Running from the Law: The Greek Yogurt #TasteOff

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Greek Yogurt #TasteOff

Do you guys remember all those blind taste test commercials from back in the 80's (I am really dating myself right now)?  The ones where they'd blindfold grocery store customers and make them choose between Prego and Ragu? Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?  Hellmann's or Miracle Whip?  I always wanted to be on one of those commercials to see which item I would choose.  I don't think I have a super discerning palate, but I know what I like (real mayo and Diet Coke) and go for taste over any particular brand loyalty.  So, I was really excited when I was contacted by Yoplait about trying two types of Greek yogurt and doing my own little taste test.  

Yoplait Greek Blueberry vs. Chobani Greek Blueberry 
Bring on the challenge!  

Greek yogurt is a staple at our house.  Mac loves it and it's a great way to get extra protein and probiotics in him.  I grew up eating Yoplait regular yogurt (all those amazing flavors) but over the last couple years, I've switched to Greek yogurt and haven't looked back.  I have to admit we're big Chobani fans in our house (well, I am and I'm the one that does the shopping).  Their Greek yogurt is so thick and creamy, it's like it shouldn't be healthy.  I'll still have Yoplait occasionally, but since they haven't had a Greek variety available (until NOW!), they've kind of fallen off my radar.  
Yoplait just launched their new Greek yogurts and they are challenging all of us yogurt-lovers to try their product and see how it holds up against Chobani.  They claim that 2 out of 3 people like theirs better.  Ohhh...them are fightin' words!  Tough competition.  So last night, we finally had the opportunity to try both brands, side-by-side, to see which one we preferred.  The results may surprise you...

Here's what we thought of the two:


Actually, this result probably won't surprise you.  Mac picked Yoplait, hands down.  He can't really talk, so I can't articulate his reasoning for his choice, but if I had to guess it's because it's a bit sweeter and has a smoother (less chunky) texture.  Or it could be because the Yoplait is more purple and purple is his favorite color.  Who knows.  Since I also thought it was sweeter, I assumed that Yoplait must have more sugar.  But I checked the labels and Yoplait actually has less sugar (18g for Yoplait and 20g for Chobani).  That's awesome.  The Chobani does have more protein though, (14g, compared to Yoplait's 11g) and more calcium (20%, compared to Yoplait's 10%).

Ryan liked the Chobani better.  He doesn't have quite the sweet-tooth that Mac and I do and he doesn't really care about smoothness or textures or anything (such a dude).  He liked the bigger chunks of fruit in the Chobani and claimed that he really liked stirring the fruit from the bottom into the yogurt (ok...).

I fully expected to like the Chobani yogurt more, too.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture of the Yoplait.  They're both really creamy, which is what I originally loved about Chobani, but the Yoplait was much smoother.  I think the Chobani has a more "authentic" Greek yogurt taste, if you know what I mean (super thick, slightly sour and tangy), which I like, so I was surprised that the sweeter one was that good.  I have to admit that I REALLY liked that the fruit in the Yoplait was pre-blended.  I tend to think the fruit on the bottom can make the yogurt look kinda gross and slimy sometimes.  As soon as I opened the containers, the Yoplait was immediately more appealing than the watery Chobani (see below).  After it's stirred, it's totally fine, but that's just my two cents.

So, surprisingly, my winner is...

I guess they were right when they claimed 2 out of 3 would pick Yoplait. Who knew?

If you're interested in doing your own Greek Yogurt #TasteOff (or just because you love me), PLEASE  click HERE to get more information (or a FREE taste-off kit that includes a gift card for two cups of Greek yogurt).  
** This post was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best Greek yogurt was determined by yours truly (and Mac and Ryan).  I was allowed to express my honest opinion of both products, regardless of the outcome.  


  1. Hah! Robert likes stirring the fruit up from the bottom too. Go figure.

  2. ha. i love this!! it makes me want to taste test all sorts of other things too!

  3. I picked up the yogurts too (was going to participate but recently blogged how we give A chobani champions) and also love that it was pre-blended! A feeds herself so I dont mix up the fruit before she gets it it's a total mess and half goes wasted.

  4. I hope this leads to a life of a professional taste tester - would that be the best job or what?! Also, I love Greek Yogurt and don't know if I'd be able to make a choice!

  5. So, would you think Yoplait would be a good transition from regular yogurts to greek yogurt? I tried Chobani with my toddler and she didn't like it.

  6. Why don't they do taste tests anymore, I loved doing those things.

  7. Yoplait was our winner too! Love how you did the photos with the pros and cons.

  8. I haven't been a big fan of Greek yogurt, but I do like the Yoplait regular ones. Maybe I need to try the Greek version again!