Running from the Law: July 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fishing at the Farm

Last month, we spent Father's Day weekend here... the Farm...
...on the water.
Enjoying the fresh air...
...the peace and quiet...
...the stillness of the water.
And of course, doing some fishing!

Ryan doesn't spend a waking moment at the Farm without a fishing pole in hand.
It's a serious addiction with no known cure.

Side effects include: loss of countless hours tying flies, loss of any non-fishing vacations, loss of appetite and hearing (your wife's voice in particular) while fishing, loss of interest in doing anything else in the world other than fishing, loss of money spent on fishing gear and could eventually lead to loss of said wife.
Just kidding! 

The Farm is a family place. 
So if you're fishing, it's a family event. 
We all have to be involved.
Even the dogs.
Pippen likes to help. 
He helps pick out the lure.
He keeps watch over your bobber.
He waits for you to catch something cool.
Like a giant tree limb!
And he's so happy.
He gives kisses to let you know.
Mally just watches. 
She could care less.
Lucky for Ryan, he always has a fishing partner at the Farm.
Dad's just about as addicted.
Pippen has to help him too.
But this guy doesn't need much help.
He knows what he's doing.
This ain't his first dog and pony show.
He handles that fish with ease.
He taught me everything I know.

And he's not even embarrassed that his girly-girl daughter has a pink fishing pole that lights up when I reel.
Purple and green flashing lights!
It's awesome.
Ryan likes when I fish with him.
As long as it doesn't take too much time away from his serious fishing.
He doesn't think owning a pink light-up pole qualifies me as a serious fisherwoman.
I disagree.
I can bait my own hook.
Cast my own line.
Watch my own bobber.
And catch my own fish!
Even if they are teeny-tiny fish.
Of course, Pippen has to check out every fish that's caught.
This dog loves fish.
Mally doesn't care, but doesn't want to be left out of anything.
Pippen's happy, so he gives the fish a kiss.
Mally'd rather just hang out with the people.
She's a people-dog, not a fish-dog.
Ryan takes his turn with the pink pole.
Apparently it only catches teeny-tiny fish.
They're cuter anyway.
At the end of the day, it's time to pack up and head back to the dock.

But before we head inside for dinner, Ryan has to set up the "jugs."
Overnight catfish jugging has become one of our favorite things to do at the farm.

Catfish jugging is basically a fishing technique that uses jugs (or any floating device) to support fishing lines.
We use "noodles" instead of jugs. 

Basically, you tie the fishing lines to the handle of the jug and attach your hooks and sinkers to the lines. 
You bait each hook (we use hot dogs) and put the jugs in the water.   Then you wait.

When a fish takes the bait, it'll be pretty obvious. The jug will flip over and begin to bob up and down in the water as the fish pulls on the line.
Ryan and dad strategize as to exactly where the jugs/noodles should go.
They set out to find the perfect locations.
And toss the jugs/noodles in the water.
And here they'll stay until the morning.
So how do you get the jugs/noodles once you have a fish on?
Great question.

You have to take the canoe out and get them.
Dad and Ryan prepare the canoe, which is full of spiders and bugs.
I grew up playing in this canoe and taking float trips in this canoe.
It's seriously ugly, but it has a very special place in my heart.
The next morning, we've got fish on!
Ryan takes off in the canoe to get them.
You can see the jug/noodle bobbing up and down and swimming all over the pond.
It's a nice one!
Great job honey.
That was seriously hard work.
Before we can head home, Ryan's got to catch a few more. 
The addiction is never satisfied.
Mally watches.
Pippen has to help.
Pippen loves the fish.
Sniff, sniff.
Kiss, kiss.
And do it again.