Running from the Law: Wendy's #6SecondsFlat

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wendy's #6SecondsFlat

Maybe it's the nerd in me (or maybe I should have gone into marketing or something), but I think it's fun to see how companies are using social media in new and creative ways.  To me, Twitter has always been a very "business-friendly" space, whereas Instagram has really always felt much more personal.  Maybe it's because you can't really link to websites on IG?  Or maybe because so many more companies are on Twitter?  Who knows.  So when I was contacted by Wendy's about helping get the word out about their #6SecondsFlat campaign on Instagram via video, I was intrigued.  

The premise of the campaign is to record a 6-15 second video telling Wendy's what you think of their new flatbread sandwiches.  Then post it on Instagram or Vine, tag Wendy's, use the proper hashtags (#6SecondsFlat) and you could win $6,000.  They are hand-picking their favorite videos to be featured on their website.  However, the winners of the $$ will be chosen at random (meaning your video doesn't even have to be good to win (hallelujah!)).    
First, I love Wendy's because I have a big ole' soft spot in my heart for the Dave Thomas Foundation, which helps foster kids get adopted by forever families.  I worked a little bit with this foundation when I was a junior board member at a local charity that helped families adopt foster children.  It's a really great foundation and has done a lot to promote adoption-friendly workplaces and enact legislation making it easier for families to adopt.  Did you know that Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's was adopted?  
Second, I love Instagram and the new video feature and was really curious to see what people came up with.   Some of the first few videos I saw were pretty good and clever.  Some, not so much.  My video (which you can watch here) was rather terrible and falls into the very bad category.  Mac (or his voice) makes a unintentional cameo in the video - you can hear him screaming in the background and pounding on the back door while I sat outside at the picnic table and took video of my food (such a blogger).  Yet, videographer I am not.  I think I'll stick with my camera in "picture" mode.
Third, the Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Flatbread only has 370 calories, which is less than some of the crappy frozen "lean" meals I've been eating these days that taste like cardboard.  I am determined to lose the rest of this baby weight before getting knocked up again, so this was music to my ears.  We don't eat fast food very often (although I love it and wish I could eat it more), it was nice to find a fast food sandwich that was good and lighter than most.  Bonus points that it was actually really good.  So good I've even been back and picked up another one.  Next time I order it I'm asking for extra honey mustard to dip it in though - I'm just not sure you can ever have too much honey mustard.  
So, who does't want to win $6,000 for eating a freaking sandwich?  
I mean, it's like the easiest thing ever to post a quick video on IG, so why not.  
Go HERE to check out some of the best videos.
If you want to submit your own, make sure to tag @Wendy's and use the hashtags 
#6SecondsFlat and #RFTL6.  

Good luck!
(If you win, will you buy me a Frosty?)

**Thanks to Wendy's for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to try the Smoked Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Flatbread Sandwich.


  1. I freaking love Wendy's flatbread sandwiches and then my local Wendy's stopped serving them. I was devastated. I am so excited to hear they are bringing them back!!!

  2. And now I know what I'm going to get for lunch, thanks!

  3. That looks good! I have to admit we have been eating so much fast food lately- it's so bad but it's so easy! I hope you win the 6k!