Running from the Law: Sage at the Farm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sage at the Farm

This past weekend, in honor of my dad's 60th birthday, Ryan and I packed up the girls and made the nearly 2 hour trek over to mid-MO to spend the weekend at "The Farm."  You might remember the Farm from last year's posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Still no soybeans or cows, but as usual, the Farm was beautiful and refreshing.  We were so excited to take Sage to the Farm for the first time, to introduce her to my parents and to get her in the water for her first swim lesson.  Ryan was convinced that Sage would be a "country dog" by the time we left.

We arrived late Friday night and spent a couple hours catching up with everyone, unloading the car, introducing Sage to all the dogs and eating lots of frozen pizzas.  The next morning we Ryan was up bright and early with the pup and decided to take her to the pond to do some fishing.  As they were making their way towards the bank, Sage proceeded to lose her footing and roll head-over-heels all the way down the hill into the water.  We quickly found out that she can indeed swim.  Mission accomplished.

However, it was about this time when we began to question
why on earth we decided to get a white dog. 

At least she's not cute or anything.
After that debacle, she needed a little lovin' and comfort. 

She got kisses from her mama.
Kisses from her uncle Chris.
Kisses from daddy.
Mally blew her kisses from across the deck. 
She couldn't be bothered to get up.
Big sisters are like that sometimes.
After the swim, it was time to practice her commands.
She practiced COME.
Practiced SIT.
Practiced DOWN STAY.
And most importantly, we practiced CUDDLING.
Sage is a master at that one.
And just when she got warm and dry, Ryan decided it was time to get in the water with her and do a "real" swim lesson.  Our friends' dog Prince thought he'd help out and show Sage how it was done.
After watching Prince, it seemed like she wanted to get in the water.
But then she'd back out.
Ryan had to eventually hold her in the water and let her swim to shore.
But not before Prince drenched them.
Poor Sage.
She eventually made it back to dry land, where she again needed some TLC from her dad.
All in a day's work.
It's hard being a farm dog.


  1. Hahaha love this post!!! Looks like she fit in well!!!

  2. I went "Awww" throughout this whole post! So did she end up liking the water? I thought it'd be in her blood but she looks kind of hesitant here. My favorite is BOARD CHEWING though.

  3. She is sooo adorable! Looking at my black lab (who is only 6 months old) it seems like she was that little only yesterday!

  4. I'm so in love. I want to cuddle her.

  5. I was so hoping this post was going to end up somewhere along the line of "Sage hates water and doesn't swim", but, I'm glad to see she's adjusting to the country life.

  6. I have to ask you- what kind of camera do you use? Your photos are terrific (I mean, obviously that also involves lots of talent on your part, but I figure the camera has something to do with it also)! I'm in the market for a high quality camera, and was hoping for some suggestions. Thanks! Puppy is too cute!

  7. I don't want to be creepy, but...I want to steal her.

  8. hahah this post is awesome! She looks so adorable with the mud from her slip!

  9. *So* adorable. Must have puppy playdate asap!! (And why do I suspect Brad helped in the garnering of your frozen pizza dinner? lol)

  10. Oh my freaking goodness. That last picture is the most adorable thing I have seen in my life!

  11. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family and now a new grandpuppy to enjoy, love and cuddle. Sage fit right in at the farm and we hope she loves it as much as we love her and Mally and their parents. Thank you for a perfect weekend.

  12. She is just the cutest thing!! I'm glad she fit in so well on the farm. :-)

  13. Oh, so much cuteness!! If only dogs could smile. Love all the sweet pictures!!

  14. omg what adorable dogs you lucky girl

    stop by sometime<3

  15. i think that's the cutest little wet puppy i've ever seen!

  16. i totally adored this post! what a cute (and now grubby) farm dog!

    ps. is that a sheltie? they make my heart melt w/ memories of my dog growing up.

  17. Nope. Your dog isn't cute at all. I didn't coo or aww at the computer screen ONCE. Not once I tell you!!

    Okay, I lie. ;)

  18. These are great pictures!!!! And what a beautiful pup!

  19. seriously, that dog could not be any cuter!

  20. Hi! I'm Amee & I found your blog through Pinterest! :) I pinned Sage's pics to my board named "Cute Doggies" but I probably should rename it to "Furry Children" because that's what ours are to us! ;)
    Sage is Beautiful!!!!! I just love your pics & I'm a new follower too!