Running from the Law: January 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby #2 Details

WOW!  Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, texts, emails, likes, thoughts, prayers and love.  We are just blown away by how much love we've received over the last couple days.  This truly is an amazing community of bloggers and friends.  Thank you all for being so wonderful.  

So, I guess it's time to answer all your questions and give you the details on Baby Girl.  I've been asked over and over the same few questions, so I'll try to answer those and feel free to ask anything else that I haven't mentioned in the comments.

How did this happen?
Well I think we all know "how" babies are made, but I don't think that's what you were asking.  :)  As I mentioned in the last post, even though we had been "trying" for a while and seeing a fertility specialist, it was a bit of a shock.  We were actually waiting for a long 70+ day cycle to end so we could begin a cycle with the fertility drugs.  Yeah, we hadn't even started those!  The Metformin I'd been taking (to manage my PCOS and prepare my ovaries for the fertility drugs) was enough on it's own this time to do the trick.  I'd been taking the Metformin for a couple months and we were ready to move to the next level with low doses of Clomid and try our luck at IUI again (which worked with Mac).  They gave me multiple doses of Progesterone to try to bring on a period that just wouldn't come, which was weird for me.  Now we know why.  Somewhere in the middle of it all, in early November, I must have ovulated and viola!  I had an appointment to go back in to see the doctor on a Thursday morning to do an ultrasound and more bloodwork and she asked me to take one more pregnancy test before coming in, just to make sure.  I was a little irritated, since I'd taken about a dozen over the course of this ridiculously long cycle at their request (those suckers aren't cheap), just to get the same negative result I knew I'd get.

Anyway, on Wednesday, the day before my appointment, I had lunch with my friend Claire, where we spent a good hour over cheesecake discussing the state of my uterus and how shitty the whole infertility situation was.  The funny thing is that she made some comment about my breasts looking huge and asked me if I was sure I wasn't pregnant.  Apparently she has some kind of magic baby-sensing instinctual knowledge about these things (probably because she's had 4 kids).  She also predicted my last pregnancy (also on the day I took the pregnancy test).  That evening on my way home from work I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up yet another box of pregnancy tests.  The whole ride home I kept thinking about "what if" and then would get angry with myself for once again getting my hopes up.   When I got home, I grabbed Mac and headed upstairs to change clothes.  I had to pee, so I figured I might as well take the test (since I'd most likely forget in the morning).  Within seconds we had 2 blue lines.  So, I did what everyone in that situation does...take four more tests, just to make sure.  All positive.  I grabbed Mac and the tests and went downstairs to find Ryan, threw the tests on the counter and said, "What the hell do you think this means?  There's no way I'm pregnant, right?"
Of course he looked at all the tests and laughed.  He made some comment about how accurate these things are, but said that I shouldn't get my hopes up...maybe the Metformin and progesterone gave me a false positive.  Our plan was to just stay calm (not discuss it too much) and wait until my doctor's appointment in the morning.  Armed with all four positive pregnancy tests in my purse, I went to the doctor and had bloodwork done.  They called later that afternoon and confirmed that yes, I was in fact PREGNANT.  However, they wanted me to come back the following week and do another test to make sure my hCG levels were progressing normally.  Thus began the five longest days of my life.  So much waiting!  I overanalyzed every single twinge, feeling and possible side-effect I had (which were ridiculous things like, "I'm not as cold as I was yesterday, obviously I'm no longer pregnant." Or "OMG, last week I had two cocktails at dinner, a turkey sandwich and I changed the cat litter.  If I am pregnant, the baby is probably now deformed.").  CRAZY.  The following Tuesday afternoon, I got the results I'd been waiting for.  My hCG numbers had not only doubled, they'd tripled!  I was officially pregnant.

