Running from the Law: Day Four

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Four

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. I constantly think about what my life would be like had I moved to Chicago for law school, instead of St. Louis.  I was accepted to a couple really great schools in Chicago and I was determined to move to the city.  I'm not sure what happened or why I changed my mind (probably money), but I'm so glad I did!  I can't imagine my life without my husband or my home or my friends.  I'm sure I would have been fine in Chicago, but I don't regret my decision for a second. 

2.  What ever happened to my friend Katie?  I grew up best friends with another little blonde who was my best friend all through grade school.  We vacationed together, we took dance together, we did gymnastics together - we were inseparable.  We grew apart a little during high school, but were still good friends.  We went our separate ways for college and I haven't seen or heard from her since.  Every now and then someone will ask me what happened to Katie and where she lives and I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know.   I'd love to find out.  She's not on Facebook, she doesn't keep in touch with anyone I know of and she doesn't even show up on a Google search.  Where are you Katie?!  I think about you all the time!

3.  What's for dinner?  Every day, all day long I think about dinner.  :-)  I love dinner. 

4.  Ryan and I discuss moving to the mountains all the time.  We have an entire life planned out West that we love to talk about.  We're going to Boulder or Jackson Hole or Bozeman or somewhere similar - small and rugged and cool and mountainy.  Ryan's going to be a ski instructor in the winter and a fly fishing guide in the summer.  And I'm going to _________.  (crickets)  I don't know!  What would I want to do?  This whole lawyer thing is great, but I'm not saving the world or anything.  I'd love to write, but I'm not sure that's realistic (like this whole elaborate daydream is realistic!).  But what would I ever write about?  And who would read it?  I'd also love to cook, but I don't want to deal with cooking for strangers - too stressful.  I love the idea of cooking for small groups of people in a teaching environment, or even teaching a high school cooking class.  Or maybe I'll just have a bunch of kids and animals and run a farm.  I don't know.  This is the stuff that keeps me up nights.  :)

5. Where am I going to go with my free Southwest flight?  Should I grab my sunglasses and go visit Mel in Orlando?  Should I get foodie tips from Christine and head to San Francisco?  Should I take my cowboy boots to Texas to visit Shabby Princess and Tiffany?  Or maybe do a little shopping in SoCal with Katie.  So many choices?  You all live in such desirable places!  When can I come visit?

6.  Again, what's for dinner?!  I still haven't decided.  Tacos?  Sushi?  Pasta?  Pizza? 

7.  What the hell am I going to be for Halloween?  It's a month away and I have no costume ideas.  Ryan and I always throw a big Halloween costume party and our friends come up with the best costume ideas.  I've been racking my brain for months now and can't come up with anything clever.  This happens every year!  Any ideas?


  1. this ten day blogging thing is a great idea!

  2. YES!!!!!! You should come to Texas and visit ME! :) And isn't it crazy when you really do stop and think "what if"? What if I had gone to a different college, what if I hadn't gone out with my friends the night I met Dave, etc. God has our perfect plan written! Ps..I have a dear friend I wonder about too. It's crazy how friends are in our life for a season that at the time we probably thought would be friends forever.

  3. OK, I have so many answers for you (aren't you glad you have me to leave you obnoxious comments?)

    A. My dad has a place in Montana, I say we just crash it and take it over. Look, now we have a mountain home. And yes, there'd be enough room for all of us. There's a house and a guesthouse. (PS. The husband is in Bozeman right now picking up furniture for my dad--haahah)

    B. Ryan can ski and fly fish and we can run a little B&B. Thus, we can cook for other people, but, not like hundreds of people at once. Or we could just run a small animal petting zoo. I'm picturing small dogs, horses, cows, pigs, etc. I suspect this is my best idea all week,.

    C. Yes, come to Texas. Like tomorrow. Well, OK, not tomorrow, because I have to work, but, maybe the day after that?

    D. I love you, you're awesome. XOXOX

  4. - I've always wanted to go to Jackson Hole & sit in that bar where the stools are saddles? I forget the name.

    - I say you cook for the folks Ryan's teaching & cooking classes for the wives who don't want to flyfish.

    - I think extensively & painstakingly about dinner all day long and then end up eating triscuits & crackers.

    - Come visit ME!! What's better than NYC in the fall? Just think of all the awesome pics you could take. ;)

    - I kind of hate Halloween but we're thinking of Iron Man & Pepper Potts this year. We can just buy his costume & I'll wear a black dress, glasses, heels & carry a clipboard. Helps too if you're blonde like us. ;) Last year my SIL & her guy were Taylor Swift & Kanye. Hysterical!

  5. I always wonder what my life would have been like if I had ended up in DC for law school. Too bad life isn't a choose your own adventure book, where you can go back and find out what the path untaken looks like.

    Please, oh please, come visit me!!!! We would have so much fun! We'd lounge poolside, shop the Le Crueset outlet, drink our weight in Bud Light and stir up some trouble in the kitchen. We must do this eventually. If I keep talking about my internet bestie Sara my husband is going to kick me in the shins. I have to prove that you're real eventually. :)

    As for Halloween, I want to dress up as a biker chick from Sons of Anarchy. I think a group of our friends are going to do this. Though the guys are arguing about who gets to be Jax. Seriously. They're 12.

    Have a great weekend friend!

  6. I too always wonder about what's for dinner and what I'll wear for Halloween. I don't ever have a good costume idea. Last year I was "tickled pink" - I wore a pink shirt and had a feather. No one got it.

  7. I always get stumped with Halloween, but the SW ticket... definitely San Fran! That's my favorite place in the whole wide world, and it's not a cheap flight so that's where my butt would be landing

  8. I am always wondering where next to travel, especially with the free Southwest tickets! Would love to have you visit SoCal :-)
    I can't wait to get back to the city (Chicago)

  9. Lady Gaga. I think you should be Lady Gaga for Halloween, for reals! :)

    I'm seriously concerned about your MIA friend! That's weird. Maybe she was kidnapped by some gypsies?