Running from the Law: Day One

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day One

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Alice:  I'm so excited that you're having a GIRL!!!  I knew it!  I cannot wait to buy your kid all kinds of pretty pink ruffly sparkly clothes!  I hope you name her Sara. :)

That Wife: I am so excited to meet you tonight!  I've been reading your blog(s) for years now and I'm so impressed with your strong convictions and beautiful writing and gorgeous photos.  I'm thrilled that I get to learn from one of my favorite bloggers/photographers!

Brit @ Landlocked Bride: You're getting married in less than one week!  It goes by so fast, make sure you take time to savor the moment and all the people there supporting you.  I know you're going to look amazing.  And I'm dying to see the pictures!

Jenna & Rett: You guys have not left my thoughts in weeks.  I am so scared, nervous, happy, and excited for you at the same time.  I wish there was something I could do or say to help.  Please know Ryan and I are here for you if you ever need anything. 

The Pioneer Woman: Please adopt me.  Or hire me to be your intern/BFF/protege.  I will make Starbuck's runs.  Please.

Heather: Hope you have an amazing time in Peru!  I'm so horribly jealous.  Wish I was going too.  Chicago ≠ Peru.  Please take at least six million pictures.

Lindsay Lohan:  Stop.  Just stop.  Stop everything.

Iris:  Hope you're getting settled into your new home and loving it.  When can I come visit?

Ryan: I love you and miss you.  Wish you were here in Chicago with me.  Give the animals a kiss for me.

Blog Readers (yes, you!): Please leave a comment.  I'm stuck in boring meetings all day long and I'd love to hear from you.  I might not be able to reply, but it'll be a nice distraction from all this financial reform talk.  Nothing in particular, just whatever's on you mind.  Mucho gracias!


  1. If the Pioneer Woman adopts you, please know that I'm coming too. It's a package deal. She doesn't get you without me.

  2. Oh Lindsey Lohan... I have no words for her.

  3. Hope you're at least getting to do some fun things while you're in Chicago. Hit up a rooftop bar for me! :)

  4. I love this list. And I too wish the Pioneer Woman would hire me and let me taste all her food. I would laugh at all her jokes and bring her whatever she wanted. haha

  5. Just a little joke I heard recently that made me laugh:

    How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?

    *Sigh* It's a really obscure number. You've probably never heard of it.

    It makes me giggle a little every time I think about it!

  6. I'm feeling a teensy bit jealous that you get to meet with with Jenna (TW) in Chicago!
    I miss that city.

    But I'll be there in just three short weeks and I'm a little bummed our work trips don't correspond!

  7. Hope you're staying somewhere great and get to go out and do some things while you are here!

  8. I hate DFA. I'm sure that you do too.

    Hope you have fun in Chicago though!

  9. Haha, I was writing my list for Day One today at work and I have words for LiLo too. (Of course, right? It's like we share a brain.) Hope you had a great time with That Wife tonight. Can't wait to hear about your Chicago trip when you get back!

    Oh, there's a great little burger place called Blackie's right off Michigan Ave. It's been there for like 100 years and the burgers are so tasty. Check it out if you're free for lunch and need a place to try!

  10. You are a complete sweetie! Thank you for the kind words!

    And, are you really meeting TW tonight? Where?!? Is she in town? Sad that I don't know the answer myself since she's a fellow 'Bee.

  11. I had to say something about Miss. LL ridiculous!

  12. Love this! Ditto on Lindsay. I'd like to say the same thing to the cast of Jersey Shore. I hate that I don't even watch that show and I know names like "Snooki" and "The Situation." Ugh.

  13. WOW! I love this! THANK YOU!!! I am excited about girly things too..and put myself on the waiting list for pink glitter TinyToms shoes today. Help.