Running from the Law: Justin & Christine's Wedding

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Justin & Christine's Wedding

What a great wedding and a wonderful weekend! The DeCaro-McCarty wedding was an absolute blast!  The families had a great time at dinner.  The rehearsal dinner was so much fun. The decorations were perfect. The toasts were hilarious. The video slideshow was a big hit. The weather on Saturday was amazing - a sunny, crisp fall day. The bride was stunning! The dress was to-die-for.  The groom was glowing. The wine was flowing. The band was rocking. The parents were dancing machines.  The groomsmen were dead.  And the party lasted ALL night long! Here are a couple pictures.

The bridesmaids.
The groomsmen.
The rehearsal.
The tables.

The best man and maid of honor.
The baby I tried to steal.
The soon-to-be sisters.
The brothers.
The girls.
The happy couple.
The Party McCarty.
The groom's cake.
The toasting.
The roasting.
The after-rehearsal dance party.
The girls getting ready.
The hair getting did.
The bride!
The first dance.

The proud parents.
The centerpieces.
The moms.
The joy.
The husband and the wife.
The Maid of Honor.
The ring bearer.
The MIL and DIL.
The McCarty family.
The DeCaro family.
The cake.

The sweethearts table.
The father-daughter dance.
The room.
The second dress.
The party!

The groomsmen in costume!
The singer.
The end.

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