Running from the Law: Baby Mac - Months 9 and 10

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Mac - Months 9 and 10

Dear Baby Mac,

I'm going to start this post off with the obligatory "HOW IS MY BABY POSSIBLY TEN MONTHS OLD?!" exclamation and move right into the "MY BABY IS AMAZING!!" statement.  Because that's just are AMAZING!  Every month brings new tricks and new talents.  You get bigger and stronger, smarter and funnier.  And every month I am again amazed...not only at how incredible you are, but at how my little heart can possibly be big enough to hold all the love I feel for you.  I am so honored that I get to spend my days with you...that I get to teach you and love you...that I get to be your mama.  I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful child, but I promise I will do everything in my power to protect you, to encourage you, to make sure you are happy and healthy and safe.

I guess the biggest change over the last couple months has been your language comprehension.  You understand words now!  It's amazing to be able to talk to you and watch you understand what I say.  When we say hi or good-bye, you know to wave.  When we say YAY, you know to clap.  When I say turn off the lights, you flip the switch off.  When we're in the tub and I say kick or splash, you go at it!  You pick up on things so quickly these days - it's just incredible.  You're still only saying "Dada" as far as words go, but I think you're really close to saying "cat."  Any time I attempt to get you to say "mama," you just  say "DADA" as loud as you can and laugh.  Yeah, I know, that's funny.  Poor mama gets no love.

You are also a mover!  Nothing stops you these days.  Your favorite toy is your push walker and you walk EVERYWHERE!  Your daddy calls it "mowing the lawn" because you look like a little drunk man, pushing a mower!  We took you and the walker outside last week and you walked down the entire street!  You could go as fast as you wanted and there wasn't anything to run into - you loved it!  You also cruise from object to object in the house.  I haven't seen you take a step on your own yet, but you're so close.  Right now you still like having the comfort of holding onto something.  My prediction is that you're walking by the middle of April and running by May.  I'm still in shock.

You're getting much better about your car seat (finally).  I think you've figured out that getting in the car seat means we're leaving and going somewhere fun.  And everywhere is fun for you these days.  You get bored cooped up in the house for very long, so you need to be out and about.  You love going to the grocery store and riding in the cart.  You love Kindermusik class and your Little Gym class.  You love playdates and going to the Zoo on warm days.  You love going to your grandparents for the day and going on walks in the park with them.  Everything is an adventure!  You are happiest when you're outside - your whole face lights up and you squeal with delight.  I can't wait until the weather is warmer so we can hang out in the front yard and play.

You are still such a great eater.  You've really started consuming foods this month, as opposed to just tasting them.  You're definitely a meat and potatoes kind of kid.  You love steak, rotisserie chicken, burgers, salmon and fish nuggets.  And just like your dad, you love mashed potatoes and pasta.  You're still a big yogurt fan and can put away an entire container of Greek yogurt like it's your business.  This month you discovered black beans and eggs, both of which you can't get enough of, but they give you horrible gas!  And you went on a big blueberry kick this past month.  We had multiple days of blue poop!

I know everyone says that their baby has the best personality, but I swear your's is top notch!  You are such a happy and funny kid.  You love laughing at the dogs and at daddy.  And if you don't find something as funny as we do, you fake laugh, which cracks us up.  You've got the biggest smile and your four front teeth couldn't be any cuter.  You're getting a little bit more independent, but you still demand attention most of the time.  You love to be held and now you point to what you want and expect us to take you there.  You're very demanding for such a little thing!  You are so curious and want to explore everything.  You have super "grabby hands" and latch onto anything within reaching distance.  Nothing is safe!  You pull things off the counters/table, you swipe all the magnets off the fridge, you grab a hold of doors/walls/shades/curtains when we walk by and you have to touch everything we pass.  God forbid we walk by a plant without letting you touch all the leaves.  You most certainly are spoiled beyond belief.

