Running from the Law: Picnic with Teagan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Picnic with Teagan

Ok, since I've been posting pictures of kids all week, why stop now?

This is Teagan.  She's just over a year old.  She belongs to my sorority sister Debbie. 
Debbie and Teagan met me at the park this week for a picnic lunch. 
Debbie brought delicious turkey sandwiches and I brought the camera. 
(I owe you lunch Debbie.)
Teagan is absolutely adorable and quite possibly the best mannered and politest child I've ever met!  She's a complete doll!  Plus, she has the absolute best teethy smile!

 Even with crumbs on her mouth, she looks like an angel.
After lunch we walked around the park and checked out the old barns.
Everyone around us had to stop and say hello to Teagan.

 Did I mention she tap-dances?
 It was such a gorgeous fall day in the park. 
The weather here has been lovely all week.
Fingers crossed that it holds out all weekend.
 That smile kills me.
 I think this picture below is my favorite.

Thank you Debbie for the picnic and letting me hang out with this amazing kid.
When can we do it again?


  1. So cute! The photos are gorgeous - I bet Debbie is thrilled to have such great portraits of her! And I just love the name Teagan. :) Yay for little girls.

  2. She is an absolute doll! Too cute! I love her sweet little dress and yellow shoes!

    I know I've said it before, but you are so great with that camera. You have a natural talent that shows in your pictures. As does your love for the kiddos and pups you photograph!

  3. LOVE her dress! Do they make them in big girl size?
    Have you considered quitting your day job (or taking on a weekend job) and becoming a photographer? Seriously. You are awesome !

  4. She has such an expressive little face; perhaps she'll be an actress... Also, love that dress, so cute!

  5. Most cutest adorable-est sweetest baby award. And best photographer. :D

  6. You are GOOD! Loving your pictures, Sara!! Keep em' coming!!

  7. So cute! You've got a knack for photography!

  8. Such great pictures Sara! Thanks for taking cute pictures of my little girl. They turned out wonderful! You have such talent!

  9. adorable! i hung out w/ some sorority sisters this weekend too!

  10. What a sweetie! Any chance that dress comes in grown-up sizes?! :)

    What sorority were you?

  11. Do you think they make her dress in a grown up version? I want to steal it :)