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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It's finally here...Christmas in July (otherwise known as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). I've been saving up my Nordstrom notes for this weekend to get a couple items that have been on my wishlist for a while. This time I'm finally getting a couple things for myself and not just the kids! Splurge! I also thought it might be fun to do some virtual shopping and pick a few of my favorite pieces from the sale to share with you - because you need to be spoiled too! Go on, you deserve it! And if you couldn't tell, I'm a total sucker for a good neutral! Early access is live now, so if you're a Nordstrom cardmember you can shop today! Otherwise, it opens to the public on July 22 (but you can add things to your wishlist/cart now)! Happy shopping!

What's your favorite item?
I bought 3 of these...can you guess which ones?

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Blackberry Picking at Eckert's Farms

Last weekend we packed up the kids, headed across the river and spent the whole day at Eckert's Farms in Belleville. Over the last few years, Eckert's has quickly become one of the kids' favorite places to go, not only because they get to pick their own fruits and veggies (we've done strawberries and strawberries and apples and pumpkins (pre-kids)), but because there so much to do there. Both kids basically know their way around the place by now and as soon as we get out of the car, they head straight through the garden center and greenhouse, out to the tractor. Mac is obsessed with this old green tractor and is convinced that he'll be able to drive it out to the fields if only he can figure out the right combination of levers to pull and pedals to push. I think he'd spend all day just on the tractor if I let him. 
(thank you Katelyn for the photo!!)
Once I drag Mac off the tractor, we grab our picking baskets and get on the trailer (pulled by a tractor) that takes us out to the fields. Right now it's prime blackberry picking season, so that was at the top of our list. Peaches are also just starting and there are tons of veggies and flowers that you can also pick at Eckert's. My kids have a very limited attention span, so we do one crop at a time. Today...BLACKBERRIES!!

This was my first time picking blackberries at Eckert's, although I've been picking wild blackberries for years. My dad's farm is covered with wild blackberries, that are small, tart and covered with thorns. However, at Eckert's the blackberries were bigger and juicier than I've ever seen in my life. They were like picking candy! We spent the first ten minutes eating every single berry we picked and I got a little worried we wouldn't stop eating them long enough to bring any home. But we managed. 

I was really surprised by how easy blackberry picking was compared to the wild blackberry picking I'm used to. The rows of blackberries at Eckert's were wide and the vines grew on trellises that angled in and up, so you could pick at any height level - perfect for tall daddies (that don't want to bend over all day) and tiny littles (that can't reach too high). Plus, the blackberries here don't have thorns! 
Once we picked enough to fill our baskets, it was back on the tractor and time for lunch! Eckert's not only has the fruit picking, but there's also a restaurant, a grocery store/farmer's market, a garden center, greenhouse, frozen custard shop and outdoor kids carnival with games, rides and ponies! Of course the kids wanted to do ALL OF we did. The restaurant serves the most amazing crispy biscuits with homemade apple butter and I've heard the fried chicken is out of this world. 
After lunch we hit the custard stand and the kids both got a mint chocolate chip concrete and I got a s'mores sundae. They ate theirs and mine. Next up was the kids carnival where they both insisted on riding the little train. Mac rang the bell the entire time, while Mim squealed in delight.  
Last stop before heading home was the pony rides. Mac rode a pony once when he was teeny tiny, but this was Mim's first time. They both loved it and were so sweet to their horses. Mimmy kept leaning over trying to give hers a hug and saying "I wuv you, Maggie" and Mac asked a million questions on the way home about his horse Pumpkin and when we were going to get him his own pony. Keep wishing kid. 
It was such a fun day and the kids keep asking when we're going to go back and pick more fruit and visit their ponies. Mim is obsessed with the blackberries and ate her weight in them for the next week, while Mac's really really ready for peaches, which is one of his favorite fruits. I used the blackberries we didn't eat to make homemade blackberry preserves and blackberry mojitos. SO good! I'm definitely going to need more.

Anyone else been blackberry picking?