And much to my absolute pleasure, you are a bit of a mama's boy right now.  I love that.  There's no place you'd rather be right now than in my arms and I cherish every single second of it.  Sometimes I'd love to be able to put you down, but I know you'll be running around and doing your own thing soon enough, so I try to get in as many snuggles and hugs as I can.  You are just so lovey right now.  You give the most amazing slobbery kisses and when you put your head down in the crook of my neck, it takes my breath away.  I couldn't even begin to count how many times a day I kiss you.  Probably millions.  And that's still not enough.

Sleep is the one area that we could really use some improvement.  Some nights you'll sleep through the night - 12 straight hours!  It's magic.  And then the next night you'll wake up in the middle of the night and be awake and screaming for 3 solid hours.  We don't get it.  We've been pretty easy on you lately because you've been sick, but something's got to change eventually.  Unfortunately, we really don't have a clue what we're doing in the sleep department for you.  Crying it out doesn't work any more - you are SO determined and persistent (I think you get this from me).  You just get louder and madder and there is NO self-soothing or calming down.  Lately you've been crying so hard you throw up.  So, that doesn't work.  I'd love to be able to bring you into our room and snuggle in bed with you, but you get too excited in our room because the cat and dogs are in there (and your dad) that you end up squealing and clapping and wanting to play.  Fail.  One of these days we'll get you figured out. We're learning how to be parents, just like you're learning how to be a kid.  We'll get better.  I promise you'll be able to sleep through the night before you go to college, ok?

Little dude, you are the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.  I thank my lucky stars every single day for  getting the opportunity to be your mama.  You bring so much joy and laughter to my life.  You teach me things every day.  I never knew I could love something so much.

- eating the mail
- climbing in the dishwasher
- playing in the dog water bowl
- turning the lights on/off
- clapping
- waving
- patty cake
- peek-a-boo
- farting
- chasing the cat
- drumming (on everything)
- riding in the shopping cart at the grocery store
- balloons
- phones
- throwing things
- walking
- music
- cardboard boxes
- plastic bags
- food
- being on daddy's shoulders
- splashing in the bath
- outside
- blowing the duck call

- getting your diaper changed
- wiping your nose
- when mommy/daddy leave for work
- bedtime
- naptime
- not getting exactly what you want at the second you want it (you totally get this from me)
- snot sucking


  1. So sweet. And his like include farting? What a man. Love him!

  2. He's getting so big!! Max just started saying Mama so hang in there, you have a few more months, maybe! He only says it when he's crying though lol. I guess I'll take it as he wants me to hold him when he's sad.

  3. I love him! and I love that he still lives in in his sleep 'n plays! Mine does too :)

  4. Awww I just LOVE reading about how Mac is doing! He is so sweet and sounds like he has a great personality! Can't wait for E to start saying words...mama or dada will work! And love that he's moving around too!! E is so close to crawling...can't imagine that he could possibly be cruising in a month or so!

  5. So cute. I'm guessing the screaming in the middle of the night is new teeth. Have you tried giving him some ibuprofen or tylenol? That usually works for us. I think you're right that he'll be walking soon!

  6. He is so awesome! He'll be jabbering away and running before you know it. :D

  7. Not getting what you want the moment you want it--oh my goodness, it kills me how much he is so totally your kid. Probably why I love him so much. Can't wait to see your pretty face on FaceTime tonight!!


  8. These photos are just darling! What a little cutie you have!

  9. he's so stinkin' cute! and I'm so jealous that you guys have a Little Gym...I would love to have something like that, unfortunately Springfield apparently isn't big enough to support one.

  10. Love him, love this age, and HATE the fluctuations in sleep. But of course, it's kind of always up and down with kids' sleep, I've come to realize. Ah, sleep---I miss you.

  11. "Blue Poop" made me snort my Crystal Light. ;)

  12. Almost walking already?! Time flies way too fast. I think we need video of your little old drunk man mowing the lawn!
    You write these so well, they are always so touching. Going to make a fantastic memory book to look back on.

  13. Happy 10 months to your sweet little guy! He's just a doll. Enjoy this time as it will go by. Around 10 months was one of my favorite times! :)

  14. Love your blog and love Momma's boys!!! New follower!