Running from the Law: She's here!

Friday, October 29, 2010

She's here!

Julia ("Lia") Maslen arrived at 11:49 PM on Tuesday weighing 7 lbs. 13 oz. 
Mom and baby are both doing well.
Isn't she beautiful?
I can't wait to meet her.

Jessica's one of 3 of my friends that had babies this week!
Sarah had a little girl that she named Molly.
Tara had a little boy named Blaize. 
I don't know what was going on 9 months ago, but it must have been romantic!

Congrats to all the new parents!


  1. She is so beautiful! Congrats to the new mommy!

  2. Wow, she is gorgeous! Congrats to all of your friends Auntie!

  3. How cute?! And already her eyes are wide open!

    Also looove the name Molly!

  4. I think it was the weather last year. Really bad winter, lots of snow, lots of blizzards. Especially on the East coast. LOTS of Blizzard babies around now.

  5. Very beautiful!!!

    P.S. I had a baby November 7th, and I can tell you that I personally got knocked up on Valentine's Day:) Maybe they did too?

  6. Look at those eyes. Enough to make ya melt!

  7. She's so beautiful! Nine months ago ... that might have been around New Year's.

  8. Sweet baby! So wonderful - congrats, auntie Sara! :)

  9. She is totally cute!! What a sweet baby.