Running from the Law: Stephanie - Part 1

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stephanie - Part 1

Remember back in January when I said that one of my goals this year was to do a photo shoot?   Nothing professional or for money, but just a chance for me to experiment with posing, lighting, backgrounds, composition, technique and shooting in full manual mode.  Well, right after that post my friend Stephanie offered to be my model for the photo shoot.  I was absolutely thrilled to have her because: (1) she's gorgeous; (2) she's fun and relaxed, so I knew I wouldn't feel pressured; (3) she thinks she's not photogenic and I was dying to prove her wrong; (4) did I mention she's gorgeous? 

So, we've been waiting months for the weather to finally get nice enough for an outdoor shoot.  We really lucked out because we picked one of the 4 sunny days we've had in St. Louis this spring, so the lighting was really beautiful.  We met after work on a Tuesday and headed into town to find some fun backgrounds.  To begin the shoot, Steph was wearing this great black dress with a red scarf and red shoes!  A girl after my own heart - I love love love red.  We found a couple awesome walls, one brick, one white and some ceramic pots and then started clicking away!  Here are a few of my favorites from this spot.

The brick wall really made the reds stand out.
Stephanie said she was a little intimidated by bright red lipstick, but I absolutely LOVE it.
I wanted to capture a bit of the sunflare we were getting that afternoon in these pictures.
Stephanie said these remind her of an alleyway in Italy. 
I couldn't agree more. 

I think I had about 500 pictures that I thought were awesome.  It was so hard to pick my favorites!

Can you believe she thinks she's not photogenic?? 
(I told her she's never allowed to say that again.)

I think the pictures turned out so beautiful! Not bad for my first "faux-to" shoot.

What do you guys think?

Who wants to be my next volunteer?

P.S. Lots more pictures (two more installments) to come!  Stay tuned!


  1. Ohh, so pretty! Love the sunflare ones. Stephanie is gorgeous!

    Ella Mae is ready to be your next model, although, you may have to bribe her with food.

  2. Love all the accessory choices! This is a great photo shoot~congrats!!

  3. Wow, Stephie, I knew you were pretty, but not THAT MUCH pretty!! Great job to the photographer.

  4. Those pictures are wonderful. I would totally volunteer to let you practice on me! :)

  5. I love these pictures! I would totally be your project! ;-)