Running from the Law: Jackson and Prince

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jackson and Prince

Meet Jackson. 
Jackson belongs to my friends Kirsten and Jewell.
He's a six year old German Shepherd mix.
He might look tough, but he's a complete sweetheart.

A big softie with a heart of gold.
He's smart and funny and sweet.  All the right qualities.
Plus, he laughs at all my jokes!  Bonus points for Jackson!

This is Prince.
Prince is Jackson's little (although definitely not smaller) brother.

He's a 90 pound chocolate lab mix.  And absolutely gorgeous.
But watch out...
...he's got a killer tongue!
That tonge has a mind of its own!
It's out of control!
Ok, enough with the tongue!
Prince is mildly obsessed with the rope toy. 
He carries it around the yard with him at all times.
But it's no fun to play alone.  
Jackson joins in to show his little brother how it's done.
It's a faceoff.  Nose to nose.
And then they're off!
Back and forth. 
Around the table. 
Through the yard. 
Into the garden.
Prince gets the upper hand and Jackson is not happy.
Then back on an even playing field.
Prince bobs and weaves.  Up and down.
But big brother is too smart for that. 
Back to square one.
Nose to nose.
And they do it again.


  1. Those are great photos! And adorable dogs. =)

  2. Great shots of these cute doggies! Thank you for the kind words on my blog!! I am now a follower of your cute blog!

  3. What great pictures! And what great doggies!

  4. What great pictures!!! I really enjoyed this post. I'm such an animal lover!! :)

  5. So I tell Kirsten last night that I think these pictures of our boys are awesome and how come she doesn't take pictures of them this good......she was not please with that question...LOL!

  6. Oh wow! I big heart dog photos and these are great! Jackson looks just like my grandma's old ranch dog Babe.

  7. These are great pictures, the lighting captures so much of the beautiful features of each dog. What kind of camera do you have? :)