How far along are you?  
Right now, I'm just over 14 weeks.  I'm due July 29th, but will most likely have a scheduled c-section the week before, per my doctor's recommendation.  That will put Mac and Baby Girl almost exactly two years and two months apart.
How do you already know the sex of the baby?
A few weeks ago I turned 35 (happy birthday to me!).  As you may know, 35 = ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE.  Advanced maternal age basically means my eggs are old and rotting and the chances of something being wrong with the baby are significantly higher.  Significantly higher than when I was 33?  No, but significantly higher than if I was 25 and they have to draw the line somewhere.  I guess one of the perks of having a geriatric pregnancy is that you get a lot of special treatment from your OB and insurance company to make sure that the baby is healthy.  The outcomes and statistics are scary enough just to think about, but when it's your child and you're also still terrified about another possible miscarriage, all those extra tests and attention are a good thing.  My OB recommended I get an advanced screening test to rule out chromosomal abnormalities in the baby - it's a relatively new test that gathers fragments of the baby's DNA from the mother's blood and has a 99% accuracy rate of screening for possible chromosomal issues such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Jacobs syndrome.  They can also determine the baby's sex, if you want to know.  It's non-invasive and safe and accurate, so we went for it.  We went through genetic counseling and over all the possible outcomes, which is scary, but good to know.  We had a long ultrasound, where we got to see our little baby jumping around on the big screen.  A week later, we had our results.  All was normal - we have a healthy baby GIRL.

Were you hoping for a boy or a girl?
Honestly, I was hoping for another boy.  Mostly for selfish reasons.  I have three brothers, Ryan has a brother, we have a boy.  We know boys.  Neither of know the first thing about little girls - they're foreign to us.  Also, we already have ALL the boy stuff!  If it was a girl, I'd have to buy all new stuff (what a tragedy, huh?  More shopping...poor me.).  I also thought it would be nice for Mac to have a brother.  I know how close my brothers are and how close Ryan and his brother are.  I love my brothers to death, but a brother-sister relationship is just different than two boys.  Boys also love their mama!  I have a complicated relationship with my mother, but Ryan is the biggest mama's boy around (I mean that in a good way).  The thought of having a daughter who may (and probably will) despise me for a good portion of her adolescent and teenage life is scary.  So yeah, I wanted another boy.
However, as soon as they told me that it was a girl, I started to cry...big fat tears of joy.  I think out of fear of the unknown, I didn't let myself fully appreciate how much I wanted a girl.  But when I heard those words, I knew it was the greatest news ever.  I am so excited about having a girl and it really feels right.  One of each.  I just adore the idea of that little perfect family.  I think I've always been scared of having a daughter because I thought she'd be just like me (i.e. trouble), but that already happened - Mac is my mini and he's the worst child ever (kidding) and I love that about him!  If she's like me, at least I'll know where she gets it and hopefully be one step ahead of her.

How has this pregnancy been different?
I think the biggest physical difference is the way I feel.  SICK.  With Mac I don't think I got even the slightest bit queasy even once.  I couldn't walk down the raw meat section at the grocery store for about 2 weeks, but not much phased me.  No morning sickness, no nausea, no smell aversions, no weird food issues.  Everything tasted good.  Especially tacos.  Want to know how many tacos I've had with this pregnancy?  NONE.  Nothing sounds good.  I've been living on bread, crackers and cheese, only because having food in my belly makes me feel less sick - therefore I've eaten 75 sleeves of Saltines over the last two months.  I've had a couple puking sessions, but mostly just feel like crap all day.  I'm not hungry.  I have to force myself to eat.  I have terrible headaches.  I'm SO tired (that's the same).  But, it's all starting to get better.  The first trimester is over and I am finally feeling like myself again (albeit a bigger/rounder version of myself).  Speaking of big and round, they weren't kidding when they said you show much sooner with your second pregnancy.  Despite not eating much, by 8 weeks I looked like I did when I was 4 months pregnant with Mac.  Now at 14 weeks, I look about like I did at 22 weeks with Mac.  Yikes.  Please tell me this slows down!
There's also a huge difference in my emotional state of being with this pregnancy.  I mentioned previously that being pregnant after a miscarriage is scary.  I can't even begin to explain how worried and nervous and just plain terrified I've been about losing the baby.  I think it's partly because I now know just how fragile the whole experience is and how easy it is to lose.  The thoughts, the worries, the nightmares - not an easy feeling to shake.  I still don't have that comfortable positive attitude I had with Mac.  I'm still scared.  There are so many things that could go wrong.  I reached out to Julia about this a while back and she gave me such wonderful advice - she said that each day she would chose to be happy because right then at that moment she was pregnant and all was well with the baby.  It's a daily choice I have to make to be less scared and enjoy that moment.  THIS moment.  I can't predict the future, but right now, right here, I'm pregnant and all is well.  Also, I do have one of those fetal Doppler's where I can hear the baby's heartbeat at home and this has really helped with my peace of mind.  If I'm worried, I just lie down and listen to her heartbeat and immediately feel better.

