Running from the Law: Life Lately (according to my iPhone)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Lately (according to my iPhone)

  • Someone's been spending a lot of time at the splash parks and in the front yard with the hose.  Hours of entertainment.  Our yard has never been more lush.  We officially have a water baby!  
  • He's now putting food on his spoon and feeding himself.  I think he's a genius.  
  • He's really into pushing things around - his wagon, the stroller, his little lawnmower, the high chair, the coffee table, kitchen stools, the water table.  Anything that can move (whether it should or not).
  • He can say "ball" plain as day.  Otherwise, not too many words (or at least English words, although there's a ton of jibber jabber).
  • He's madly in love with our animals.  He gives them hugs and kisses (until they can't take it and run away).  He lays down on Sage and uses her as a pillow.  
  • He's an excellent finger painter, when he's not trying to eat the paint.
  • He loves his sunglasses, but won't wear them for more than a few seconds. He takes them off and puts them back on over and over and over. 
  • Sticks, rocks, mud and sand are the most fascinating things in the world. I'm pretty sure he pooped out some mulch the other day.  Oops. 
  • He's recently discovered jumping on the bed.  We hold hands and jump until we fall down and then crack up.  
  • He's obsessed with the little girls that live across the street.  He follows them everywhere they go and just watches them with amazement. 

We love summer.  Life is good.  


  1. LOVE his little tongue sticking out in the picture with his tricycle!

    And we have yet to jump on the bed or play with the hose...we need to do both of those things because Elyse would love them!

    And maybe I'll do them without her daddy in attendance, I'm currently the mean one and she's become a bit of a daddy's girl--I think these two things might give me a leg up! ha!

  2. It looks like you guys are having a great summer!

  3. Ha, he loves the little girls!! Too cute. Love all your pictures. Looks like it will be a great summer!

  4. Looks like lots of FUN...he's so dang cute in all of the pics:)

  5. He's so cute! Love all the pictures playing in the water. :)

  6. Such a smart little man. When did you start finger painting with him?? I would love to do that with Colton!

  7. what a sweetie! looks like your days are filled with lots of fun and smiles!

  8. Oh my gosh what a cutie patootie!!!
    Love this collage :)

  9. Such a sweetie pie! Goodness. Love a summer baby!