Running from the Law: Week # 8

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week # 8

This week was all about trying to get back into the swing of things. I picked up my training again last Wednesday after a miserable two weeks off while sick. My first run was to be an easy 5 miler. With wind-chill temperatures around -10 degrees that morning, I opted for the treadmill in my toasty basement. Unfortunately, it was a struggle. I couldn’t believe how sluggish, tired and winded I was. I didn’t even make it the whole 5 miles. I became terrified that my hiatus had caused me to lose my base and all the conditioning I’d been working on. After some chatting with the ladies at RA I decided that perhaps it was just a bad day and I was still recovering from my illness. It was bound to get better…right?

Thursday’s 7 miler was a little better, but certainly not great. Freezing temperatures and an early morning meeting caused me to be back on the treadmill that evening. I took it nice and slow with a few walk breaks in between, but still felt tired and sluggish. I couldn’t believe it when I realized that my average pace was 11:40/mile. Talk about feeling slow and lethargic. Perhaps another "off-day"?

Friday I was up bright and early to catch a flight to Phoenix. I’ve been looking forward to SUNSHINE and warm weather for weeks. I couldn’t wait to run outside again without having to wear at least 4 layers of thermal gear. When we landed it was beautiful and sunny. The cab could not go fast enough! I practically sprinted to my hotel room to change and get out there. And it was GREAT! Sunny, warm, green, with a nice breeze. Although I still struggled to keep up the pace and had to take a number of walk breaks, it was wonderful to be back outside and warm! I took my time and enjoyed it.

I was really looking forward to a nice and warm long run early Saturday morning. That didn’t happen! Guess what…Phoenix can be pretty chilly…especially with a strong wind. I ran 10 miles, on an out-and-back course along the canal, which was pretty deserted and lonely. And again, I struggled the whole time with tiredness and getting winded. I just don’t think I’ve completely gotten over this illness yet. I took a water bottle, but ran out early on and really needed some Gatorade towards the middle of my run. And then, low and behold, a Gatorade aid station appeared out of no where! Labeled with signs for the Aztec Training group, I felt terrible using their Gatorade, but really needed it. I drank two little glasses and left them $5 under the jug, so I hope that was ok. Thank you Aztec Training!!

I finished my run and generally felt terrible. My throat was still sore and my head was congested. My quads were on fire and cramped up back at the hotel. I took a warm shower, a quick little nap and then ate enough food for 6 people at lunch!! Seriously, training for a marathon is NOT the way to lose weight!! My easy 4 miler on Sunday was a little better. At least it helped eliminate some of the soreness in my legs (for a while).

Otherwise, there’s not much going on in my non-running world. I’ve been very slow at work for last few weeks, which is a blessing and a curse. I’m REALLY looking forward to my birthday festivities! My birthday is Frday, and we've got all kinds of fun stuff planned this week: Blues game, dinner with Ryan, surprise event with the girls...I just can't wait!! I’m a little apprehensive about turning 29, but I love birthdays and I guess you can’t help but getting older if you want to keep having them. I’ll be running the St. Louis Track Club Frostbite Series 20k (12.4 miles) this Saturday, so I hope to have a race report afterwards. Our unseasonably warm weather will have disappeared by then and back to January coldness. This will be my longest run since September. Wish me luck!!

Weekly recap:
Wednesday: 4.6 miles
Thursday: 7.0
Friday: 6.2
Saturday: 10.2

Total: 28.0 miles

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sara!

    Don't sweat your running lethargy right now. Just getting back into the swing and it'll take a little while to feel like you have your running mojo back. You'll get there. You're doing great! Keep up the awesome work!

    ps - I linked your blog to mine so, hopefully you'll get some more donations in.