It's also been harder this time around to tell people.  Not only am I scared that by telling the world I'll somehow jinx everything, but I have so many more friends and family members and readers that are struggling to get pregnant that have supported me and confided in me over the last couple years.  We've bonded over our shared experiences and our mutual desire for a baby.  It's hard not to feel guilty for getting this, when you also feel like you're leaving people behind.  I so badly want this same experience (perhaps without all the morning sickness) for everyone that wants a baby.  We are so lucky and so blessed and sometimes I just don't feel like I deserve so much when others are still waiting for their turn.  My heart goes out to everyone trying for a baby or dealing with loss.  I wish I knew the right words to say to make everything better, but there just aren't any.  I can just hope that I'm being as sensitive and compassionate as possible - the last thing I ever want to do is cause anyone in that situation more pain or heartache.

Have you told Mac?  Does he understand?
We talk about the baby all the time to Mac, but I don't think he understands at all.  I've pointed to my belly and mentioned the baby, but he has no idea.  Usually when I say the word baby, he lays down in my arms like a baby for me to sing the "baby song" to him (a game we play).  We've told him he's getting a baby sister and we will continue to talk to him about it, but I'm not sure how much it makes sense to him.  I'll probably get a couple books about being an older sibling to read to him when we get closer to the due date, but until then, I don't think there's too much we can do.
(first official bump photo)
Are you going to blog about the pregnancy?
Of course!  Like with Mac, I doubt I'll do weekly updates or anything.  Honestly, I don't think any of you give a shit about whether my rings are fitting, what size fruit the baby is or whether my belly button is in or out.  I'll probably just do some periodic updates, photos and letters to the baby, like I did before.  Don't worry, I'm keeping track of all that stuff for the official baby book.  I also plan to blog extensively about prepping for the transition from 1 to 2, nursery ideas and inspiration (I have a secret pinboard started), plans for an in-home newborn photoshoot, my thoughts on a scheduled c-section, potential baby girl names, and all things pretty and pink!  So many exciting things to talk about!  I hope you'll stick around for the journey.

Ok, so that should get you all caught up.  Surprise --> sick --> healthy --> girl --> giant bump --> 14 weeks.  Here we are!  I can't believe we get to do this again!  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Pink Surprise!

{image designed by Head and Heart}

I am beyond thrilled to finally spill the beans on what we've been up to these days.  We are expecting a little PINK bundle of joy in July.  Baby Girl surprised us all (well, as much as you can be surprised when trying for over a year to get pregnant and doing fertility treatments) back in November, just before Thanksgiving.  It's been an exciting, exhausting and emotionally draining couple of months, but our little lady is tough and hung in there.  I've been a pukey, tired, hormonal, paranoid, nervous wreck -- let's just say that pregnancy after miscarriage is VERY scary (not to mention my "advanced maternal age" issues).  Anyway, so far all looks well with baby girl -- she's active and healthy and has already won over our hearts.  This little baby is so incredibly loved and wanted.  Ryan and I are excited, scared, happy, nervous, overjoyed, lucky and beyond blessed.   Mac is in for a big shock!  Here we go again! 

 photo sig_zps61e7e874.png

Monday, January 27, 2014

Personal Styling by Mindful Closet

Does anyone else have panic attacks just thinking about what to wear in photos?  I feel like I'm awful at choosing the right outfit for myself.  I usually don't think twice about what to wear to work or out with friends, but photos are so permanent and important that I get overwhelmed and intimidated.  I can do wonders with my husband and Mac's wardrobe and I'm great at picking a color palette, but when it comes to finding something that's in style, in the right colors and will be flattering on me in photos, I am awful.  

