Running from the Law: June 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mac's First Birthday Party

Remember last month when my little baby turned a year old and we threw him a big "Under the Sea" birthday party and then you never saw a single photo?  Yeah, sorry about that.  I finally made my way through the 900 (yes, I said NINE HUNDRED!!) photos I took that day and am can finally share them with you.  

Mac's birthday party was an absolute blast.  I thought that party went smashingly!  I think it was a combination of everyone having fun, beautiful weather and that feeling that all the hard work you put into something paid off and was well received.  Our little man had an absolute blast and loved being the center of attention.  From the minute he woke up from his nap and saw his grandparents there, he had a permanent smile on his face.  He loved the decorations and did that "O Face" with lots of pointing and awwww-ing over everything.  He loved playing with the other kids, eating the sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, catching fish and having everyone pay attention to him.  Best first birthday party ever!

Happy birthday, little dude!  

I hope you had a blast!

Mac's Outfit - So Abigail
Cupcake Toppers: SWEETandEDIBLE