Running from the Law: 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

This year’s Annual Haunted Halloween Costume Party was better than ever. I was pleasantly surprised with what a great turn-out we got, especially with so many other parties (and new babies) this year. The weather was perfect and the food was great, but I was absolutely blown out of the water by how good the costumes were this year!! Talk about creative and fun!! Here are some highlights…

Me as Madonna and Ryan as "The Dude" from the Big Lebowski

Winners of the Couples Costume, the Reno 911 cops

Winner of the Best Individual Costume, Busch Stadium Beer Man

Best Couples Costume Runners-up, Michael and Debbie Phelps

Jennifer Beales from Flashdance

The religious contingent

Newlywed Prizefighters

Redneck Fishin'

Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and high school hockey star & baby's daddy

Monday, October 27, 2008

MU Homecoming 2008

This past weekend, Ryan and I ventured back to the University of Missouri, my alma mater, for Homecoming. Did you know that the tradition of "Homecoming" was actually started at Mizzou??

In 1891, the football border battle rivaly between MU and KU began, as the Tigers faced the KU Jayhawks on the college football gridiron. This rivalry would become the oldest college football rivalry west of the Mississippi River. Perhaps because of this intense war between the states, the battle always took place at a neutral site, usually in Kansas City. In 1911, a change in conference regulations required that all intercollegiate football games were required to be played on campus. At this time Missouri trailed in the series by a count of 12-3-5 so there was a need to renew some excitement to this series. Fearing low attendance, Chester L. Brewer, MU's Director of Athletics, invited the alumni to "come home" for the game. As part of this celebration of "coming home," there was a parade and spirit rally to coincide with the actual game -- and the tradition of "Homecoming" was born. Since that time, the University of Missouri has served as a model for the various Homecoming celebrations that take place across the nation.

This year’s Homecoming weekend was fantastic and exciting as usual!! The weather could not have been better and we had the most amazing tailgate location (thanks Jewell!). Ladder golf, beer pong and BBQ were all appreciated. Both my brothers were there, as well as tons of friends. And although our team is highly ranked, the losses in the last two weekends to Texas and Oklahoma State (both top ten teams) had us all a little nervous. However, Colorado was no match for our Tigers, winning 58-0. MIZ-ZOU!! Here are some pictures of the tailgate and game.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flood in Louisiana, MO

My hometown is flooding. As of yesterday over 40 blocks of Louisiana, Missouri were underwater. And the river's not supposed to crest for a few more days. Louisiana is a historic little rivertown, on the banks of the Misssissippi River, about a hundred miles north of St. Louis. They closed the bridge to Illinois over a week ago and sandbagging efforts in Louisiana and Clarksville have been underway for weeks. I remember the flood of '93 very well, and never thought I'd see another 500 year flood...especially so soon. Here are some pictures my mom took of Louisiana.
The welcome sign.

The Champ Clark bridge into Illinois.

The train bridge.

Boat launch across the river in Illinois.

The riverfront, downtown on Saturday (6/14).

The riverfront, a few days later (6/18).

This use to be a park along the riverfront (and picture below).

Building on the riverfront.

Old laundromat; picture taken on Saturday (6/14).Same building, a few days later on Wednesday (6/18)

Picture above taken 6/14, same place below taken 6/18.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching up on Birthdays

Since we have a bunch of birthday celebrations coming up soon (Jaquie, Heather, John, etc.), I figured I should post the pictures from the last few birthday parties we had.

Ryan's birthday was in April, he turned 28. I threw him a nice little Fiesta birthday party with mango margaritas, a taco buffet, cerveza, sombreros and a fantastic homemade birthday cake.

The next day, we drove to Columbia to celebrate Kirsten's birthday with the whole gang. Even with all the spankings, I'm pretty sure she had a good time. :)

And happy birthday to all those that have had birthdays in between: Chris, Lindsey, Alice, Stuart, Will, Jay, Annie and Freckles.

"Stand By" for Tarpon Madness at Location X

I know, I know. It's been forever since I last posted. I'm sorry, Mom - I know you've been impatiently waiting for tarpon pictures and the story, so here they are!

It was a GREAT trip!! The first morning, before it was even light out, we met our guide at a little dump of a bait shop, boarded our flats boat and were off! As soon as we got settled in our magical spot, Ryan began "warming up" by casting and stripping. It wasn't light enough to see any tarpon more than 5 feet from our boat, but unbelievably, on his second/third cast...tarpon on! Our guide starting coaching Ryan through the process but his hook set was a little too aggressive (can you blame him...he was really excited!) and the fish snapped the line. We couldn't yet see the fish, but we now knew they were there - VERY promising!

The water was pretty muddy, which is apparently a good thing. It was bright and sunny, with very few clouds. The conditions were "perfect" and excitment was in the air. After another few sightings and stalkings, Ryan finally hooked and landed his first tarpon! It was a little guy (only about 60 pounds), but put up a hell of a fight. Upon getting hooked, these fish take off like wave runners, jumping and splashing and fighting. We chased it for quite a while and Ryan did great reeling it in and manuevering the rod. So, after three years of chasing silver, he finally landed one!

And then it was on! The next two were much bigger, 90 pounds and 110 pounds! We ended the first day with three tarpon caught.

Day 2 was very different than Day 1. The water was like glass that morning, with no waves and no wind. The guide was able to spot a tarpon over a quarter mile away and then position the boat to where Ryan could cast to it. Once the sun came out and warmed the water, the tarpon stopped moving and laid up on the top of the water, where we could happen upon them and surprise them. It was a completely different kind of fishing, and very exciting to watch. Ryan caught one enormous tarpon of about 120 pounds first thing in the morning. He had a few others that he "jumped" and chased. By the end of the day, the waves were pretty intense. I felt like I was riding a bull with all the bucking and rocking - not ideal fishing conditions, but we still managed to chase a few more. We ended our fishing expedition with lots of smiles and excitement for next year!

Great job honey! I'm so proud of you!