Running from the Law: Pumpkin Picking

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to tag along with the Wasson Family to the pumpkin patch to help the kids pick out their pumpkins. 
OK, what really happened is that I invited myself on their family trip, forced them to pick me up and take me with them and then I paparazzi-stalked them all over the farm. 
Thankfully they're used to people fawning over their beautiful children so they put up with me.
I just couldn't resist getting to spend the day chasing these two around.
Gus is 2 years old.
Cece is 1. 
She's a total diva.

First stop was the petting zoo.
Cece loved the baby calf.
She told us a cow says moo.
Then she mooed at him.
She fed the calf some hay.
Gus helped.
But he was more interested in the llama.
Which was disgusting, by the way.
Next stop was the hay castle. 

The kids could go inside the castle, but we quickly learned it was really dark in there.
Gus lasted about 3 seconds before turning around and fleeing to dad.
So they climbed the castle instead. 
(Do you not just adore Seth's camo diaper bag?) 
Meanwhile, Cece was ready for her close-up.
I don't know if she was annoyed by the camera, confused, or just too cool for school.
Probably all three.
I could not get a smile out of this child for anything.
She would just look at me with slight disgust.
Oh yes, she knows she's pretty.

It was a sunny hot day (90 freaking degrees in October!),
so the kids weren't really loving the pumpkin patch at this point.
Nearly every child we saw was a screaming, crying, sweating mess.
Good times.
What made up for it was the slide.
Gus went first with mom.
Finally a little smile.
Cece went next with mom.
And then with dad.
And then with me.
She's a wild woman and likes to live dangerously.
Gus was just hot and tired and ready to pick out his pumpkin.
So we left the kid's area and made our way over the market.
Dad got a wagon to haul the pumpkins.
Gus had already picked his out.
He was awfully proud of his find.
Cece was a little pickier (aren't all women?).
It took her a while to find her favorite pumpkin.
She eventually found a large one she liked.
Size matters to some girls.
Gus helped dad get the pumpkins in the wagon.
And pushed it to the checkout.
He's a great helper.
Meanwhile, Cece discovered gravel.
And her shadow.
(Did you see her sparkly pink shoes?  I die.)
And her tongue.
Which was in need of a pacy.
After a few hours out in the heat and sunshine, the kids were hot and miserable and ready to go.
The adults were hot and miserable and ready to go.

Adios pumpkin patch.
We'll be back next year.


  1. All I have to say is you are talented and my ass needs a trip to the gym.

  2. Oh, and thanks for not mentioning the unfortunate stabbing that occurred at lunch...

  3. Those are AWESOME pictures - great job! Cute family!

  4. Ok that 1st pic of the baby girl with her hands on her hip totally posing? I die. That's awesome.

    I'm also diggin' Mom's shoes. :)

  5. Unreal photos. The Wassons are beautiful and you are an amazing photographer.

  6. Cute! I love fall. :) The photos are gorgeous!

  7. Oh...mygosh. Ovaries.Burning.

    Those are the cutest children in the entire world. Fabulous pictures! Looks like a great time! You took such amazing pictures that I'm sure they will cherish forever! That picture of Gus pushing the pumpkins in the wagon....Love!

  8. There are so many candid pictures that they're going to treasure for years to come! You're a great photographer!! Those children are just too cute!

  9. Wow, I agree you are a fabulous photographer! These photos are way better than our wedding photos! Your friends are so lucky to have you as their personal photographer!

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    btw- those kids are super photogenic. :)

  11. So if/when I have babies, will you please come to Kansas City and photograph them?? You are amazingly talented. I mean seriously, these are better than my wedding pictures and I dropped a large amount of cash on those puppies!

  12. ummm. the cutest kids ever! what a fun day. you took some awesome pics!

  13. Wow - amazing pictures. I would love to see a post with some details on your camera and how you learned to take such great photos. Did you take a class? Is the camera something that anyone can just pick up and learn pretty easily? One day I would love a fancy camera and would love some advice in picking one out. How did you end up selecting the camera that you did?

  14. You have become quite the little photog my friend! LOVE these. What a perfect festive fall weekend adventure. Even if it was 90 degrees. It's like 100 here. I don't want to talk about it.

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  17. I love the b&w pic of cece on claire's shoulders. I so noticed the diaper bag, but only because my brother has the same one.

    Well done!

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    And isn't that Cece just a spitfire?! I love her!

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    P.S. How are you so talented at so many things? Teach me!

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