Running from the Law: Mally's Words of Wisdom

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mally's Words of Wisdom

Yay!  The beach again!

Check this out Sage, I'm going in the water.

Hey Sage, look how wet my feet are!  

All the way up to my knees!  It's crazy!  I'm a wild woman today!

Watch out for those waves, Sage.  

They'll sneak up on you when you least expect it.

What?  You're going in?  Are you nuts?  I'm out of here.

Oh, you stupid water dog.  Now look at you, you're soaking wet. 
You're such a Golden.

Us Shelties, on the other hand, we do not get wet.

We might go in the water, but we would never bathe in it.  

We might tippie toe in, just to cool off...

But as soon as we're done, we're outta there.

We shake it OFF.

See Sage, like going through the dryer.

You're still a puppy.  You have not yet mastered the shake and fluff.

And by the way, rolling in the sand does not make you dry.

And seaweed wraps are for spas, not for eating! 

Seriously, will you ever learn?

Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment...

I've got some birds to chase.  

How dare they fly over my beach!  
A dog's got to protect her territory from all unwanted flying creatures.

You've got a lot to learn little one.

But I'll be there to teach you.

That's what big sisters are for.


  1. They are soooooo cute! I can't get over it!

  2. Hahaha too cute!!! Both of my dogs roll in the sand and they know I hate ite it, so they do it really quickly before I can get the NOOO out! hahah Silly dogs!! Can't believe how big Sage is getting!!

  3. How cute are these pictures!


  4. Where is it that you live that you can let/have your dogs run around on the beach off the leash like that?!? So cool!!!

  5. They are so adorable! I love the captions to your pictures too. :-)

  6. Pleeease create a coffee table book with these fabulous pictures. I'll take 2 copies! :)

  7. Lol, I love this post! Both your pups are adorable. :D

  8. All of these pictures are once again...amazing. I cannot get enough of those pups on the beach!

  9. So cute, what an adorable post! My golden refuses to get into the water or retrieve or chase birds. I'm not quite sure he's a golden.

  10. Awww! Your dogs are the cutest! And I love the captions. So sweet!

  11. Loving the cute puppy prints in the sand. :)

  12. They are soooo freaking cute!!!! Love life from the dog's perspective :)

  13. Awwwwww these pics are amazing!!! :)

    Totally random, but what kind of lens were you using for these pics? I want another new one soon with a wider how your shots look!