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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lucky Me!

I know it's a kind of preppy, but I've always wanted a monogram. It would be like having a logo of my new initials that I could slap on everything. So what better time for designing a monogram than a wedding! In my new obsession of all things wedding-related, I started noticing wedding monograms more and more. A wedding monogram should ideally represent the couple and perhaps even reflect aspects of the wedding (like color palette, theme or location). I think we have such a unique wedding theme for our Jackson Hole mountain wedding that I was really excited to do something with it.
However, as I mentioned in my post below, I have zero artistic ability - the extent of my skill would be me experimenting with different fonts in Word - not really all that cool. Luckily, there are about a million different websites out there that specialize in creating custom monograms. But where to even start? As most of you know, this wedding planning process has not been easy for a control-freak like me. Murphy's Law seems to rule and some days it feels like nothing will ever work out. However, in a rare and unexpected twist of fate, the stars aligned and something finally went right. I WON a free custom monogram from Lucky Designs for entering a contest on their blog, LuckyMe (which I stalk because it's so awesome). How cool is that?! Lucky me is right!

Check out the blog here:
Check out the shop here:

So, I was immediately contacted by Erin at LuckyDesigns about what I had in mind. I sent her all kinds of details about the wedding and a bunch of inspiration boards and pictures that I thought reflected the style of the wedding. Erin was fantastic! Within a few weeks I had 5 amazing monograms to pick from.

It was such a tough choice (I love that moose). But Ryan and I both fell in love with #3, the gorgeous "M" with the fly-fishing flies incorporated into it. We felt it was perfect for us! So, we went with that one and had Erin make a few minor modifications to it. And this is our final monogram!

Amazing! It was such a fun process to work with Erin on designing this. And because I also loved the fancy box around our names, but couldn't decide on whether it was too fancy or not, she gave me the file for both, so I have a choice! We've ordered a ton of notecards with this new monogram on it and expect to use it for years to come. Thank you SO much Erin and Lucky Designs!!

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