Running from the Law: Home Project Update - Staircase Frames

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Project Update - Staircase Frames

Remember when I posted about this project a few weeks ago?  Well, it's finally complete!  It took me a while to go through all our wedding pictures, pick out my favorites, and get them printed, but we finally got all the frames filled and hung.  Here's the final product.  What do you think?

This is that amazing sketch I had done of our wedding attire by Megan Hamilton on etsy.  I had it framed and matted at Michael's.  I love it!  And below, I framed a copy of our marriage license in one of those document frames from Crate & Barrel.

I think it turned out looking pretty damn good!  I had to get on Ryan's shoulders in order to hang the high pictures, which was a fine demonstration of newlywed teamwork on our part. 

Also, as you might remember, I've been feeling very bah-humbug these days because we don't have any Christmas decorations up around the house.  However, we have still be getting holiday cards from friends and family.  I super-mega-heart holiday cards!  I've been sending them out for years.  I just think it's so nice getting mail and I love sending a card to everyone we love letting them know we're thinking of them.  (p.s. our holiday card this year was done by the amazing Carrie Patterson and is pretty awesome...will post later).  I always struggle for the perfect way to display our holiday cards.  Some years I've taped them to a doorway or wall.  Some years I've displayed them on the mantle.  Neither way was exactly what I wanted.  This year, however, Pottery Barn came to the rescue!  They have a wall-mounted card holder in the shape of a Christmas tree for only $39!  Score!

Here's the space by our front door before...

And here it is AFTER! 

I love it!  We dont' have a ton of cards keep them coming people!


  1. The frames look great! Love the card holder, too. Now I want one =)

  2. I love the sequence of you dancing.

    And I wanna know the seller of who sketched your outfits. I want that!

    Oh and I also loved that you framed your certificate :)

  3. It looks great! It turned out really well! I want to do something like this at the top of our staircase.

  4. I really like your card holder! I've been trying to figure out what to do with mine for awhile now, being in a small condo without a mantle.

    Any suggestions for hanging stockings? :)

  5. I love the wedding attire sketch! So fun (I'm going to blog about it!!)

    Also loving that tree card holder - may have to purchase on myself!