Running from the Law: October 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Dear friends,
The pretty pretty princess...
...and the grumpy evil witch...
...would like to wish you all...

...a very Happy Halloween!  

Hoping your evening is filled with costumes, candy and creepiness! 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Julia's Cake Smash

This week, my friend Jessica's little girl Julia turns 1.  I can't believe it's already been ONE WHOLE YEAR since this child was born.  Remember that?  In honor of her first birthday, I begged Jessica to let me do a cake smash session with Julia.  She was very hesitant.  Actually, I kept sending her emails about it and would either get no response from her or a very vague, "well...maybe...we'll see..." answer.  Jessica's one of those really amazing moms that is very concerned about what her baby eats and doesn't give her kid massive amounts of sugar, processed food and fat.  So boring.  Kidding!  

Eventually she came around, with a little help from Nora over at Heather Drive.  After seeing that adorableness, how could anyone say no?  Plus, Jessica already had that giant cupcake cake pan and a mixer she received as a wedding gift that she'd never once used, so it was meant to be.  

Here's the giant cupcake in all it's wonderous glory.
 Take my word for it, it was beautiful and delicious!
I could have eaten the entire thing.
Julia, however, has never had cake, so she was slightly apprehensive.
 It took her a little while to figure out what she was supposed to do with it.
Oh, you want me to put my hand in it!  
I get it.
Ok, now what?
Eat it? 
Are you sure? 
Oh, that's not bad.
Yeah, I like this.
More please.
Yeah, this is pretty awesome.
 Where has this been all my life, mom?
Seriously you guy, this icing stuff rocks.
 I love birthdays!
 How long have you guys known about this cake stuff?
Because it's ah-may-zing! 
I mean, look at it...
It's pink, it's sticky, it's sweet.
Icing's the bomb!

OHMIGOD, it's so good!
I need a better angle.
 I can really get my hands into it if I get a little more leverage.
Oh yeah, that's much better.
 Wait...this stuff isn't bad for me or anything, is it?
Oh, who cares.
I've got a lifetime ahead of me to worry about calories, I'm not starting now.
 Plus, calories don't count on your birthday, right?
Please say that's right...
What's this stuff underneath the icing?
 I like.
I really like!
And these sprinkles are brilliant!
Want to try some?
I'll share!

Missed a piece.
Don't worry, I'll get it.
Oh drats.
 Mom, help.
Oh wait, I've still got some in my hand!
 This is the best birthday ever.
Thanks for the cake, mom!
Can we do this again tomorrow?

Well, I think our little photo shoot was a hit.  We got some adorable photos and I we successfully created a tiny cake monster.  At her birthday party, just one week later she ate a cupcake like a pro!  So glad we had this practice session!
 Happy first birthday, Julia!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alex's Baptism

 You guys, I'm so excited to share these photos with you today.  A few weeks ago, Ryan and I headed up to Chicago for the baptism of this little lady, our niece and goddaughter, Alexandra.  Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Being the photo snob that I am, I knew that my photos (and Ryan's iPhone pictures) were not going to cut it for such a special occasion, so we hired a real professional photographer for the task.  The adorable and talented Anni of Anni Cee Photographie did a fabulous job of capturing the spirit and love of the day. 

 Alex, of course, being the focus of everyone's attention completely stole the show.  I think Anni did a great job getting photos that really captured how much this little girl is loved and adored by her parents, her godparents and her grandparents.  
 Alex was dressed to the nines in a beautiful white baptismal gown, with a pink flower headband.
I could not get enough of this child.
I completely hogged her and wanted to take her home and keep her for myself.
Thank you Anni for getting these photos of me with Alex.  
The bad part about always being the one that takes pictures is that I never have any photos of myself.
These photos mean so much to me.
This one is my favorite.
Even though Alex looks supremely bored with me.
It only takes a bit of tossing her around to get a big smile.

Or just hand her off to Uncle Ryan, who she always smiles for.
Back to me, back to yawning.  
I have got to work on this.
We spent some time before the baptism getting photos of everyone with the baby.
This was really important to me because it was the first time both families were there with Alex together.
She spent some quality time bonding with Grandma Bonnie.
And took some adorable photos with Grandpa Louis and Grandma Rose. 
And we got some group photos.
Dad's side of the family.
And mom's side of the family.
And then it was time for the magic to happen.  
Absolution of original sin.
Alex was such a trooper through the whole ceremony.
She didn't cry or whine or anything.
She was actually making funny noises and faces and cracking us all up.

And then it was our turn.
Time to get serious.
Ryan lit the baptismal candle.
And I had the pleasure of holding Alex while the priest poured the water on her head.
Of course, I was terrified I was going to drop her in the pool.
But we both made it through unscathed.
She made the most hilarious horror-stricken face of panic when she felt the water.
But then she was totally fine.  Like nothing happened.
All smiles again.

We took a few more pictures with Alex in the church.

After the baptism, we all headed to one of Justin & Christine's favorite restaurants for lunch.
They had a great outdoor patio where we could all get a few more pictures with Alex.
You can never have too many pictures.

See, she loves Ryan!
One last photo of the whole gang.
Thank you Anni for capturing such a special day for our family.  The photos are fantastic!
And thank you Justin & Christine for giving us the incredible honor of being Alex's godparents.
This is one very loved little girl.

* All photos by Anni Cee Photographie