Running from the Law: Wednesday Walktails

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Walktails

Does anyone else feel like Wednesdays are the looooooongest day of the week.  I know the camel is all excited about Hump Day and all, but I feel like Wednesdays drag on FOR-EV-ERRRR.  You're three days into the week, but it still seems so damn far from the weekend.  By Wednesday I've usually already blown my diet for the whole week, given up trying to fit in a workout and relegated myself into that "just do whatever you can to survive the rest of the week" frame of mind.  I read somewhere that Wednesdays are the middle finger of the work week.  Yeah.  Exactly.

Wednesdays are also usually the day that my husband has after-work meetings for the charity he's involved with, which means that I have Mac all to myself in the evening.  While I love my undivided Mac-time, it's definitely not easy being the only one at home during dinner, bath and bedtime.  Seriously, how does one tiny child have the ability to totally exhaust two adults in an incredibly short amount of time?  It is hard keeping up with him!  We call him the Macnado or Hurricane Mac, leaving a path of destruction behind him everywhere he goes.  The safest place (for both our home and my sanity) is usually the front yard, where we can play with the sprinkler, the wagon, the Cozy Coupe, the trike or the water table (or all of the above in a matter of minutes).  

We usually end up in the little red wagon.  Mac's obsessed right now with the seat belt in the wagon.  He wants to snap and unsnap it over and over and over and over.  I don't know why that is so interesting to him, but whatever.  I just roll with it - it's his world, I'm just living it in.  While he's busy with the seat belt, I'm usually dragging the wagon up and down our street.  We stop to wave and say hi to all the neighborhood kids.  We stop and pick up sticks and rocks.  We stop to check the bird nest at the neighbor's house and see the mama dove.  We chase squirrels.  We pet all the dogs on the block.  We hop like the bunnies down the street.  I love it. It's our time to unwind together after a long day and rediscover our quiet little street.  We're really lucky to live at the end of a cul-de-sac, on a quiet street full of kids.  We're never going to move. 

The best part is spending time with Mac, of course, but it never hurts to have a "walktail" in hand for this little adventure.  I mean, it's 5:00 somewhere...and somewhere is right HERE, right NOW.  Ryan and I are both big fans of the walktail.  We got the idea from some neighbors who told us they never leave the house without one!  (We have the best neighbors).  Basically it's happy hour on the move, little one in tow.  

At the moment, my favorite "walktail" is a combination of Ice Mountain® sparkling water and cucumber vodka.  YUM.  I became obsessed with sparkling water while I was pregnant and still have a thing for the bubbles.  Ice Mountain® Sparkling Natural/Mountain Spring Water is comprised of just three natural ingredients—spring water, natural fruit essence, and bubbles! And, with no sugar or calories, Ice Mountain® Sparkling Natural/Mountain Spring Water is a good alternative to soda.  And cucumber vodka...hello, where have you been all my life?  I love this combo - so light and refreshing and perfect for those hot summer nights where you're dragging a giant red wagon and a 25 lb toddler all over the freaking neighborhood.   I'm convinced this is why the little red wagon and Cozy Coupe have cup holders!!  

Cucumber Lime Fizz:
- cucumber flavored vodka 
- sliced cucumber (and/or squeezed lime)
- ice 
- (if you want to get really wild, add some fresh basil or mint - mind blown)

Anyone else a fan of the walktail?

What do you do to get through that mid-week slump?  

Every Wednesday, Ice Mountain® is sharing some of their favorite ways to feel good and escape the midweek hump.   Head over to their Facebook page to have a feel good moment and share your own.

**Thanks to Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring®, Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today's discussion.


  1. After Monday and Tuesday, Even the calendar says WTF. :-)

    We go on a walk almost everyday and I have never thought to do a walktail! Great idea... I have 2 cupholders on the stroller afterall. We also have been spending lots of time outside since the weather has been amazing. Lately, when my husband gets home and grabs himself a beer, he grabs me one too. Which is always welcome :-)

    Monday and Wednesday are my two days at the gym> I have a sitter scheduled and i almost never skip it, because I really need to workout, especially since Mondays and Wednesdays are usually sucky!

  2. Our neighborhood sounds a lot like yours and yes the walktails are very popular here! You should see what people come up with on Halloween :) That drink sounds super yummy!

    As for the evening shift solo -- I do that 4-5days a week every week - my husband travels for work literally 48 weeks a year. It's not easy but a routine and planning ahead help. Like I try to only have to actually cook 2 nights and have freezer meals or left overs the other nights. Some days we just skip a bath if it's been too much. And some days when it's 100 degrees outside that's the time of day the baby TV comes on! Not that she sits still but it's enough to distract her. Hang in there tonight - I'll send happy thoughts your way!

  3. OMG! A walk-tail!!! That is fantastic!

  4. As soon as this little one is born we will be proudly bringing your tradition of "Walk-tails" to our little cul-de-sac in Texas! Simply Brilliant!

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  6. I always wake up on Wednesday mornings thinking it's Thursday or Friday then get super bummed when I realize it's only halfway through the week. So I feel ya sister! I love that you get to go on walks. There are no sidewalks near us and a busy road so I'd have to load up the car and head to the pond in town and by the evenings I just say "Forget that"! But next time I DO go walking, I've GOT to bring this drink with me. OR at least try it at home! It looks amazing!

  7. How have we not thought of the walktail already? We are outside, every night, for at LEAST an hour, before the bath/bed routine. Obviously I'm stealing this idea and incorporating it tonight.

  8. We have all the above modes of transportation in our garage plus two strollers. It cracks me up that one toddler can choose to ride in multiple strollers, a wagon, a cozy coupe or a trike. Insane, really.

  9. At least your kid is obsessed with something INSIDE his wagon...mine is obsessed with trying to grab the wheels on the OUTSIDE of his car! Makes me nuts! But like you say, it's his world, I'm just living in it! :)

    And I will have to tell my husband about your walktail...he never comes outside without a beer in hand, so I'm sure he will love this idea.

  10. A "walktail"...I LOVE IT. I always grab one and am not even one bit ashamed of it...Cam gets to relax while we push him around, so why should I be able to? Mine is usually just a beer in a coffee mug, but I'm not complaining. I DO love cucumber vodka, though, so I may have to try this one! Last night, we muddled blueberries and basil, added vodka and raspberry seltzer....YUMMO!!

  11. We always have our walktails when we go on walks! Although the cup holder by the handle for adults on Max's car isn't very mocktail friendly. It ALWAYS spills out. We have a very hilly neighborhood so it's expected and goes down faster in hand anyway.

  12. I love the idea of a walktail! And that recipe sounds really good.

  13. Hahah, this reminds me of my husband's parents, who are from North Carolina and I remember we always did something revolving around a cocktail! Love "walktail!" I'll send that term their way ;)

    I may have to add it to our adventure walk!