Running from the Law: Catching Up on Birthdays...Again

Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching Up on Birthdays...Again

We've been celebrating birthdays around here like crazy lately. It seems like everyone I know (except Ryan) turns 30 this year. It's a very exciting time. Can't you tell?!

We celebrated Melissa's 30th birthday in the Redbird Club at a Cardinal's Game. And then we ended the night back at our house with snacks, Apples to Apples and birthday cake. It was a blast!

My 30th birthday was next. Ryan surprised me with a suite at the new Four Seasons downtown, a dinner at their finest steakhouse with all my closest friends, and a night of gambling at the casino. I didn't win a dime (as usual) but I had an amazing time.

Kirsten turned 30 in April. We all made the trip to Columbia to participate in one of our favorite college town activities - bar hopping! We began the night with a wonderful dinner at Bleu, then made our way over to Shiloh, then Quintin's, followed by table service at Room 38. Being downtown Columbia brought back a lot of memories from college. It was a really fun night.

And most recently, Ryan turned 29!! Such a young'en. We had so much fun last year at his Birthday Fiesta, that we decided to do it again! Margaritas, tacos and lots of chips and dips. Ole! Unfortunately I was really sick and was coughing so hard I threw my back out that afternoon, but still to have a great time.

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