I think I've been having such a hard time these days because I never know what size I am or how to dress in a way that flatters the body I'm currently in. My weight has fluctuated so much that I've been about 4 different sizes (plus maternity) over the last 5 years and my wardrobe is pretty schizophrenic. I've got skinny clothes, fat clothes, maternity clothes and everything in between, but it's impossible to remember what currently fits, what might fit and what could fit by the time I take the photos.  I've also got stuff scattered around between 3 different closets in our house, based on season, style and size.  It's quite a disaster.  First world problems, right?
I mentioned this problem once before to my blogger friend, Dacy.  Dacy recently started a company in St. Louis called Mindful Closet where she does personal styling sessions, shop my closet sessions and closet cleanout and organization sessions.  She graciously offered to help me out with a closet cleanout and organization session.  However, with me still losing the baby weight, yet hoping to be pregnant and giant again soon, it didn't seem like quite the right time for a closet overhaul.

But what I did need was major help with picking out something for me to wear in our Christmas card photos.  I didn't want to spend any money on new items (because, hello - I have clothes), I just needed help figuring out (a) what I had, (b) what fit and (c) what looked flattering on me.  Enter Dacy with her "Shop My Closet" service.  Perfect!
To start our session, she sent me the link to a Pinterest board she created for me, with all kinds of ideas for stylish family photos.  She wanted me to pick a few photos that I liked, based on color combos, outfit styles and personal preference.  I loved that she had taken so much time to scour the internet and come up with so many wonderful choices for our session.  I picked a few of my favorites and had them ready for her when she came over one Saturday morning.
I noticed right away that I chose mostly photos with a blue/tan/neutrals palette, with pops of red.  So those are the colors that Dacy kept to while she made her way though my closet, pulling out any possibilities.  She asked me about where the photos would take place, so she could make sure our outfits complemented our surroundings.  She asked me out what types of outfits I'd worn for photos in the past and what I liked or didn't like about how they looked. We talked about how to dress to play up your best features and downplay "problematic areas," which I really appreciated.  She asked me to tell her right away if she pulled items that I knew I didn't want to wear for any reason.  She pulled tops, sweaters, cardigans, pants, dresses, scarves, tights, boots and hats and we piled everything up on the bed to get a better idea of our options.
Of course we had a little visit from Mac, who was much more interested in jumping on the bed and making a mess than helping.  
And then Dacy starting putting outfits together for me to try on.  We played around with this red coat, which I love...but then realized that I'd already worn this coat in Christmas card photos a few years ago, so we nixed that idea and moved on to the next idea.  (Note to self: next time please shower and put on some make-up!).
With each outfit I tried on, Dacy would take a photo of me and show it to me.  Not only did I get to see how it looked in a photo, but she gave me some tips and tricks to use when taking photos to make myself look better.  How to stand, where to put your arms, how to angle yourself.  Invaluable stuff.  
Next we played around with blues and tans.  We really liked both of these outfits, although they felt a little too casual.  (See how I'm doing better at standing/posing in photos already!!)

Then found this cream sweater dress that actually fit and didn't look too bad.  It was wintery-looking, flattering and could be paired with all kinds of different accessories.  This was definitely a favorite.
From here, I grabbed a few things from Mac and Ryan's closet.  Dacy picked a navy snowflake sweater and jeans for Mac and a grey sweater, collared shirt and jeans for Ryan.  All creating a really pretty navy/tan/neutral color palette, just like the ones I'd loved in the photos from her Pinterest board. 
We ended up with a couple different outfit options for me (with different accessories and shoes, that I could play around with and chose that day based on the weather and how I was feeling) and great outfits for the guys.  
And of course, here's the final color palette and the photos of the finished product.  
I think we look SMASHING.  This is the first time in a very long time that I like the way I look in photos!  

Dacy took photos of everything and made a list of what each of us would wear, with which accessories and shoes. After our session, she sent me a detailed email with all our decisions, the list and attached all the photos, so I could see all the things we tried and what we eventually decided on (a lot of the photos from this post are hers).  She answered all my questions and even gave me some ideas for places to shop, based on my style and the type of clothes I had (which she probably didn't even realize she'd done).  The whole session took about two hours and probably would have been a lot shorter had we not had so much to talk about and catch up on.  

