Running from the Law: MIA - Chicago

Monday, December 14, 2009

MIA - Chicago

So sorry everyone.  Last week I was in Chicago for work and now I'm sick, so blogging has been a little difficult.  But I promise I'll be back soon with a few posts before we leave next week for Belize!  Stay tuned...

Chicago was f-ing COLD.  This is a picture from the window outside the conference room at my seminar last week.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture that it was snowing at a 90 degree angle.  Weird.  Thursday had a windchill of negative 27.  Needless to say, I cabbed it 3 whole blocks to my seminar.  I spent 2 full days getting a "mini MBA" at the University of Chicago and learning accounting/finance for lawyers.  Damn, that crap is tough to understand.  It completely eliminated any desire I might have been harboring about getting an MBA.  No thanks!  I'm just not cut out for the world of finance...he keep talking about Warren Buffett and I kept thinking about Jimmy Buffett.  I couldn't get "Volcano" out of my head all day and I was dying for a margarita by the time I left!  I'm not sure I learned anything. 

This is my delicious ice cold pomegranate martini that I had at the hotel lounge overlooking Michigan Avenue.  Dinner of blueberry salad and really amazing curry mussels.  Plus, the hotel was located directly in between Neimans, Saks and basically, it was the best hotel ever. 

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