Running from the Law: Finally Friday

Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally Friday

-- Did anyone else feel like this week lasted for 6 months? Maybe it was all the rain? It has rained every single day here for the last 1,038 days. Or something like that. And it's so cold I'm wearing a scarf and sweater. It's almost MAY! Enough already!

-- Speaking of May, only 14 days until I'm heading HERE to see THIS GIRL! Cannot wait! We are going to eat giant turkey legs, drink margaritas, do the whole JFK assassination thing (yeah, it's kinda morbid), try on wedding dresses for our imaginary weddings, boot scoot and bull ride, shop, watch Anne of Green Gables and do a doggie photo shoot. I'm not sure if a weekend is long enough, I might just have to move in.

-- Well, I missed the Royal Wedding. All of it. Slept right through it. I'm sad...yet well rested.

-- I did hot yoga (Bikram) for the first time in years last night and thought I was going to die.  I forgot what an intense workout that is.  It's also pretty disgusting when you think about I'm trying not to think about it.  I'm considering sneaking in the room early next time and hiding a couple air fresheners in there.  For real. 

--  I made soft pretzels (from Annie's Eats) with honey mustard dipping sauce (from Companion Bakery) for the whole department as an afternoon snack this week, in honor of Admin Assistants Day.  They were SO good and SO easy to make.  However, I failed to mention to anyone just how easy they were (and I might have even mentioned that I spent the evening slaving away in the kitchen over the stove), so they all continue to think I'm some baking goddess.  I love that.  :)  Shhhhh. 

-- Sage says she wants a treat.

Happy Friday! 

Hope you all have fabulous weekend plans.  Stay dry out there!


  1. I like yoga...but I hate being hot, so bikram yoga is soooo not happening for this girl. :-)

    Those pretzels sound so yummy. I just may have to make some this weekend!

    And... HI, SAGE!!!!! Tell your momma to give you a cookie!

  2. Yes-this week was ridiculously long! Sorry about the rain-live in Cali & enjoying the nice weather. However, in a few months we will be dying of heat so I'm enjoying the mild warmth as much as I can.
    Sage is such a cutie!!

  3. You're going to Dallas?! No fair! Have a blast - it's pretty much the best city ever. :)

    And yes, this week has seemed incredibly long, probably due to the 1038 days of rain in a row.

    I missed the wedding too. Thank goodness for the internet and the BBC online recaps!

  4. I didn't realize you made those pretzels. That's so impressive! They sounded yummy with the dipping sauce.

    I used to live in the Metroplex so I can tell you that a weekend is never long enough! There's lots to do in Dallas but downtown Fort Worth is SO much fun. See if you can get over there for a bit too!

  5. YAYAYAYAY!!! You forgot to mention that we are going to re-watch the royal wedding together, DUH. And rewind it 500 billion times and then attempt to do my hair to look like Princess Catherine's. Eeeekkkk!!!

    I cannot wait to see your face and show you around my fabulous city! And the stockyards! Ahhh! Please just move in, k?

  6. Hi Sara,
    I love the honey mustard dressing from Companion and just did a search for it and your blog popped up. I don't see the recipe here. Can you share it with me?

    Of course now I also see that you too live in St Louis. Looks like motherhood is agreeing with you. Your baby is precious!