I thought it was such a great experience and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in the St. Louis area looking for personal styling help or assistance with cleaning out/organizing their closet.  Now here's the fun part!
Because Dacy is so incredibly awesome and amazing, she is going to give away FOUR HOURS of Mindful Closet Services (closet cleanout, organization, personal shopping, shop your closet, etc.) to one lucky reader!  You can enter by using the Rafflecopter below.

UPDATE: Giveaway is now open to ALL readers, regardless of location!  St. Louis winner could choose any of the available services.  If you are outside STL, you can choose the long-distance personal styling or personal shopping service.  Dacy will work with you online to come up with outfit/styling ideas, recommendations for purchases, etc. all within your budget and based on your personal style.  She will even do your online shopping for you! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for anyone else that would like to use Dacy's services, she's offering my readers a 20% discount on any service - just mention this blog post!  (DISCOUNT IS NOW EXPIRED - however, please let Dacy know you heard about her services here!  Thanks!)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Greek Yogurt #TasteOff

Do you guys remember all those blind taste test commercials from back in the 80's (I am really dating myself right now)?  The ones where they'd blindfold grocery store customers and make them choose between Prego and Ragu? Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?  Hellmann's or Miracle Whip?  I always wanted to be on one of those commercials to see which item I would choose.  I don't think I have a super discerning palate, but I know what I like (real mayo and Diet Coke) and go for taste over any particular brand loyalty.  So, I was really excited when I was contacted by Yoplait about trying two types of Greek yogurt and doing my own little taste test.  

Yoplait Greek Blueberry vs. Chobani Greek Blueberry 
Bring on the challenge!  

Greek yogurt is a staple at our house.  Mac loves it and it's a great way to get extra protein and probiotics in him.  I grew up eating Yoplait regular yogurt (all those amazing flavors) but over the last couple years, I've switched to Greek yogurt and haven't looked back.  I have to admit we're big Chobani fans in our house (well, I am and I'm the one that does the shopping).  Their Greek yogurt is so thick and creamy, it's like it shouldn't be healthy.  I'll still have Yoplait occasionally, but since they haven't had a Greek variety available (until NOW!), they've kind of fallen off my radar.  
Yoplait just launched their new Greek yogurts and they are challenging all of us yogurt-lovers to try their product and see how it holds up against Chobani.  They claim that 2 out of 3 people like theirs better.  Ohhh...them are fightin' words!  Tough competition.  So last night, we finally had the opportunity to try both brands, side-by-side, to see which one we preferred.  The results may surprise you...

Here's what we thought of the two:


Actually, this result probably won't surprise you.  Mac picked Yoplait, hands down.  He can't really talk, so I can't articulate his reasoning for his choice, but if I had to guess it's because it's a bit sweeter and has a smoother (less chunky) texture.  Or it could be because the Yoplait is more purple and purple is his favorite color.  Who knows.  Since I also thought it was sweeter, I assumed that Yoplait must have more sugar.  But I checked the labels and Yoplait actually has less sugar (18g for Yoplait and 20g for Chobani).  That's awesome.  The Chobani does have more protein though, (14g, compared to Yoplait's 11g) and more calcium (20%, compared to Yoplait's 10%).

Ryan liked the Chobani better.  He doesn't have quite the sweet-tooth that Mac and I do and he doesn't really care about smoothness or textures or anything (such a dude).  He liked the bigger chunks of fruit in the Chobani and claimed that he really liked stirring the fruit from the bottom into the yogurt (ok...).

I fully expected to like the Chobani yogurt more, too.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture of the Yoplait.  They're both really creamy, which is what I originally loved about Chobani, but the Yoplait was much smoother.  I think the Chobani has a more "authentic" Greek yogurt taste, if you know what I mean (super thick, slightly sour and tangy), which I like, so I was surprised that the sweeter one was that good.  I have to admit that I REALLY liked that the fruit in the Yoplait was pre-blended.  I tend to think the fruit on the bottom can make the yogurt look kinda gross and slimy sometimes.  As soon as I opened the containers, the Yoplait was immediately more appealing than the watery Chobani (see below).  After it's stirred, it's totally fine, but that's just my two cents.

So, surprisingly, my winner is...

I guess they were right when they claimed 2 out of 3 would pick Yoplait. Who knew?

