Running from the Law: October 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Ghost of Halloweens Past

There's nothing like a major holiday to make you realize just how much time has passed and how much your kids have grown in the last year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I love looking back at the photos I've taken of the kids on Halloween these last three years. I can't believe this is Mac's fourth Halloween and Mim's second. Mac is so incredibly excited about Halloween this year and he got to pick out his own costume for the first time (I'm still working on it). In St. Louis, all the kids tell jokes to get treats, so we've been working on his joke, which I'm still not sure he understands. I didn't realize how hard jokes are for little kids because of all the double meaning and references to things he doesn't understand (vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein, witches, etc.). Does anyone else tell jokes where you live? Anyway, these photos are just killing me with how little they both were. I'm already thinking about how much bigger and more opinionated they'll be next year! I need another baby. I'll be sure to take a million photos of the kids tomorrow and give you a full recap of their adventures next week. Fingers crossed the cold rainy forecast is wrong. 


Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Hop a little, jump a little
One, two, three
Run a little, skip a little
Tap one knee
Bend a little, stretch a little
Nod your head
Yawn a little, sleep a little
In your bed.
 Jammies from KicKee Pants