruffles, but not crazy about strapless or chiffon.

Max & Cleo One Shoulder Asymetrical (below)
I like this one, but Tim Gunn said asymetrical was so "out" on Project Runway a few weeks ago.  Hmmm.

Nicole Miller (below)
This one's a contender.  It's a little tight, but that's what Spanx are for, right?

Adrianna Rosette Taffeta (below)
Cute.  I like.  Too plain?

Shoshanna One Shoulder (below)
Again with the aysmetrical.  I like it, but would Tim Gunn approve?

Amsale (below)
Similar to above, but chiffon. 

Elie Tahari (below)
I like the dress, but I wish the color was a brighter holly red.

So, what do you think?  Which ones do you like?  What ever will I do?!


  1. If asymmetrical is indeed "out," I am crushed. =( LOVE the Max & Cleo.

  2. I like the Adrianna Rosette Taffeta and Shoshana One Shoulder.

    I think Tim Gunn actually said that before the one shoulder look came back in style. The season of PR that is airing now was filmed back in 2007 and delayed until now b/c of the legal battle between Bravo and Lifetime over the rights to the show. I'd be surprised to hear they are already "out" since I see them everywhere!

  3. I like the ABS Strapless Bow! Super cute!

  4. Gahhh I love the Eliza J ruffle dress...and I would totally wear the Chinese Laundry many good dresses to choose from!

  5. Love the BR dress. I plan on buying it for myself after I spotted it last night while I was "perusing" online for new clothes.

  6. I like the sheath neck ruffle (BCBG?) one or the Eliza J ruffle. I love me a good ruffle!