If you're interested in doing your own Greek Yogurt #TasteOff (or just because you love me), PLEASE  click HERE to get more information (or a FREE taste-off kit that includes a gift card for two cups of Greek yogurt).  
** This post was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best Greek yogurt was determined by yours truly (and Mac and Ryan).  I was allowed to express my honest opinion of both products, regardless of the outcome.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Mac - 20 Months

Dear Baby Mac,

Please stop growing up so darn fast!  Your poor mother can't even keep up with all the awesome things you are doing and saying these days.  You are truly amazing and I am so grateful every single day that I get to be your mama.  
You are still an excellent eater.  Everyone that dines with you comments about what a good little eater you are for a toddler.  You can be picky (and you'd rather have cake than anything else, although I can't blame you there), but for the most part, you eat well and quite a bit.  You still love pasta and noodles (mac & cheese), fruit and rotisserie chicken.  You'll eat anything you can dip in ketchup (or sometimes you just eat the ketchup off your fingers).  Veggies are a little tougher to get you to eat, but I think we're doing pretty well there.  I really hope you keep it up.  You love feeding yourself and are really good at using a fork and spoon.  Although, you'd much rather use the grown-up fork and spoon than your little toddler ones.  Go figure.  
Sleep has been better...and worse.  You're going through a phase where it's nearly impossible for me to do bedtime with you because you won't let me leave the room.  Every time I get up to put you into your crib, you grab onto my hair or necklace and say, "mama, rock."  So we go back to the rocking chair and snuggle and rock.  I'm a softie and it works everytime.  Your dad has been having to do bedtime for the last week so we can avoid this hour-long power struggle and we can get you to bed at a decent time.  But once you're down, you usually sleep for a solid 11 hours.  It's wonderful!  Of course, occasionally we have a few setbacks when you're sick or not feeling well.  We had one middle-of-the-night puke clean-up due to a stomach bug and the last couple nights have been absolute doozies, with your dad and I taking turns holding/rocking you due to a nasty cough and lots of snot.  We hate it when you're sick - not just for the lack of sleep, but it's just so hard seeing you struggle and not feel well.  Breaks my poor little heart.  
You still sleep with your little stuffed puppy and kitty (whom you sophisticatedly call, "cat" and "dog").  They are your constant companions and dog goes lots of places with you.  You also have a giant stuffed St. Bernard the lives in the playroom that you affectionately named "Boo Boo" that you love beyond words and spend a lot of time tackling, hugging and snuggling.  You got a giant stuffed horse from Santa that you call "Bed Bug" (or something like that) that you like to ride and make horsey noises, which is adorable.  And there's another small dog and giraffe that make random appearances at naptime and both receive lots of snuggles.  You are so sweet and just adore all your animals.  
As for your real animals, you love them too.  Maybe too much at times.  Sage (the golden retriever) is great about putting up with you riding her like a horse and using her as a stepping stool.  She probably knocks you over as many times a day as you torment her, so you're even.  Mally (the sheltie), on the other hand, is not your biggest fan, unfortunately.  She is getting pretty crotchety in her old age and doesn't have a high tolerance for your shenanigans.  She does, however, love you when you eat because you're a mess and she reaps the benefits.  Jigs (the cat) is by far your favorite pet and you are OBSESSED with her.  You stalk her, you tackle her, you chase her, you love her SO much.  She puts up with it, but spends a lot of time in hiding (poor kitty).  You also help me with our fish.  They are horny little devils and we've had a recent population explosion in our tank.  We must be up to 80 baby fish these days!  (Also, what the hell am I supposed to do with 80 baby fish???)  You love watching them and helping me feed them.  
Your two favorite things to do right now are play in the sink and on the iPad.  One is a total disaster and ends with my kitchen flooded and the other makes me feel guilty that you're getting way too much screen time for a toddler.  We try to limit both activities, but you are pretty insistent and sometimes it's necessary to give in so we can get anything done.  You're insanely good at using the iPad, which both worries me and makes me think you might be a "Mac Genius" (obviously).  Your favorite apps are ones about trucks and puzzles, which I feel like are relatively harmless.  However, you've recently discovered your dad's "Buck Hunter" app and you love to shoot the moose, which has me slightly nervous.  You turn it on and yell "SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!"  I guess you come by that honestly, though.  In this family, you're destined to be a hunter.  
Your "Papa Golf Cart" (my dad) made you the most incredible kitchen helper stand, so you can stand up at the counter (or sink) with me and you love it.  What a game-changer  and blessing that thing has been.  You love being up high so you can see what's going on in the kitchen and this way I don't have to hold you the whole time or worry about you falling off a stool.  Thank you Papa!  You love standing on it at the sink and washing dishes.  You have a particular cup with a handle that you request and no other cup will suffice.  It's blue, but you insist it's purple, so we call it "purple cup."  You have a hard time keeping the water in the sink and you love dumping entire cupfuls of water on the floor to see us freak out, so sink time usually ends in taking the privilege away and tears.  We are the worst parents ever.
You're also really getting into trains these days.  Seriously, what is it about toddlers and trains?!  I do not understand, but you sure do love them.  Your favorite phrase in the world is "All Aboard!" and you probably say it a hundred times a day (see a video here).  Some days I wake up to hearing you shout "All Aboard" over and over to yourself in your crib in the morning.  It's the cutest thing ever and puts a giant smile on my face every time.  We have a train table in the playroom and you love pushing your train around the tracks, making choo choo noises and shouting "All Aboard."  And riding the train at the zoo is the biggest thrill of your life!  One of these days we need to do that "conductor for a day" program where you ride the train and say "All Aboard" over the microphone all day long.  That will probably be the greatest day of your life. 
I absolutely love all the talking you're doing these days.  I understand the majority of it and it helps so much knowing what you want and what you're thinking.  You've got words for so many things and they are all adorable.  My favorite is you say "chair" and point to where you want us to sit.  Kills me.  And all of a sudden, you're putting words together.  I expected you to start doing this a month or two ago, but you're just now starting...and you're good.  Instead of starting with 2 words, you put together 4 or 5 at a time.  You basically just skipped 2 words and went straight to sentences.  It's amazing.  One day you wanted me to sit by you and throw the ball and you said, "Mama, chair, more ball."  And then I swelled up with pride and exploded.
Alright, enough gushing.  I just want you to know that you're basically the most amazing child in the whole wide world and you make me proud beyond belief.  I still can't believe you're mine.  

