Running from the Law: 7 Years Ago Today

Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Years Ago Today

Once upon a time, on a warm September day in 2003, a boy asked a girl out on a date.

She said no.

He was charming and smart and funny.

But she had laundry to do.

He was persistent.

She finally said yes.

He showed up to her apartment in a pick-up truck with no shoes on.

It was strange.

But he was sweet and thoughtful and brought her a case of Diet Coke.

They went to a Cardinals baseball game...with two other guys.

It was awkward.

Then they went to a bar and sat outside and listened to music.

He bought her a rose.

It was nice.

The lead singer of the band made strange comments to them about having "red eyes" for each other while holding up candles to his face and dancing around.

It was weird.

He drove her home and went inside to met her dog.

The dog tore his flip flops into tiny pieces so he was shoeless once again.

He kissed her goodnight.

It was a perfect kiss.

It was September 10th, 2003.

It was the day that changed the rest of my life.

Happy first date-iversary Ryan!

I still have red eyes for you, love.


  1. Awww, so sweet! I love it. Happy Date-iversary!

    B and I had our first "date" on September 11, 2001. (Long story.)

  2. Oh, I should point out that "date" is not code for anything scandalous. Just that it was a house party and not very date-ish. I think the quotes around date made me look sort whorish. :)Just want to clear that up.

  3. What a great story sweetie! Loved the giggles along the way too (she had laundry to do, he brought her a case of diet coke, 'red eyes', shoeless Ryan...heehee!!!)

    Happy, happy, HAPPY date-iversary, hope you two have something perfectly, hopelessly romantic planned to celebrate.

    Or that you're having pizza and beers on the sofa with a movie tonight. Sounds perfect to me! Love ya girly! xoxox

  4. Such a sweet and funny story. Happy date-iversary.

  5. lol- i totally love this cliff notes version. i see you covered all the highlights.


  6. Aw, that's so sweet! I love that you turned him down because you had to do laundry. I did the same thing to my now husband. :)

  7. Oh this is so sweet! I'm tearing up thinking about how this all played out.

  8. So sweet! Happy anniversary of your first date - I wish I kept track of such things. I hope you did something fun and special.

  9. This is too cute! Happy Anniversary!

  10. I so remember this. Funny stuff.

  11. No lie, I totally guffawed at "But she had laundry to do" LOL

  12. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hub & I's dating anni was the 14th of September- 9 years!