Running from the Law: CeCe's Second Birthday Party

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CeCe's Second Birthday Party

Well, before I go to Gus's 3rd birthday party this weekend, I figured I better get his little sister CeCe's 2nd birthday party pictures posted.  CeCe's second birthday was a few weeks ago, and since that time her mom Claire has had TWO 2 year old.  TWO babies that were both TWO.  Yes, you read that correctly.  TWO.  (Yes, she deserves a mom of the year award). 

Mom extraordinaire made these incredible cake/brownie pops dipped in chocolate. 
I ate approximately 45 of them.
Remember that amazing cake from Alice's baby shower that Claire's sister made?  Well, she did it again.  How adorable is this pink piggy cake?!  And it was delicious, of course.
Miss Cecelia was dressed to the nines for her party. 
Personalized shirt, paired with a black/white tutu, giant pink
polka-dot hair bow, black/white polka dot ruffle leggings and patent leather Mary Janes. 
I'm telling you, this kid's got style
Love it.
Talk about adorable.
Seriously, could she get any cuter?
CeCe's also a chocoholic...a girl after my own heart.
She probably had more brownie pops than I did, and that's saying a lot.
CeCe's friend CoCo was also sporting an adorable outfit. 
That headband kills me.  I just want to eat her up!
This is CoCo's big sister Lucy. 
This child has the most amazing hair. 
I would kill for hair that color. 
And I finally got to meet baby Milly! 
She was just as gorgeous as I imagined she would be.
Alice was such a natural and beautiful new mom.
By the way Alice, your hair looks great!
Finally, it was time for cake!
(Isn't Claire's plate wall fantastic?!)
CeCe was hamming it up for the cameras.
The candle was lit...
The singing began...
And CeCe got embarrassed and hid under the table! 
This kid is not shy, so this was hilarious!
It took some coaxing from mom, but she finally came up to blow out the candle.
It took the whole family to get that candle out.
And the reward for suffering through that singing...cake!
And a big kiss from mom.
CeCe's cousin Nora was loving all the attention she was getting.
Cute as a button.
Post pig-out on pig-cake, it was time for the best of any birthday, the PRESENTS!
CeCe has impeccable taste and went straight for my gift to her.
She's very smart.
I gave her that tiny baby jean jacket and that gorgeous little blue dress, with cherries on it.
I die. 
I cannot wait to see her in it - she's going to totally rock it.
Eat your heart out Rachel Zoe.
Opening gifts quickly turned into a group event. 
We all got to pitch in and help.
Although CoCo was much more interested in eating the gifts, than opening them.
CeCe was great with sharing everything with her friends...for about 2 minutes.
This laptop was a huge hit.
Claire said she slept with it that night.
And of course, she needed some more Dora gear.
But not everyone was interested in the gifts, Elise was much more content to kick back and relax with a brownie pop and watch the action.
We all thought she was a genius.
Claire's sister Kathryn (aka, cake-maker, Nora's mom, Aunt Pretty) also made this amazing superhero cape for CeCe.  It was lavender satin with a big "C" on the back. 
CeCe LOVED it.
Other gifts she loved included this sequined, sparkle, poodle-shaped purse.
(I told you this kid's got style.)
And a bucket full of lip gloss. 
It was hard for her to open any more gifts after this because she refused to put down the Lip Smackers.
Such a diva!
She also got this awesome salon chair so she can do her baby doll's hair and make-up. 
Every girl needs one of these.
This baby has no hair, but that didn't stop CeCe!
CeCe thought maybe Grandma and Aunt Pretty wanted to help.
Eventually Nora showed her how it was done.

Happy birthday CeCe!
It was an awesome party! 
Can't wait until Sunday when we get to do it again!


  1. I want a teeny tiny jean jacket and a blue dress with cherries!!! Why doesn't that come in my size? I would look so cute!

  2. I kind of wish this weekend invovled more lip gloss and ruffles and less dinosaurs. Can't wait to see you. The birthday boy told me no less than one million times that "Silly Miss Sara" is coming to HIS birthday party. You are a total cougar.

  3. I cannot stand all the cuteness. Cute overload. And the outfit you got her - love it!

  4. Annnddd, I want a cake pop. And a pig cake.

  5. The family cake photos are amazing. I love that you captured these moments Sara!!

  6. Wow...the party looks amazing. I love the piggy cake!

  7. Those pictures are great - she is such an adorable little girl! I wish it was appropriate for me to wear a tulle tutu on my birthday.