Running from the Law: May 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Olly Kids Vitamin Boosts

As a mom, I like to think my kids are anything but ordinary. In my head, they're the smartest, sweetest, fastest, funniest, most creative, coordinated and well-behaved children out there. In reality, they're definitely smart, incredibly funny, but possibly lacking in discipline and listening skills. I like to think this is because they're super independent and think for themselves, as opposed to the possibility that maybe I'm a bit of pushover with them at times. Discipline certainly isn't my strong suit and generally, I'm ok with that. My kids are good kids - they're wild and strong-willed and have big personalities. They assert their independence in their own ways and we try to be respectful and let them, so long as they're not being jerks or harming themselves or anyone else. 

One way that my toddler has started showing his independence in the food department. My once adventurous eater (thank you baby led weaning), has become a spirited, opinionated and picky eater. What he claimed to absolutely love one day is the most disgusting food I've ever served the next. Sometimes he'll go an entire week and live off yogurt, apples and scrambled eggs. One night he'll eat an entire 8 ounce filet mignon and then tell me steak is gross because it's too crunchy the next. He either loves hot dogs and has three in one meal or fake gags every time he is forced to take a bite. I've gotten to the point with him where I'm just hoping that his body will tell him what it needs and he'll eat accordingly, while I pray that it all balances out in the end. I've realized you really can't force feed a strong-willed child, nor do I want to even try. Mealtimes are stressful enough without turning it into a battle over how much everyone's eating. 
What gives me peace of mind about what my kids are eating (or not eating) is the fact they they get vitamins every night. And maybe this makes my kids weird, but they LOVE their vitamins. They beg for them the second they sit down for their dinner. Recently we had the opportunity to try the new line of Olly Kids new vitamin boosts, which is a line of vitamins for little ones, each specially designed with a specific goal: Super Brainy, Happy Tummy, Growing Bones and Mighty Immunity. Plus, they also have a great multi-vitamin (one with a probiotic and one with Omega-3s). I love that I can choose Mac's nightly vitamin based on what I think he needs that day, whether it's extra omegas, something to calm an upset tummy, help him grow big and strong or fight off some oncoming sniffles. A lot of times I'll let Mac pick which one he gets, which helps him feel empowered about his health and making good choices. 
Olly also offers a line of women's multi-vitamins and wellness boosts, which include blends like Restful Sleep, Endless Energy, Undeniable Beauty and Vibrant Skin. Ummm...I'll take all of the above please! 
To celebrate the new kids’ boost launch, Olly vitamins is giving away a huge prize package! Head over their page (HERE) to enter to win the following amazing prizes:
  • one-year supply of your choice of two Olly Kids Wellness Boosts 
  • $250 gift card to Tea Collection 
  • $500 gift card to Target 
  • $100 gift card to Starbucks 
  • one-year supply of Method cleaning products
Are your kids good eaters?
Do they like vitamins?

*This post is sponsored by Olly Vitamins, but our weirdness, pickiness and obsession with vitamins is all our own. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of Preschool

Today is Mac's last day of preschool and my heart is breaking a little bit just thinking about how much he's grown and changed over the last 9 months. He started school a bit shy and reserved about the teachers and other kids and now he feels right at home in his classroom and seems to rule the roost on the school playground. He has made wonderful little friends at school whom he loves dearly and he's told me a number of times how hard it's going to be to say goodbye. He'll be going back to the same preschool next year (5 half days a week), as will most of his little friends, and I'm so glad we've found a school that we really love that's safe and familiar to him as he prepares for kindergarten.  
 And because I just can't resist a good comparison photo...
Obviously his love for the camera has grown just as much as he has. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Down on the Farm

A few weekends ago we packed up the rugrats and hit the road to spend a lazy Sunday at my parent's farm. My dad's chemo treatments have been pretty brutal lately, so we haven't made as many trips over to visit as we normally do. He's been tired and sick and we don't want to bring over two tiny germ-infested tornadoes to wear him down any more than the drugs are. While it's been hard for us all to keep our distance, we finally had a nice day in between treatments when Papa Golfcart felt really good, so we jumped at the opportunity to visit our favorite people at our favorite place. 

