Running from the Law: Day Two

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Two

Day Two: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.

1.  I have a horrible (some might say irrational) fear of E.T.  I can't even see commercials for the movie -- that thing freaks me out.  My cousin Jessica used to chase me around the house with an E.T. doll that had a light up finger.  I still have nightmares.

2.  I love sparkling water.  It makes me feel European and fancy.  (Yes, I'm aware that sounds ridiculous.)

3.  I can't do math.  At all.  Even simple addition and subtraction.  It's quite embarrassing.

4.  I put ice in my milk.  Ryan thought it was disgusting.  Until he tried it.  Now he puts ice in his milk too.  But I don't like a lot of ice in my water.

5.  I've gotten about 95 speeding tickets since I turned 16.  I never get out of them.  My mom thinks the sole reason I went to law school was so I could fix my own tickets.  That's kinda true.

6.  I used to go to Girl Scout camp every summer and ride horses.  I was homesick and cried every single day but always wanted to go back the next year.  Maybe I forgot.  Or maybe I just really loved the songs and the S'mores.  I still sing Girl Scout songs to myself!

7.  One day I will own some version of a mini animal: mini horse, mini pig, mini cow, etc.  Ryan will not be pleased, but it must be done.  Or a talking pig...either would be fine.

8.  I still have never seen an episode of Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock or the Real Housewives of anywhere.  I'm a little behind.

9.  I cheat at board game.  There.  I said it.  Consider yourself warned.

Anyone else playing along on the Ten Day blogging?  Leave a comment and link to your blog!


  1. Mini animal? DONE. We'll totally have mini horses and mini pigs on our ranch. Which, we still have to buy, but, whatever. Sidenote, Justin got his Baretta real estate magazine last night. I found us a nice little ranch in Georgia, but, dang, Colorado ranch land is expensive!!! We're just going to need PW to adopt us.

  2. I love sparkling water too, I've been drinking it a lot lately. Interesting about the ice in the milk. I'll try it, afterall I enjoy iced coffee, and it sounds similar.

  3. Also a fan of sparkling water. I love this idea of the 10 day post!

  4. My thoughts (not terribly interesting but hopefully more interesting than your seminar!):

    1. Mini horse!!! That's one of my life goals too.

    2. And I'm also TERRIBLE at math. I can't add or subtract to save my life. I wasn't bad at it back in high school, but I haven't taken a math class since and now even 1 x -1 trips me up.

    3. I saw one episode of Real Housewives one day when I was dead sick on the couch. It was TERRIBLE and to be honest (snooty?), I kind of lost respect for people who watch that on a regular basis. Now, 30 Rock, different story!

    4. I think I need to start a blog. I just want it to be as cool as yours, which is a pretty high standard to live up to. Start small, Jess, start small.

    ~Jessica G

  5. I'm new to your blog but love it already. I too am terrified of E.T. Especially the part where he is in the closet with the stuffed animals. EEK. I probably shouldn't have brought that up. AND I also am dying to have a mini pig.

  6. I suck at Math, I only drink sparkling water/selter (no soda), you HAVE to watch HIMYM it's hysterical but I haven't seen the others.

    Also, you stink, I will now have the following song in my head ALL DAY:
    On my honor I will try, there's a duty to be done and I say aye..... LOL

  7. I too cheat at board games. No one ever wondered why I always wanted to be the banker in Monopoly....

    Also, I'm terrible at math. Probably why I became an English major. Reading? That's easy. Put numbers AND letters together? I'm screwed.

  8. I love this 10 days post thing! Awesome! Hope you are having fun in Chi-town!! ;)

  9. I don't know your cousin Jessica, but I know about the E.T. doll you're talking about. My old roommate Amber insisted on keeping it on top of our tv in our old house. I was always scared to walk through the living room alone at night; and I swear that it lit up of its own accord one night.

  10. I HATE math! I once had an attorney who practiced family law come speak to my family law class I was in at the time and he said a BIG reason he decided to become an attorney was because he was TERRIBLE at math...yet he has to come up with figures for clients for divorces and child support.....nice.

    I am playing along with the 10 Day Challenge check out my blog!

  11. Umm, I TOTALLY want a pet pig, but Dave (the husband) says no. He doesn't want to be the "weird" people on the block. Sheesh. Doesn't he realize we'd so be the super cool people om the block???

  12. this was fun to read...but you REALLY need to start watching mad men :)

  13. I'm playing along too! But I am only on day 2! So cute!

    (Also I am a Girl Scout nerd too. Hated it then but look back and kinda miss it now.)