Running from the Law: Fun Awards and Happiness Stuff

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Awards and Happiness Stuff

Two awards in one day! I'm feeling pretty damn great right now! Vee at Gorgeously Stupid (isn't that a great blog name?) gave me the Best Blog Award! Vee is a wife, a cook, an avid reader, and a dog-lover. Her blog is really refreshingly honest and always makes me think about her topics. And Jen at Nifer Musings gave me a Happy 101 Award. Jen is a dog-lover, a skier, a traveler, a dancer and has a great blog on just a little bit of everything. In order to accept the awards, you need to list 10 blogs that you're reading and why you like them, and 10 things that make you happy. Thanks Vee and Jen!! Here it goes...

Blogs I'm loving:
1. For the Love - I think she's my long-lost California twin.
2. Shabby Princess - runner, writer and Target-aholic. We're going to go on our book tour together.
3. It's a Charmed Life - Nat's got great style and shares my love of all things J. Crew.
4. Mrs. In Training - This girl's got it going on. She can do anything, I swear. Check out her bathroom remodel post. Unbelievable.
5. {Living Better Together} - Jessica has a hilarious sense of humor and incredible taste. You have to check out her Christmas card!
6. Classy and Fabulous - Sarah is awesome. No wonder her BFF is Heidi Klum. Color me jealous.
7. I Love You Much - Lauren is planning the most kick-ass party technicolor wedding ever and wearing a gorgeous Carolina Herrera dress. (She's also Miss Scissors on Weddingbee).
8. Just a Girl - Such great projects, tips, ideas and crafts. Love it!
9. Pammycakes - Follow Pam as she puts together amazing outfits and ensembles. This girl's got style coming out her ears.
10. Live.Laugh.Love. - Heather's a Chicago newlywed that had the most beautiful wedding in Maui. She's convinced me that Taco Bell isn't that bad for me - I'm eternally grateful.

Things that make me happy:

1. My husband and the furry kids - This one's pretty self explanatory; I love my family. I won't bore you with yet another picture of the kids...well, maybe just one more.

2. Traveling with girlfriends - I truly believe I have some of the most amazing friends ever. And we all love to travel, which makes for some pretty fun trips. In the last few years, I've traveled with friends to places like Madrid, Memphis, North Carolina, Jackson Hole, Chicago, Brussels, Florida, Cabo San Lucas, Germany, the Lake, Austria, Switzerland and Texas. This year I'm already planning a girl's trip to Puerta Vallarta in August. And over Valentine's day weekend, I'm going skiing in Breckenridge with Kirsten. Hopefully they'll be many many more in our future.

(This is exactly what I look like when I travel. Complete with perfect hair, high heels and Birkin bag. Aren't you jealous?)

3. Our fireplace - There's literally nothing better on a cold winter's night than building a fire in our living room fireplace and snuggling in on the couch with a good show/movie.

4. Cake - I love cake almost as much as I love Ryan. Shut up, I said almost. There is nothing as delicious as a big slice of birthday cake (and edge piece, of course) with just the right cake-to-icing ratio. Mmmmm...this makes me so happy.

5. Teeny-bop songs - You know you love them. Don't give me crap for jamming out to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift because they're awesome and you know it. Every time one of their songs comes on the radio I get a big goofy smile on my face and I put my hands up, they're playing my song!

6. Books - I love love love books. Paperbacks, hardcovers, big ones, small ones, novels, chick lit, biographies, prize-winning fiction, histories, mysteries, etc. I hoard books. I collect books. I'm slowly building myself a library. If I'm not careful, this is what my office is going to look like very soon.

7. New recipes - Last night we tried a new recipe from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook (which I'll post about later) that was delish! Tonight I'm going to a Homemade Gourmet party (have you heard of this?) where I'll be learning to make 6 new dishes and take them home with me to freeze for quick meals later. And next week Claire and I are taking a cooking class on CRAB (my favorite!) at Kitchen Conservatory. YUM.

8. Weddings - I know my wedding is ova, but I just can't help myself. I'm still a bit wedding-obsessed. I crave weddings these days. I look at my wedding pictures all the time and want to do it again (and again, and again, and again). I still follow about a million wedding planning blogs so I can live vicariously through other brides. Why is wedding planning such a disease? Is anyone else still wedding-obsessed months/years after your own wedding? Maybe next time I'll have a winter wedding (this is from my photographer, Carrie Patterson in Jackson Hole. Isn't it lovely?).

9. My bed - When we moved into our house, we splurged and got a Westin Heavenly Bed. Have you ever stayed at a Westin? The beds are, well...heavenly! I'm not sure if it's possibly the best purchase we've ever made (because it's the most comfortable bed in the world) or the worst purchase (because we cannot get ourselves out of bed in the morning to go to work we're so comfortable). I could literally live in that bed.

10. Gummi bears - What's not to love? Aren't they adorable? I like biting their tiny little heads off first.

Thanks again to Vee and Jen!


  1. Oh my gosh, it's obvious we're meant to be friends. I like gummi bears (and cake!) like whoa. And traveling (complete with a Birkin)?--you're speaking my language!

    Thanks for the shout out! I love, love, love you!

    PS. We are TOTALLY going on a book tour together--it'll have to be in each of our contracts :)

  2. Thanks twin! Have I told you that I've taken up "running" so that we can be even more similar? :) {The quotes are required because there seems to be more walking than running going on.}

    I am majorly coveting your Heavenly Bed! And those are some great blogs you listed. I added like five new ones to my list! Thanks!

  3. LOL to #5 - you're right! And #10 is spot-on except the pineapple/tropical gummy bears - I guess I'm discriminating against the white gummy bears but I'm not crazy about the flavor :-)

  4. I had a winter wedding, and it was fabulous! Congrats on your awards!

  5. I almost broke into song when Miley came on my iPod today during my run, haha!

    And I had a snowy Christmas wedding! I love our pictures in the snow!

  6. What about

  7. Awww, thanks Sara!! And I am also totally addicted to teeny bopper songs :)

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