Running from the Law: Julia's Cake Smash

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Julia's Cake Smash

This week, my friend Jessica's little girl Julia turns 1.  I can't believe it's already been ONE WHOLE YEAR since this child was born.  Remember that?  In honor of her first birthday, I begged Jessica to let me do a cake smash session with Julia.  She was very hesitant.  Actually, I kept sending her emails about it and would either get no response from her or a very vague, "well...maybe...we'll see..." answer.  Jessica's one of those really amazing moms that is very concerned about what her baby eats and doesn't give her kid massive amounts of sugar, processed food and fat.  So boring.  Kidding!  

Eventually she came around, with a little help from Nora over at Heather Drive.  After seeing that adorableness, how could anyone say no?  Plus, Jessica already had that giant cupcake cake pan and a mixer she received as a wedding gift that she'd never once used, so it was meant to be.  

Here's the giant cupcake in all it's wonderous glory.
 Take my word for it, it was beautiful and delicious!
I could have eaten the entire thing.
Julia, however, has never had cake, so she was slightly apprehensive.
 It took her a little while to figure out what she was supposed to do with it.
Oh, you want me to put my hand in it!  
I get it.
Ok, now what?
Eat it? 
Are you sure? 
Oh, that's not bad.
Yeah, I like this.
More please.
Yeah, this is pretty awesome.
 Where has this been all my life, mom?
Seriously you guy, this icing stuff rocks.
 I love birthdays!
 How long have you guys known about this cake stuff?
Because it's ah-may-zing! 
I mean, look at it...
It's pink, it's sticky, it's sweet.
Icing's the bomb!

OHMIGOD, it's so good!
I need a better angle.
 I can really get my hands into it if I get a little more leverage.
Oh yeah, that's much better.
 Wait...this stuff isn't bad for me or anything, is it?
Oh, who cares.
I've got a lifetime ahead of me to worry about calories, I'm not starting now.
 Plus, calories don't count on your birthday, right?
Please say that's right...
What's this stuff underneath the icing?
 I like.
I really like!
And these sprinkles are brilliant!
Want to try some?
I'll share!

Missed a piece.
Don't worry, I'll get it.
Oh drats.
 Mom, help.
Oh wait, I've still got some in my hand!
 This is the best birthday ever.
Thanks for the cake, mom!
Can we do this again tomorrow?

Well, I think our little photo shoot was a hit.  We got some adorable photos and I we successfully created a tiny cake monster.  At her birthday party, just one week later she ate a cupcake like a pro!  So glad we had this practice session!
 Happy first birthday, Julia!


  1. You got fabulous pictures!! She is just adorable! I love that she had a green sprinkle stuck to her tummy for most of the shoot.

  2. I love this! What a sweetheart! And this makes me want a cupcake :)

  3. those photos are fabulous! and the giant cupcake is such a great idea for 1st birthday photos!

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  5. Um, that little squinty face in the picture after "I Love Birthdays" - I die

  6. Just amazing! And now I am going to go eat one of the left over cupcakes in my kitchen, calories don't count if you just read about a birthday, right?

  7. Precious pictures--you missed your calling as a pro photographer!! Love the smiles and the tight shot of her face at the end--too cute!

  8. That is an awesome photo shoot. She is precious!

  9. I bet Mommy was super glad she decided to let you take these photos...they are adorable! Great job! ~Gale

  10. Love love love these! :) So glad you talked me into it!!!

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  17. These pics are great! I wish you lived closer so you could come take pics of my little one next year. :)

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