Running from the Law: Two Months to Go...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Months to Go...

And SO many things to do before I DO!!! In less than 2 months, Ryan and I will finally be getting married (52 days to be exact, but who’s really counting?). :) We’ve been together now for 5 and a half years and have been engaged for 15 months!! And even though it has been so much fun planning this wedding, I’m ready for it to just get here already!! Hurry up July!! I'm dying to wear that dress!!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, the invitations are out there and have been received by our guests. And now the RSVP cards are slowly trickling in. Very very slowly. In fact, I don’t think we’ve received even one in the last four days. Come on people! I know it’s hard to decide whether you want bison, trout or chicken, but trust me, they’re ALL AMAZING. You can’t go wrong. Pick a meal and send me your card already!! Just kidding!!

Basically, the reason I’m so anxious to get those reply cards back is so I know exactly how many people to expect so I can start on some of my last-minute projects on my to do list. Anyone who knows me well knows that I always have a running "To Do" list (it's genetic, I get it from my dad who is "List Master of the Universe"). My lists are bulleted, prioritized, possibly even alphabetized and even have sub-bullet-point lists of their own. Lately my Wedding To Do list has been growing, instead of shrinking. It seems like every time I got to cross one thing off the list, I end up adding about 4 more things. Right now I have a “To Do” list that’s about 9 pages long!! And a LOT of the stuff cannot be done until we know how many people to expect...hence needing that head count asap!!

The biggest thing on the list is ordering/gathering/making all the items for the welcome bags. The welcome bags have become my new obsession. Since we’re having such a small wedding, we’re planning on completely spoiling the guests that are traveling all the way out to Wyoming to celebrate with us. I’d love to be able to stock them all full of champagne and spa treatments and a steak dinner (ok, maybe not), but that’s not quite realistic on our budget. However, I am trying to come up with some unique ideas of things to include that I feel like the guests would appreciate. Nope…I’m not telling…you’re just going to have to wait until you get to Jackson Hole to find out!!

Also on the To Do list are the following tasks: making favors for the rehearsal dinner, making arrangements for the brunch and happy hour, printing programs/menus/escort cards/etc., making a seating chart, ordering gondola tickets, working out transportation arrangements, finish pomanders, write vows, pick out readings, buy gifts, confirm videographer, make boutonnieres, pick out rings and figure out what to do for a guest book. Wow...have I done ANY thing for this wedding yet?! Anyone want to help??

But with all there still is to do, I’m so excited for each and every thing. I really want to soak in these last few months of being engaged. This has been such an exciting time for us. And even though it hasn’t been an easy process, we’ve made it through it fine so far, which makes me think this whole marriage thing just may work out after all!! Regardless, he's not getting out of it now!! :)

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