Running from the Law: Happiness is a Yellow Dress - Secondhand Shopping with thredUP

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happiness is a Yellow Dress - Secondhand Shopping with thredUP

You guys! I am so excited to share this post with you today! Have any of you shopped with thredUP before or heard of this site? If you haven't, it's an online secondhand clothing store that feels like a curated boutique. They have amazing designers/brands, an incredible selection and tons of ways to filter all the items so you can easily sort through the selection (by price, brand, color, size), so it's not majorly overwhelming. 

If you've ever gone shopping with me, you know that I'm not a great shopper. I get overwhelmed/distracted easily and I have very little patience...and even less time. I actually can't even tell you the last time I physically went shopping in a store for myself - it's been so long. I hate sorting through sales racks, I hate dressing rooms and I hate not being able to find everything I'm looking for in just one store. These days I get everything online because it's just easier. I love shopping secondhand, but (*snob alert*) I like nice things and high-end secondhand/consignment women's clothing stores in my area are few and far between. Not to mention it takes FOREVER to sort through racks and racks of clothing, trying to find my favorite brands in sizes that fit and styles that I like. I mean, I have kids (and a job, and a blog, and an addiction to The West Wing)...I don't have time for that anymore. ;) 
However, I do admit that shopping for the kids is a totally different experience. I don't have a problem looking through miles of racks of kid clothes! Mainly because everything is adorable and everything is almost certain to fit (wouldn't that be nice?)! I really like purchasing secondhand clothes for the kids because children outgrow clothes way faster than they outwear them so there's always a ton of wear still left in most of the clothes I get for them. I love finding cute designer dresses and pretty frilly items for Mim that you can tell barely got any wear by the first owners (Hanna Anderson, Peek, Tea Collection, Matilda Jane, Kickee Pants, Kate Spade, etc.). And Mac gets tons of clothing secondhand because I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for brand new clothes that he's just going to destroy and get filthy. He's really hard on clothes so I'm really picky about choosing brands that are sturdy, durable and good quality (i.e. Mini Boden, Egg, Hatley, Patagonia, Nike, North Face, etc.). 
When I was initially asked to try out thredUP, I immediately said yes and starting daydreaming about all the cute things I was going to buy for the kids. But once I got online I completely changed my mind and decided that this time, it was going to be all about ME! Other than the occasional Stitch Fix box or desperate last-minute Nordstrom purchase when I desperately needed something to wear that night, I hardly ever shop for myself. It's finally time that I bought a few items for me...because, well, I just damn-well deserve it. Right? (just agree)
Anyway, I have to admit that I was a little worried that I wouldn't find anything I liked. the and only decided to give it a go after looking through their website and immediately finding about a million things I wanted to buy. I started with dresses because I have a couple events coming up this fall (charity events, weddings, etc.), plus I like to wear dresses to work. Honestly, I could probably live in dresses...I love them so. Like I mentioned before, thredUP makes it really easy to sort by clothing type, size, color, price and brand. J.Crew and Anthropologie are two of my favorite places to find cute dresses, so I started there and was really impressed with the selection. 

But then, I discovered that you can shop by color!!! OMG. You have no idea how happy this made me! (it's the little things, people) Yellow is one of my absolute favorite colors, but I have the hardest time finding cute yellow clothing items. I don't know why this is, but I can never find as much yellow as I want to wear...thredUP to the rescue! Can we talk about how many pages and pages of cute yellow stuff I found?! My final thredUP order was 9 items and 4 of them were yellow! This might be a new addiction. 
I ended up placing an order for 9 items! And it took all I had to only order 9 items because I had about 35 other item in my cart that I forced myself to remove after lots of back-and-forth with some style guru friends. They might also be the reason that all 9 items I purchased weren't yellow, because I would have totally been fine with that. I ended up with 7 tops (some work appropriate and some casual) and 2 dresses (both yellow - one for work, one for fun). Most of the items were from some of my favorite stores (Anthro, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Zara) and there were a number of items that I removed from my cart from other faves (Free People, BCBG, LuluLemon, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Nannette Lapore, Topshop and Theory). thredUP always has amazing codes (I'll list a few at the bottom of this post) and I used a 40% coupon to get all 9 items for just over $100. Overall, I saved nearly $500!!!!!!!  You guys, that's seriously impressive! Particularly for someone that doesn't like to normally shop sale racks. This may have just changed everything for me. 
I was so excited when my box arrived and really impressed with the quality and cleanliness of all the items. I pulled each item out to examine while my mom was here and with every item she'd say something like, "Oh, that's SO you." And they all really are! The variety is great and I love that I got all these pieces, from different labels, at low price points from one place! Seriously, I'm now a big fan. So, without further ado...let's get this fashion show started! 

(Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photograph every kids were insane on this rainy day cooped up in the house, but I did get a few pics of most of the items. Sorry!)
After all that color talk, let's start with something yellow! I immediately fell in love with this adorable sweater from Banana Republic. This isn't usually a store I shop in, but to me, that makes thredUP all the more helpful because I found a great piece that I normally wouldn't have ever purchased. I love that this is casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans and flats or could easily be paired with some slacks and pumps for work. Plus, have you ever seen anything SO yellow? I love it. And it was only $12. Can't beat that.
Next up is this gorgeous Robert Rodriguez black chiffon ruffle top. I almost didn't order this, but something told me that this one was going to be more spectacular in person than it looked online and it did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous. It's so soft and light and comfortable. This is going to look amazing with tight black pants and a super high pair of black stilletos. I'm so ready to wear this on my next date night! Or maybe with a black blazer to work? Can you believe this was only $6! I'm not even kidding. 
And then there's this super cute little purple peplum number from a brand I've never heard of. It looked so cute and flattering - for only $3, I couldn't NOT order it. Seriously, you can't even buy socks for $3. 
Speaking of peplum! How cute is this gorgeous little yellow peplum top from J. Crew? Love love love love love. Excuse the crazy kid that suddenly decided he wanted to be in the photos too! Had I asked him to take a photo with me, this never would have happened...but as soon as I said he couldn't get in the photos, we get this adorableness. I think I may have finally figured out the key to getting him in pictures...forbid it! J. Crew for $15! 
More J. Crew. Check out this adorable black and white polka dot J.Crew top. This is going to be a staple in my work wardrobe because it's so classic. I wore this to work earlier this week and received multiple compliments. You cannot go wrong with classic black and white. This retails for $110 and I got it for less than $20. Score! 
Let's stick with the polka dot J.Crew theme and move on to this purple polka dot J. Crew peplum top (are you sensing a theme?).  Polka dots, peplum, yellow and purple. I know what I like. This one was so incredibly cute on! Another top that can be dressed up for work with slacks or a pencil skirt or down with jeans and flats. Plus, it's so flattering with the tie back waist and peplum hem. Retails for $ it for less than $20. 
Last up is maybe my favorite item. I got this dress in anticipation of a fun charity event night out we have coming up. I'm so excited to rock this fun little yellow dress. It's from a brand I've never heard of, but I found it while searching through items in my size by color and it was brand new (never worn), with tags and everything. Retails for $180 and I paid $25. 
So there you have it! There's one white polka dot top (from Zara, pictured below) and another muted yellow shift dress (from Nine West, for work) that I didn't get a chance to photograph on, but I loved them both too. Everything in my box was a keeper, but if you order something that you don't love or doesn't fit, thredUP gives you 2 weeks from your order date to return the item(s). I love that - and you certainly won't find that offer with other secondhand shops. 
If you're at all interested in finding yourself (or your kids!) a few new fun items for fall, make sure to check out the selection on thredUP! They have work clothes, casual items, workout gear, shoes,  handbags, accessories, outerwear, maternity, plus sizes, kids' stuff and more! 

The inventory changes daily and always has new items. They are offering new members $50 off their purchase of $125 or more with code WQA50 or $30 off their purchase of $75 or more with YHJ75. Existing customers can receive 15% off with code LNB15 (limited to the first 150 people). 
Do you shop secondhand?
How do you think I did with my purchase? 
Which was your favorite piece? 


  1. I haven't tried ThredUP yet! I originally thought it was too similar to poshmark but they accept your clothes and then list everything for you but I see its more than that now! I'm on a little bit of a spending freeze right now otherwise I'd be hopping right over. I LOVE that yellow dress on you and the polka dot top is PERFECT!

  2. I love all of the pieces you got, but that ruffle top is my favorite (followed closely by the polka dots and peplum top)! And that dress is pretty fab, too! I've only purchased a few things on ThredUp for myself, but have used it on more than one occasion for the boys! Something about consignment shopping is so exciting to me and this website makes it so easy!

  3. Becky talks about ThredUp all the time. I just haven’t given them a try yet. I need to. I am loving all the yellow. You got so many great items and your favorite is my favorite. And now I am off to see what I can find.

  4. WOW! This is awesome! I think the yellow dress and the dressy ruffle top are my favorite on you! Fabulous!

  5. Love all your choices! I shopped Thred Up when they first came out years ago, but haven't ordered recently. I may have to head back there.

  6. The patience of shopping ThredUp always proves to be worth it. LOVE all the yellow - the sweater, peplum top, and dress - so fun and they look great on you!!

  7. You my friend, look amazing in everything! But yellow is definitely your color.

  8. You found some amazing pieces!!! I have such fun browsing thredUP but still need uninterrupted time to do so haha. Which reminds me I have some store credit to use ;) When youre done with that yellow BR top I call dibs hehe.

  9. You did so well! Also love the yellow dress on you!

  10. You snagged some great items!!
    That little yellow dress is a freaking dream, and looks amazing on!!

  11. Yellow is totally your color girl. You look amazing!

  12. Those pieces are amazing, especially the yellow dress. It's funny I read this post now because I just pulled up the thredup site before reading your post, haha! I'm definitely going to be making a few purchases!

  13. Ohh, you found some GREAT items! I have shopped with thredUP once and I need to try sending them some of my clothes to see how that works out. I love how you are not afraid to wear yellow and it looks great on you! That ruffle top is my absolute fave, tho!


  14. Girl! You cleaned up!! I love that you found so many cute things for you!! I'm trying to find somewhere to consign my clothes, so maybe I'll check them out! Sounds like it was easy enough for you!!

  15. I've heard of Thred Up ! I love love the yellow dress. I may have to go look for a few things for myself this weekend. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I love the yellow!! You look great and ThredUP is so fun. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  17. Wow! This is great! I need to try Thread Up! Also I love all your styled outfits!

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