Running from the Law: Cody

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Meet Cody.
Is your heart melting yet?
Cody is my nephew that lives in Chicago.
He's absolutely stinking adorable.
He doesn't really stink.
He smells like puppy...and Louis Vuitton.
Cody loves this orange thing.
It's a cross between a dinosaur and a turtle.
We nicknamed it Dinoturtlesaurus Rex.
Cody was not impressed.
So we switched to a rawhide.
But chewing is exhausting.
Power nap.
This is my favorite pose - the "over the back of the couch so I can watch mom" position.
But guess what Cody, your mom left you home alone with your crazy Aunt Sara.
And her crazy camera.
After 2+ hours, Cody was getting a little fed up with the photo shoot.
Please stop!  Please can we just go outside?!
Yes we can Cody, but the camera comes too!
Why do you do this to me?
Please stop...this is so embarrassing.
We're out here in public, you crazy lady.  People can see us.
I'm not smiling, I'm not smiling, I'm not smiling.
Oh, a leaf!
Delicious!  And crunchy!
I'm still not smiling.
But being photogenic is exhausting.
Time for a nap with Uncle Ryan.
Find a good position.
Are you really still taking my picture, woman?
I'm tuning you out.
Sweet dreams, Cody...
...and Ryan...
... and Dinoturtlesaurus Rex.


  1. PRECIOUS! And he's got a little underbite just like my baby! I love when their widdle teefs stick out!

  2. Cody your soooo adorable! I love him!!!:)

  3. LOVE Cody! I am sure your sister is going to LOVE all these pictures! They're ALL frame worthy!! I LOOOVE your camera and must have it!!!!!

  4. Can you overdose on cuteness? Because I think I might have.

  5. Awww we had a golden retriever named Cody!

  6. Soooo sweet. Reminds me of my shit tzu Abbey.

  7. Oh my gosh I am loving all the puppy pics! Cody is a total cutie.

  8. Aww he's so cute. I wish we had a dog but we're just not home enough. He really IS looking at you like you're nuts in those 1st outdoor pics though. LOL

  9. So freaking adorable. You are quite the shutterbug, these pictures are awesome!

  10. What a fun post!! As a relatively new (4 months) doggy mama, I eat up all dog related posts. He is such a charmer!!

  11. Aw, Cody is adorable! He reminds me so much of my Morris. :) I just want to cuddle him!