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Monday, January 5, 2015



Oh, the weather outside is frightful...  For real, like 3 degrees frightful.  BRRRRRRRRRRRR.  That kind of ridiculously cold temperature, plus a bit of post-holiday hangover, no snow, lack of sleep and a ton of work to be done both at home and at the office has me in a bit of a January funk.  Nevermind that my birthday is this weekend.  For the first time in a while, I'm not really excited about it.  Yes, I know that age is just a number and I don't necessarily feel that old, but this is a big number.  One that should automatically make me an official grown-up, which despite being an attorney and mother of two, I don't feel like I am yet.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Do you all still kinda feel like you're playing dress up/house in your own job or home?  Or am I just a weirdo?  (don't answer that)

Anyway.  Here's a little update on what's going on around these parts.

Making :: A lot of pretend birthday cakes with Mac in his play kitchen. It’s pretty adorable, but he’s not that good at sharing (even pretend sweets).  Perhaps he’s just trying to save me from all those pretend calories.
Drinking :: So. Much. Coffee. Mim’s decided that she no longer needs to sleep at night.  And neither do we, apparently.  We need to work on “making good choices” with her.  4:00 a.m. wake-ups are not a good choice, Mimsy.

Reading :: Nothing!  Because who has time for that?!

Planning :: Mim’s baptism.  God bless her soul (or hopefully he will sometime in the next few months).

Wanting :: A five-hour nap.  And a foot massage.  And a chocolate cream pie.

Looking :: A bit like a butch poodle today.  I curled my hair (poorly) and thought a flannel shirt was cute/casual.  Uh, no.

Playing :: Lots of podcasts these days.  Favorites include Serial (obv), The Longest Shortest Time, Startup, This American Life, Criminal, Freakanomics and Mom & Dad are Fighting.

Wishing :: My “To Do” list would just magically complete itself.  Are there such a thing as Chore Fairies?  

Enjoying :: My last few days being 35.  Ugh.  

Missing :: A particular friend that’s been on my mind a lot lately.  I really need to work on being a better friend. 

Waiting :: To get the flu.  Everyone has the flu and it feels like an inevitable plague that we know is coming and can do nothing about.  So much hand washing and Germ-X. 

Wasting :: Lots of time thinking and worrying about getting the flu.  

Wondering :: If my child will ever not have a two-plus hour long meltdown on days he goes to nursery school.  He does great once he’s there, but the crying and begging me to let him stay home (along with all the tears and the “please”s) nearly kills me.

Bookmarking :: THIS article, and THIS article and THIS post.  For someday when I have more any time to read. 

Loving :: This little black dress from my girls at Buckley K.  I’m wearing it to my fancy birthday dinner date-night with the hubby this weekend.  More photos of the dress (and a discount code for you!!) coming soon to the blog.

Marvelling :: At just how beautiful my kids are.  I know every parent feels this way, but damn these kiddos are cute!   

Needing :: About six to eight more hours in every day to get things done.    

Noticing :: That I can’t even remember the last time I had a dream at night.  Maybe not since I was pregnant with Mac.  Does being a mom mean that I sleep so lightly now that I don’t dream? 

Worrying :: Still about the fucking flu!  Perhaps THIS is why.

Feeling :: Like everyone is pregnant and I kind of want to be too.  (I did not just say that.)
Thinking :: That I've lost my damn mind. 


  1. You have to read the Atlantic article by the former RBG clerk. It's excellent. Current favorite podcast: Call Your Girlfriend. I am also needing much more sleep as I've maxed out on allowable coffee while breastfeeding. It's like the worst catch-22. Up at night because I'm breastfeeding and thus so sleepy and thus need lots of coffee but can't have that much coffee because I'm breastfeeding. And yeah, you're crazy. ;)

  2. I love these posts! I'm in Serial withdrawal... We've all had the stomach flu so it can't possibly plague us again right? And I say hell yes to baby McCarty #3!

  3. I love this!! I am worried about the flu too.... And now I want some chocolate pie. Happy weekend and I hope you get a nap!

  4. Startup and The Longest Shortest Time have been on my playlist in the last couple of weeks too... addicted! So much good stuff to listen to. Sorry you are not getting sleep! We finally had to do some sleep training this month for little Jack and luckily it really helped.

  5. When you said a big birthday I thought you were turning 30! I think your math may be off the "enjoying" one ;). I am so so tired too. I've had more coffee this week than probably the past year. These babes need to get the sleep memo. I want to read again too! Although then it consumes me and I just have to finish the book and stay up to all hours to do so which would inhibit any sleep that could possibly happen.

  6. Love this!! Definitely in a January funk over here... So much to do, stomach flu took the little guy out on Friday and PRAYING it doesn't get anyone else, especially Homegirl. Anyway, doing what we can. Hope you can let it all go for a little bit and enjoy your birthday!! :)

  7. I've been trying to listen to more podcasts also! We just finished Serial on our roadtrip to Cincy before Christmas.

  8. Oh I would love to be able to read.... Apparently there are moms out there who do this task. I'm soooooo paranoid about the flu too. I cringe every time I hear someone sniffle or cough. I also don't believe this is the first time you've had the fluttering thought of McCarty baby 3. ;)

  9. Tell me more about these podcasts.... I've heard so many people mention them, especially the Serial one, but I don't know first of all, where to find them and second of all, what it's about.
    Also, I must live under a rock because I literally think EVERYONE else knows about them!
    Oh and I also don't feel like I am old enough to be responsible for a child. I know that sounds crazy but I still feel like sometimes I can't even be responsible for myself, let alone make all these important decisions for a little being!
    Hope you guys do not get the flu!!! Currently crossing our fingers over here for the same!
    Happy, happy birthday!!!

  10. I really would not be at all surprised if mythical baby 3 became a reality, and you aren't crazy for wanting one. ;) Sad that i blew through all of Serial and the Longest Shortest Time already, pretty sure I've listened to all of the Mom and Dad are Fighting episodes, too. Wah.

  11. I love this!! I could really use a 5 hour nap too!!

  12. These posts are some of my favorites!
    Everyone and their dog is talking about Serial - I feel like I should probably jump on this bandwagon.
    I was certain we would get the flu while visiting KC over the holidays. I pray that your family doesn't get hit by the bug!
    P.S. I'm totally playing dressing up/house, over here!

  13. We got our flu shots but I'm worried that traveling at the end of the month is going to kick our asses. Hopefully not because I don't have time for that nonsense. And I want a Chore and NAP fairy.

  14. I too feel sometimes like I'm not old enough to have kids or a full-time job and that it's just 'pretend'. Crazy how fast life goes!

  15. Great post. I hope you don't get the flu and you manage to get some sleep! Who am I kinding, we'll get sleep when the kids grow up and move out right?

  16. Here's to hoping you get a little more shut eye and keeping the icky at bay! I also hope you had a fabulous Birthday, friend! XO

  17. I will share all the coffee with you. My little guy wakes about every 3 hours at night. I long for the day when a good chunk of consecutive sleep returns. Yet at the same time, I want another baby, so sleep may continue to elude me.

    Happy Birthday week!

  18. You crack me up! That was hilarious! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!