Running from the Law: February 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

5 on Friday

My friend Karli (of September Farm) designed these awesome business cards for my blog and I couldn't love them more. I am no professional blogger and I'm not exactly sure where I'm ever going to use them, but I love them! The front is clean and simple, with my blog logo, name, short description, website and email. The back is gorgeous with a custom-made blue/green watercolor background and social media icons and usernames. Karli was so great about incorporating my ideas, feedback and blog design into the business cards. She sent me numerous drafts, designs, layouts and suggestions. When we finalized them, she sent me the pre-sized images that were ready for uploading and I had them printed at - they're bright, thick and gorgeous! Who wants one?!

Cabin fever has turned us into the Partridge Family this winter. Ryan wrote a song for Mim and she and I both totally swoon when he sings it to her. He's also on an Avett Brothers kick, which I totally approve of. Mac, on the other hand, is really into some horrible redneck country song about trucking and mud that he discovered on some weird tractor video on YouTube. It reminds me of high school and I automatically taste Boone's Farm every time I hear it. 
So over this snow. Enough already. Although, the kids are awfully darn cute in their snow gear. 
Mim loves yogurt. And has phenomenal bed head.
This is my life...
Happy Friday! 
Hope you have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sunny Sunday

Not sure if it's been like this where you live, but the weather here in St. Louis has been absolutely insane this month! Clinically manic, mixed with some bipolar schizophrenia. We spent the first weekend in February outside enjoying the sunshine. By Sunday afternoon (when these photos were taken), the kids had shed their coats and were loving the warm weather. The next weekend (Valentine's Day weekend), it snowed 8 inches. The following weekend it was in the high 70s (4 days ago) and today it snowed again! WHAT IS GOING ON?!! 

Anyway, I can't think of too many topics that are any more boring than the weather (even crazy weather), so let's just move on to crazy kids. We seem to be going through a rough patch with our tiny terrible threenager who thinks he's the boss of everyone. This kid is having serious problems listening, not back-talking, being nice, sharing, using manners and not talking about poop. I think a lot of this behaviour is a combination of cabin fever, boredom and frustration with my husband's travel schedule, but it's been really hard on all of us. So many time-outs, so many lectures, so many threats and punishments and battles. Three is going to be the death of me. Luckily, the other tiny human in our lives is a total delight and the sweetest, happiest, funniest, most polite little nugget there ever was. She's totally my favorite child this week. 

We did manage to get out of the house a few weekends ago and enjoy some really nice weather with the neighborhood kids. I brought my camera along and annoyed both children with my incessant picture snapping and attempts to get them to interact with each other. I feel like it's been ages since I had a chance to take photos of them outside, so I probably overdid it a bit (1,200 photos in 2 hours is totally normal right?), thus resulting in the photo dump below. These warm and pretty days make me so excited for spring/summer. I also just booked our beach house for our annual Florida vacation this morning, so I'm totally high on sunshine and giddy with excitement. Is it May yet? 
If you happen to see some sunshine today, please send it our way!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Second Time

To My Second Child
You’re not my first; that much is true.
I loved another before loving you.
I’m a different mother this time around.
More calm and confident I’ve found.
With your brother, everything was new.
I was focused on his every move.
Each tiny smile was photographed.
I changed my ringtone to his laugh. 
Since you came, there’s a new dimension.
Two children now want my attention.
And sometimes you’re left in your chair,
Whilst I play with your brother over there.
 I cannot watch your every move.
Or, when you cry out, jump to soothe.
I don’t panic every time you sneeze,
And dash you off to A & E.
Your rattles and teds are hand-me-downs,
(And some toys may have lost their sounds.)
There’s less concern if your blanket’s scratchy,
And your baby book is a little patchy. 
I know what the next months have in store.
And each phase you reach, I’ve seen before.
This doesn’t mean I love you less.
This time the feeling’s more complex. 
I’m pleased to see you learn and grow,
But it also pulls my heartstrings so.
I was so excited first time ‘round.
This time I want to slow things down. 
Your ‘firsts’ will all be ‘lasts’ for me.
Last crawl and last to ride my knee.
Last nappy, breastfeed, spoon of mush.
Last rock-to-sleep, last cry to hush.
 You were not my firstborn this is true,
But the last child I will have is you.
You’re the last lullaby I’ll ever sing.
And ‘lasts’ are a special kind of thing.
*poem by Emma Robinson