Running from the Law: St. Louis Aces Tennis Match

Thursday, September 9, 2010

St. Louis Aces Tennis Match

A few weeks ago, Ryan's cousin's husband Greg invited us to a St. Louis Aces tennis match at Forest Park.
Greg's company was hosting a cocktail reception before the match and wanted to know if we'd like tickets.
Never one to turn down free cocktails, we said yes.
Greg also gave us 2 extra tickets for friends, so of course we invited Alice and Ryan, the biggest tennis fans I know.
However, this was no ordinary tennis match.

There would be a special guest.
Did you see that?!

Anna Kournikova.

Anna (freaking) Kournikova!


Anna would be in the picture area at 6:00 to take a picture with us.

I die.
The boys were absolutely giddy with excitement about meeting Anna.
Not gonna lie...Alice and I were pretty excited too!
Of course, Anna was drop-dead gorgeous.
She was shorter than I thought she'd be (although still taller than me), but so so so tiny!
My Ryan had to get his own picture with Anna. 
He didn't want to share her.
I think he may have slipped her his phone number.
Alice and Ryan were next.  They got their picture with Anna together.
I have a feeling this might be their Christmas card.
And if you didn't know, Anna is married?/engaged? to Enrique Iglesias and has the most unbelievable ring.
Check that sucker out!
Good job Enrique.

And if Anna Kournikova wasn't enough, Lindsay Davenport was also there!
Lindsay was so incredibly nice (and so incredibly tall!).
She genuinely seemed happy to be there.
Afterwards, it was time for the matches.
We had great seats.
The St. Louis Aces wore black and white (I approve).
The first match was between two guys. 
(I took pictures, but they were boring, so I'm not posting them.)
While the guys were playing, the girls strategized about their doubles match on the sidelines.
Anna showed off her tramp stamp.
Lindsay cheered for her St. Louis teammate.
She's so nice!
And then it was time!

Anna and Lindsay vs. two unfortunate girls from the OC. 

Those poor girls.

Bet they thought St. Louis would be a piece of cake.

We had quite the dream team.
Anna's shirt had her name on case anyone in the world didn't know who she was.
She's a diva like that.
Celebrities are just like you and me.
Sometimes they pick their butt too.
The match was exciting.
There was a nice little cheering section.
I loved all the power serves.
Alice loved their facial expressions and trying to image what they were thinking (and discussing their personal lives, of course).
The boys loved the view.
And the beer.
Suddenly, in the middle of the match, we looked across the stadium and were distracted by this:
Do you see that?! 
Black sleeveless turtleneck and black lace bell-bottom leggings at a tennis match? 
In the middle of freaking July?
What was she thinking?
We couldn't stop staring.
Anyway, back to the match...
Anna and Lindsay seemed to get along well together.
Alice follows Lindsay on Twitter and said that Lindsay tweeted about how excited she was to be playing with Anna.  I love that.  Linsday's awesome.
At the end of the match, St. Louis won!

Way to go Lindsay and Anna - you did St. Louis proud!

Anna texted Enrique and told him they won. 
He was proud too.

Thank you Greg! 

We had such a blast. 

I'm happy to repay you in free baby-sitting services any time!


  1. Nice shot of Anna picking her butt. I work for one of the companies sponsoring the event, I wonder if Greg works for the same one.

  2. Looks like a great time! I love your dress - so cute!

  3. wowwwww, i'm actually really jealous over this whole event. i would have loved to have been there.

    on a side note: i love your little tennis dress. well played.

    on another side note: i would fucking K.I.L.L. for anna kournikova's legs.

  4. Great action shots! Looks like it was really fun.

  5. How cool!! Anna's rock is redic!! I would be scared to wear that around!! And I love your commentary on the photos, too funny!

  6. It's so funny my husband and I were just talking about Anna K and that we haven't seen/heard much about her lately. Haha we were saying is she married/engaged to Enrique yet? I lol'd at your you married/engaged comment. Looks like a great time - I would have been totally excited to take a picture with Anna too! I never knew she was tiny either!

  7. Anna played at a charity thing at my old job, but, I couldn't go. Sad face. Ummm, I love your dress! Too cute!

  8. Very fun! This makes me miss you guys. And Forest Park.

  9. I think I saw her canary rock in People. It's sick.

    On another note -- I TOTALLY want your dress!!!