Running from the Law: Stephanie - Part 2

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stephanie - Part 2

Continuing on today with more photos of Stephanie from our "faux-to shoot."  To catch up, read Part 1.

We were on our way out of our Italian alley when we both spotted this cool black wall. 
We swapped out the scarf for some fun jewelry and the red shoes some classic black pumps.
The light in this alleyway was just gorgeous - creamy and diffused.
I love the way the photos turned out.
I also had a chance to play around with my editing and added some textures to the wall.
And of course, I couldn't resist doing some black and white pictures. 
I'm a complete sucker for beautiful black and white portraits. 
There's something about the lack of color that really makes you see the details.
Stephanie's eyes are amazing.

After the black wall, we decided to pump up the volume and add some bright color to our pictures.  I accidentally took a wrong turn on our way to the park and saw this amazing pink barn/shed/garage.  This was such an unexpected and awesome surprise.  I asked Stephanie to change into her red Cardinals shirt in the back of the car while I went to get us permission to photograph here.
I knocked on the door of the house and asked the owners if it'd be ok to use their pink barn as a background b/c I did not want to get us arrested for trespassing.  The owners were fine with idea, albeit confused about what we were doing.  However, they were also SUPER lonely or something and proceeded to spend about 20 minutes talking to me about this barn, whether they should paint it, Halloween parties, their health issues, etc.  Ugh!  Despite repeatedly just walking off, I couldn't get away from them!  Lesson time I'll just get arrested, it'll be much less painful.  :)
But it was worth it! 
I love the pink and love the way the red, blues and greens pop in these photos.
And bonus, right next to the barn was a wooden fence and a pile of firewood, perfect for sitting on.
Love love love love love love love these pictures.

What do you think?  Do you like them?

Part 3 (final installment) coming soon!


  1. Love that first one where I'm cheesing it up on the woodpile!!

  2. I love the locations you chose! I think the black and white photos are my fave ;)

  3. I love that "cheesing it up on the woodpile" photo too! I think they're all great, but I really love the Cardinals shirt ones - so much personality in those. :)

  4. I love them! Her eyes are stunning!

  5. gorgeous photos !

    stop by sometime<3

  6. I love the casual ones. You really capture her well!

  7. Very nice Sara! Looks like you two had fun doing these photos. :)You are turning into a very good photographer! Please dumb it down to simple terms and explain it to me sometime?...