Your mama

  • trains
  • iPad
  • pooping in the bath tub
  • your grandparents
  • the mailman
  • tractors
  • stuffed animals
  • hopping
  • jumping off of things
  • playing in the sink
  • Mally, Sage and Jigs
  • peeing in the potty
  • horses
  • chocolate cake
  • chocolate anything 
  • music
  • books

  • diaper changes
  • getting dressed
  • not getting to eat the lotion
  • ouchies/boo boos/bandaids
  • getting out of the bathtub
  • wearing socks
  • getting your nose/face wiped

Monday, January 20, 2014

Shop My Closet Sale

Hi y'all!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I had a little "shop my closet" event last night, after cleaning out my closet.  I'm finally willing to part with a few gorgeous dresses that I was saving for "someday," knowing that "someday" may never come.  I bought a lot of these dresses that summer before I got pregnant with Mac, while dealing with infertility, crazy hormones and perhaps some mild depression.  Retail therapy.  

The problem is that I was skinny back then, and my post-baby body (mainly my boobs) are never going to fit into some of these hot little numbers again.  So, it's time to purge.  My loss (or weight gain) is your gain!  I've listed all the items currently for sale on a tab at the top of my blog (SHOP MY CLOSET).  Feel free to check out all the pretty dresses.  I'll update this periodically to add more items as I have time and make my way through everything.  I've just started with a few of the nicer (newer) things, most of them still have the tags on them.  

They need a good home and someone willing to wear them and show them off!  Let me know if you have any questions or want more details on any item.  Happy shopping! 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bathtub Surfing

If everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody'd be surfin'
Like californ-I-A
You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies
Huarachi sandals, too
A bushy bushy blonde hairdo
Surfin' U.S.A.
We'll all be plannin' out a route
We're gonna take real soon
We're waxin' down our surfboards
We can't wait for June
We'll all be gone for the summer
Were on safari to stay
Tell the teacher we're surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.
Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.

*Surfing USA by the Beach Boys