The weather was amazing all morning and we got a lot of worm digging, fishing, dandelion blowing, flower watering, golf cart riding, porch swinging and lawn mowing done. Speaking of dandelions...while Mimmy's dandelion blowing skills might need work, I've never seen a kid go after a bloom with more gusto than she did! She gave it her all and even fell over a few times - farm dandelions are tough. Mac ended up catching about a dozen fish, which was no surprise. Fish seem to find him no matter where he goes. He had to fight Pippen, my little brother's crazy one-eyed terrier over the fish. Pippen thinks it's his mission to kiss (bite) every fish in the pond and would hurdle a car to get lakeside if a fish has been caught. Much to Mac's dismay, we didn't make it down to the creek on this trip because the brush is so thick in the wood and ticks are out something fierce right now. Mac was the only one willing to brave the elements (so long as daddy carried him), so we'll save that for another day. 

The afternoon brought a few sprinkles our way, so we headed inside for snacks, books and naps (for Mim and mama) and art projects, fort-building and home destruction (for Mac). We ended up staying through dinner and bathtime, milking every last ounce of fresh air and farm life we could, before stuffing our little farmhands into their jammies and heading home. Even though they were both exhausted, neither kid passed out on the car ride home (unfortunately), but they both slept in the next morning, so I consider that a win. It was a very good day and we're all counting down the hours until we can go back. 
 Farm weekends are the best weekends. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Scoop Giveaway

You guys!! I have a very special surprise for you today - summer is almost here and I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with Project Nursery, Savvy Sassy Moms and some amazing bloggers to bring you this absolutely INCREDIBLE giveaway of some of the coolest gear, gadgets and gizmos around (over $2300 in prizes!!). Whether you're expecting or already have a baby, toddler or kid (or maybe all of the above), you're going to flip over these awesome prizes, which are all perfect for getting you and the kids ready for summer. I'm talking about an amazing new baby carrier, a travel system, a sun tent, a gorgeous diaper bag, an iPhone, a stroller that folds up to the size of a handbag and more! I've included all the details below, photos of the prizes, plus a link to the giveaway. Best of luck - I hope you win!!

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all summer long for previews, pics, reviews and information on these brands and prizes. We'll be using the #SummerScoop4Moms hashtag if you want to follow along!

Summer Scoop- BabyBjorn Image.jpg
BABYBJӦRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors

Introducing the newest baby carrier from BABYBJÖRN. Designed to help you share an active, open-air lifestyle with your child, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors ($260) is the ultimate ergonomic choice for active families. The Outdoors Carrier features a sporty design, high-quality materials and functional details, while offering all of the best features of the Baby Carrier One. The carrier has an extra-sturdy waist belt for added weight distribution and pressure relief, padded form-fitting shoulder straps to help you comfortably and safely carry a growing child from newborn up to the age of three years, and four ergonomic front and back carrying positions. Perfect for parents who want optimal comfort and functionality while they are exploring the magic of the outdoors with their children, the Baby Carrier One Outdoors is made of breathable and water-repellent materials and includes a waist belt pocket and loops on the shoulder straps for easy access to keys, credit cards, baby accessories and more. Baby Carrier One Outdoors also comes with a practical storage bag that protects the carrier when it is not in use.

Summer Scoop- Babymoov Anti-UV Tent.jpg
Babymoov Anti-UV Tent

Babymoov’s Anti-­UV Tent ($40) takes the hassle out of Baby’s beach trips by protecting Baby from the elements and blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Ventilated mesh will keep Baby shielded from the sand and wind, while still providing comfortable airflow on hot days, and a built-­in mosquito net keeps the pesky bugs at bay. Tie back the tent’s mesh entrance or secure it shut when the wind starts to pick up. The tent’s large capacity gives Baby ample room to play, while still being light­weight for parents. A pop-­up system and transport bag allow for set­up in as little as three seconds, with four tent poles to anchor it securely to the ground.

Summer Scoop- Cybex Image.jpg
Cybex Agis M-Air3/Aton 2 Travel System

The CYBEX Agis M-Air3 Stroller & Aton 2 Infant Car Seat Travel System ($600) allows parents to have an all-in-one, on-the-go system to allow them to explore with their little one. At Cybex, safety comes first and it shows in the features of their Aton 2 Infant Car Seat. Made for children 4-35 pounds and up to 30-inches tall, this car seat has innovative Linear Side-Impact Protection, while still being one of the lightest car seats on the market, weighing in at just under 9 pounds. The accompanying stroller fits children up to 55 pounds and is the perfect way to get around the city with your Aton 2 Infant Car Seat. Moms will love that you only need one hand to operate its key features — it only takes one hand to fold it into a standing position or recline the seat for Baby.