*I was not compensated in any way for this post. We were given vouchers from Eckert's for some of these experiences in exchange for our honest review and feedback. All love for blackberries, ponies and custard belong to us. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stitch Fix Reveal - East Coast Edition

Stitch Fix Reveal summer 2016
Hello Stitch Fix fans! Well, it's been awhile since my last SF post, so I apologize for the delay. I also apologize for the quality of the photos below - the only time I had to take the pictures was at the end of the day and the light was terrible. Anyway, my May fix arrived just in time for the wedding I was attending on the Eastern Shore at the end of May. I requested the same stylist again, hoping that some continuity would ensure that my fixes get better and better over time as she gets to know me and my style. I made a request for some pieces that I could mix-and-match while I was out East, preferably some florals, pastels, seersucker or anything coastal/nautical and light. I also requested a dress that I could wear to the rehearsal dinner. I again reiterated that I love anything with a v-neck and am pretty conservative in the dressing department, that I like classic pieces and lots of color. I think my stylist did a great job with this fix and while there was one piece I hated, I really liked everything else. Fashion show below!
Stitch Fix Adrianna Papell Janett V-Neck Dress
Adrianna Papell Janett V-Neck Dress
First up was the item I was most excited about, this gorgeous floral dress. Honestly, I loved just about everything about this dress. I loved the v-neck, the little cap-sleeves, the high-low hem in the front and back. I loved the color and the floral print. It fit great, was really flattering and super cute. I wore it with my favorite pair of super comfy nude pumps

Verdict: KEPT
Stitch Fix Adrianna Papell Janett V-Neck Dress style card

Stitch Fix Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant
Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant
Next up were these really cute purple/orchid/fuschia pants. This is not a color that appears anywhere in my wardrobe, but I was really excited about them. I wanted a pair of summery pants because I despise shorts. I paired them with a cute floral top (similar here), but I love they way they're paired with lots of solid neutrals in the style card - that's definitely something I can handle. They fit great and are a perfect length for spring and summer. They're also really light so they won't be too hot to wear out during the upcoming months. 

Verdict: KEPT
Stitch Fix Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant style card
Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant

Stitch Fix Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short
Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short
And speaking of my hatred of shorts, I was not happy to see a pair of them in this fix. I'm not sure if I specifically asked my stylist to stay away from shorts, but I was really hoping not to never get a pair of them in my fix. Much to my disappointment here they were. HOWEVER - and this is why Stitch Fix rocks! - they are the best shorts I've ever worn...EVER. I want to live in these shorts. They are comfortable and flattering and preppy, but also casual. I can dress them up with my Jack Rogers and a blouse or down with a pair of Chucks and t-shirt. I love the color and the texture, they're light and comfortable and fit like a glove. Stitch Fix, how do you do alway nail pants/shorts?

Verdict: KEPT
Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short style card
Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short

Stitch Fix Liverpool Vitoria Split Back Top chambray
Liverpool Vitoria Split Back Top
The one dud of the box was this chambray top. I just hated it. I hated the light color and thought it washed me out completely. I hated the unfinished edges and thought it looked way too ratty for my taste. I hate the way my arms look in sleeveless tops and thought this just did nothing for me.  I mean, the polka dots were cute and the length was good, but it's just not me. 

Liverpool Vitoria Split Back Top style cardStitch Fix Brixon Ivy Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse
Brixon Ivy Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse
Lastly, this one might not look like much, but it's by far my favorite piece out of the entire fix. I love this little swiss dot blouse for so many reasons, mainly because it's white and will go with everything (I love white tops...just ask my closet) and is a great piece to wear to work with a skirt, out to dinner with my very favorite pair of skinny jeans or even just with shorts (gah!) running errands. It's sheer, but it has a little camisole underneath that can be taken out if you want to wear it over a different one (I did because it was a bit short). I like the v-neck in front and the button detail. cute are the polka dots? 

Verdict: KEPT
Brixon Ivy Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse
What do you think? 
What would you have kept? 
Which was your favorite piece?

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Star Spangled Kids

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July weekend and enjoyed that extra day off. Our weekend was jam-packed with all kinds of fun, including a Cardinals baseball game (for the grown-ups), a BBQ, fishing in the rain, creeking, exploring the woods, blackberry picking, fireworks shooting, lightning bug catching, homemade popsicles and lots of time with family. Mac got to hold his very first sparkler, which basically blew his mind. Mim lost it over the big fireworks, jumping, screaming, cheering and clapping her heart out for "More again!! MORE AGAIN!!" We all stayed up way too late every night, ate (and drank) our hearts out and are going to need a full week of detoxing and sleep to make it until next weekend. I'm on my fourth cup of coffee and it's not even close to noon yet. Send help.
How was your 4th of July?