Running from the Law: Little Tigers

Monday, November 17, 2014

Little Tigers

In honor of my alma mater being in FIRST PLACE in the SEC East (what?!), I figured it was about time we showed some Mizzou Tiger spirit around these parts.  

I took these photos a few weeks (months?) ago, so forgive me for just now getting around to posting them. Life of a momma of two is busy!  Also, how is it already mid-November?  And snowing!  
Anyway, time is flying and since these photos were taken, Mac had another haircut and looks at least 8 years old.  Mim has since doubled in size and is growing some serious thigh rolls and a finally getting a neck.  
We're so proud.  

She's still totally bald though.  I love me some fat bald buddha baby. 
Taking photos of two kids together is proving to be much more of a challenge that I expected.  I don't know how "real" photographers ever manage to get sibling shots with both kids looking in the same direction, yet alone smiling.  It took me twenty minutes and 135 Skittles just to convince Mac to put on the shirt, yet alone sit for a photo and hold the baby he despises. 
Once he was hyped up on sugar (and knew he had the upper hand), he refused to look at me, refused to hold Mim, refused to smile and refused to sit still.  What should have been a 5 minute photo shoot turned into a full-on toddler wrestling match.  I basically had to strap him down and just throw Skittles in his mouth.

Toddlers are SO much fun.
But then the stars align and you get ONE shot that just melts your heart. One shot where they're both looking at the camera, not screaming or spitting up, not falling over or running away.
Totally worth that inevitable sugar crash to come.
Even if the baby is falling over and licking her arm.  Whatever. 
Speaking of sugar high...yep.
This is Mac showing me how big and strong football players are.  
And this is how tall you have to be to be a football player.
And you have to be LOOOOOOUUUDDDD!!!
(Actually, I think he was just yelling at me for more Skittles.)
How you do say no to this face?
(Seriously, if someone knows, please fill me in,)
Or this face?!  
Those blue eyes and the chubby cheeks.  I could eat her up.
Could they possibly be any cuter?

Is he GQ or what?
Toddler Ryan Gosling.
Hey girl...
Anyway, what the hell was my point?
Oh right.  
Go Tigers!


  1. These are the two cutest Mizzou Tigers I've ever seen!! (One of my babies just started Mizzou this fall and she LOVES it! It looks like a fun place to go to school!!)

  2. LOVE this! They are so stinkin' precious...and while I love Mim's adorable petite features, I can't hardly stand all of Mac's facial expressions! It's obvious he has NO personality!

  3. I like be seeing little ones in jerseys!!! Mac & Mim are just looking more & more similar! So adorable.

  4. Even though you're a Cardinals fan and I'm a Royals fan, I'm glad that we can both agree to be MIZZOU fans!! Go Tigers!

  5. Those pictures of them laying next to each other are priceless!!! So sweet!!!

  6. This is way too cute!!! You make cute babies!!

  7. These pics are adorable. Love them! xo

  8. Great shots!! I LOVE that one of Mac showing how strong football players are! So cute!!!

  9. Wonderful pictures, girlie. You have some cute lil models to work with. :)

    Mandie ~

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously cuteness overload right now! I love all the pictures, especially Toddler Ryan Gosling/GQ, and love the commentary! Because... that's pretty much how I bribe Mason to sit still too!

  11. Yeah I have no idea how anybody gets any pictures of two toddlers. It is challenging enough with one. Stubborn they are. I love that you just kept tossing him skittles haha. That one shot you did get though is lovely! Baby arm licking and all. Love the Ryan Gosling comparison too, nailed it.

  12. Very impressive. Sounds about right with trying to get a photo of 2 together looking. I am not brave enough for Max to hold Colette. Mac did very well! I think he looks like your husband in these pics

  13. Hehe, toddler Ryan Gosling! :) They are too cute in their football getup...and you got some cute shots!!

  14. Bahaha! I'm basically chucking sum sums when it comes to photo sessions - and that's for just one little monster. I can't even imagine the craziness that ensues when a second little being enters the picture. At any rate, you got some awesome, heart-melting, adorable shots!

  15. Gosh they are both equally gorgeous!! I love dressing Elliot in my college team!! :)

  16. I love these photos so much! They are great together and I love seeing minis rock the college gear! woohoo! I might have to just steal this idea :)