Summer Scoop- Lily Jade Image.jpg
Lily Jade Diaper Bags

When Meggan Wood's oldest daughter, Caroline, was born, Meggan found herself frustrated by the lack of beautiful, leather diaper bags. She wanted a bag that was stunning and hardworking, and one that would last long enough to still carry all those precious memories beyond the baby years. She sketched the perfect diaper bag design to her husband, Landon, and the rest is history! The real genius behind Meggan's idea is the "Baby Bag," a removable, washable organization insert included with every Lily Jade. This amazing engineering feat allows mommies to move from diaper duty, to meetings, to date nights. Lily Jade's most popular styles convert to backpacks with the flick of a clasp, and can be worn over the shoulder and crossbody as well. Lily Jade supports its rapidly growing community of moms with by encouraging them to tell their #storyofmotherhood and giving bags away as often as possible!

Summer Scoop- Platypus Australia Image.jpg
Platypus Australia Swimwear

Platypus Australia is a leading Australian UPF50+ swimwear brand for children from babies through to size 14. Designed to mix-and-match, Platypus Australia is for little ones who like to be active, comfortable and stylish yet protected from the sun. But, just because these swimsuits for babies and kids come from the other side of the world doesn’t mean you can’t get them for your own little sun worshippers. Easy shipping is available to both the U.S. and Canada… and, it’s free if you spend over $80.

Summer Scoop- gb Child Pockit.png
gb Child Pockit Stroller

Designed for frequent travelers, the gb Child Pockit Stroller ($250)  in Monument Black quickly folds into an ultra-compact package, shaped like a handbag, for simple transport on airplanes and more. The stroller offers a self-standing folded option for added versatility when you and Baby are dining out. When in use, the Pockit offers a height-adjustable harness that is easy to tighten or loosen to secure your little one properly. Front swivel wheels make maneuvering simple and you can lock the tires for stability when strolling along uneven paths. Easily push your little bundle of joy with one hand in this compact stroller.

Summer Scoop- STIYA Image.jpg
STIYA Memory Keeping App

What’s the name of that lunch place? Where was that fun park? Ever wondered why you can search any data in the world except for your own memories? You had a fun day... how can you share the details with a friend?  Meet the newest app on the block, Stiya. Stiya stands for ‘Stories In Your Attic,’ bringing those precious ​stories from the attic of your memories into your to your pocket, making us all storytellers in a click. Stiya is a silent app that is completely private, capturing your memories and experiences — such as where you dined, walked, took a photo, and more — into beautiful journals that are searchable and, if desired, shareable via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been making memories! (Note: Stiya currently only available via iTunes.)

Summer Scoop- Ubbi Image.JPG
Ubbi Snack Tweats

The Ubbi Snack Tweat ($10 each) is an innovative snack container that combines playfulness and functionality making snack time enjoyable for both parents and children. Fitted for a small child’s hand, the bird shaped Ubbi Tweat stores and seals snacks to keep them fresh. Cleverly designed, the lid remains attached when open and the weighted base leans and wobbles to prevent the container from tipping over. The Tweat opening has a practical soft spill guard and is large enough for easy snack access.


Enter to win the Summer Scoop grand prize!

One winner will receive all of the products in the #SummerScoop4Moms:
  • BABYBJӦRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors in Turquoise or Black ($260 value)
  • Babymoov Anti-UV Tent ($40 value)
  • CYBEX Agis M-Air3/Aton 2 Travel System in Moon Dust ($600 value)
  • Lily Jade Bag of Your Choice (Up to $375 value)
  • Platypus Gift Certificate ($100 value)
  • gb Child Pockit Stroller ($250 value)
  • iPhone 6s from STIYA ($649 value)
  • Ubbi Snack Tweat Collection ($50 value)
Total prize value: $2324

Please enter using the Gleam form below. You must be a U.S. resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win. Winner will be contacted via email after the close of the giveaway. Please allow 4-6 weeks for prizes to arrive. All entries will be verified.

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