Running from the Law: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Kansas City Marathon

Last month my little brother Timmy ran the Kansas City Marathon.

The whole thing.

All 26.2 miles of it.

Hot damn.

Yes, once upon a time I ran a full marathon.  It was back in 2008, when I was single and childless and crazy and had way too much time on my hands.  Actually, this little blog started out as a way to document my training for that marathon...did you know that?  But these days, just the thought of a full marathon is baffling.  TWENTY SIX MILES.  Kinda makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.  

Anyway, because I'm such an awesome big sister, I packed up my husband and my kid and drove 4+ hours across the state, stayed up late making posters, then woke up at dawn and stood out in the freezing cold to watch my baby brother run by me four times, which let me see him for a grand total of 27 seconds.  I should be the one getting a freaking medal.

The race started a few miles away, but ended up going directly in front of our hotel around Mile 5.  This was the first time we'd see Timmy.  I thought my sign was rather hilarious, however, many of the runners did not.  Some of them made snide comments and others just shot daggers of hate from their eyes at us.  I didn't mean to be such an asshole, but I guess others did not share my sense of humor.  Sue me.

Mac thought it was funny, and that's all that really mattered.
Although he may have been slightly concerned for his safety.
There's no way we were outrunning these guys.

Tim passed up before I even realized it, with a quick "What's up, sistaaaa."  

I had to run down the street after him trying to get a photo or two.  
Yes, they're blurry, but I'll just tell him it's because he's so fast.
See, I told you I was a good sister.

As the sun was rising, we caught up with the runners again a few miles later.

This time we had nicer, more inspirational signs.

I wanted to make a sign that said, "If running a marathon was easy, it'd be your mama."
Ryan ixnayed that.
He said it was inappropriate to talk like that around the baby.
And my mama.
He ruins all my fun.

And there's Timmy again!

Still going strong.
I think this was around Mile 7 or so.

And then we moved again.

Mac had a big burst of energy while cheering on the runners.
This kid is such a ham for the camera sometimes.

And here comes Timmy again!

I was absolutely SURE this sign would be a huge motivation for him.

More daggers of hate from the other runners.
Seriously, do not joke about shit like running out of beer. 
Not funny.

Our next stop was around Mile 20. 
We got to see the race leader and cheer on every single runner that went by.
I don't know if it made a difference to anyone, but if it were me out there, I'd want all the encouragement I could get.  My hands were numb from all the clapping.

This guy was pretty amazing.

And this is Timmy's friend, attempting to BQ (that's Boston-qualify for you non-marathoners).

Captain and Mrs. America again.
I loved them.

And there's our boy!

Twenty miles in and still going strong.
This is the point of the race where I seriously questioned his sanity.
And my own.
I still can't figure out what would make anyone think running 26.2 miles is a good idea.

Final stop - FINISH LINE.

This is my absolute favorite part of the race.
I just love seeing families and friends cheering on their loved ones.
I love seeing the runners cross the finish line and their expressions of joy when they realize they just achieved the goal they spent months and months training for.
I love the cheering, the signs, the anticipation, the hope, the tears of joy and pain and happiness.
There's nothing like it.
THIS is why people run marathons.
It's almost enough to make me want to sign up and run another one.


And finally, there's our boy.

Pushing through the pain, the cramps, the blisters, the exhaustion.

I am so proud of you, little brother.

Congrats on a job well done.

Welcome to the crazy club!

And in case you're wondering, YES, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!
Crazy suits me.